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Lesson learned, a tour and the beginning p1 Ireland 2015

July 21, 2015
Loughcrew - The beginning
Loughcrew – The beginning

I awoke with the sunrise on the day before midsummer’s day. It was going to be a long day ahead. Our flight was due to arrive in Dublin around 7:15 am and so it did. Chris had mentioned that the forecast for the weekend was rain. I laughed. Had he not learned by now. The weather is representative of the work we do. As we drove away from the airport, the cloud cover and drops of rain were supporting Chris’s prediction. I wasn’t worried.

A lesson Learned

The rain had virtually stopped when we arrived at our first stop, Loughcrew. On the hour journey I remarked that we had forgotten a lesson. The lesson being to greet the land upon arrival and to put forward our peaceful intentions and get permission to visit the sacred places. It was a hard paid for lesson that we had received upon our last visit to this area of Ireland. The reminder, had us performing the ceremony as soon as we left the car. Fortunately, we were still within the “newly-arrived” category and felt that no penalisation would be meted out.

The Genius Loci Tour
The Genius Loci Tour


As we climbed the path up towards the sacred site. I was a little ahead of Chris and came across a set of three trees off in a patch of grass. They immediately called to me as a place that I could prepare and attune to the sacred place above. I confirmed with the rods and found a place that was almost central to the triangle of trees and prepared. Moments later I felt that I was ready and just as I was ready to proceed up the path I noted that Chris too was beginning his preparation in the same place.

Spine of the Green Dragon
Spine of the Green Dragon

The climb up the hill had wonderful views. Every so often the rods would swirl into a spiral and I had to stop and take in the vista from a different angle. I swear it was almost as if I was being taken on a tour of the surrounding countryside and shown the views from different vantage points. At one point I even shouted over to Chris, “I’m being taken on a tour”

Green Dragons Spine

I followed the path as they wove a gentle path up the slope. Fortunately they kept me within the do not trespass boundary that had been placed around the hill. A rarity to be honest, energetic paths often cross such boundaries (but not thresholds I have to add). As I got to the top of the hill and began to walk along it towards the mound and cairns I noticed that the rods were taking me towards a bumpy ridge. I stopped to look at it and it whispered to me Green Dragons Spine. Dragons! Again, I thought and followed the rods as they walked me up and along the spine of a sleeping dragon.

I didn’t know much about the site we were visiting, that’s how I roll. I like to be surprised, rather than having an understanding of either geography or any historical/sacred reference. Let the place speak to me direct, is what I say and then afterwards explore any history that the site has.

Before entering the place, I confirmed that I was ready to do so and that the Genius Loci was in a receptive mood. Both were a Yes and so I proceeded to follow the rods into the place.

Three Chambers and the Wind

The thing about following your intuition, via the dowsing rods, is that you have no idea where they will take you. Sure you can guess, you can try to intuit even, but at the end of the day, they will surprise you more often than not.

The rods took me to a chamber. I walked around it and then asked the rods to take me in. They did and I went and stood in the far end of the chamber pondering what, if anything I had to do here. Nothing was the answer from the rods. So I left it, at the direction of the rods and went over to a second chamber.

The Three Chambers
The Three Chambers

The wind had picked up a good pace now but fortunately there was no rain. I entered the second chamber and the rods, again took me to the far end. Was there anything to do here? Yes, I had to light a candle. Seriously! In this wind. With many attempts I managed to hunker down (bow) and light a candle. As a side note, see Chris’s post as this was the chamber where he was asked to bow. 

Upon leaving this chamber I was taken to a final one and there I had to light an incense stick. This was a little easier than the candle I have to say. After completing the tasks at the three chambers I was taken to the far end of the site and to a sign that depicted the layout of this sacred place. I only paid perfunctory attention to the sign before attending to the work at hand. Where to next and indeed, what next?

See the middle picture in the above? It kind of looks like a mini spine doesn’t it? Well, that was what I was taken along and finally a little around the main mound in the center of the site to what looked like a seat.

I thought that I was being asked to sit on the seat when I realisation hit me, someone else was already on the seat

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