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Stalking or Tethering p6 Solstice 2015

July 28, 2015


If you pop over to Chris’s post you will learn that he had gained an interesting insight into my, what I am now going to call, Magician Quest. Although it might be good to have it under the banner of ancestral quest too. As I learned, it was about this ancient magician, who was in my ancestral line, summoning up the energies (spirit?) of dragons from Albion to use to tame the Djinn in an effort to gain an artifact known as the Ring of Solomon. Talk about a mouthful of Arabian Nights!

What Chris had learned was that should I embark on this quest then I would be tempted to call on Dragon Energies myself. To avoid that scenario he had learned that I had to tether the dragons here, in Albion. I have to confess, had the need arose I would have done it, call the dragons I mean. Probably to my detriment at some point. But tethering them, didn’t seem in my style either.

We had walked from Knowth to Dowth discussing this dilemma of temptation, with no resolution coming to hand. Upon reaching Dowth and communing with the spirits therein, I had had the experience of future seeing (see last post). But as I mentioned there, the Oracle had not finished…

Genius Loci of Dowth
Genius Loci of Dowth

The Genius of the Loci

The oracle had just placed a finger on my lips thereby sealing off the knowledge of the future. Why show it me? Also, I might add, sealing off the hundred questions I had too! But she wasn’t done. There in the envisioned halls beneath Dowth she took my hand and led me deeper into (the) space. Although where I had been was dark, as she led me deeper, it got brighter. Until I was facing a brilliant sparkling lightning. It was the Genius Loci of Dowth. I’ve never really seen one in the flesh so to speak. But here, in this dark place, it was dazzlingly bright.

Now before I continue, I have the same question that you might have…why? why do the beings we meet tell us things about ourselves, about what we should do, about the answers we seek? It’s almost like a computer game isn’t it? We come here and collect a piece of the puzzle then we go on to the next place and collect the next. Almost always personal. Why do these beings know what they know and why do the tell us such. Almost as if they are sat waiting for us to arrive so they can impart the next piece. Why? Why? Why? It is a question that troubles me on occasion. And here again it caught up with me. Why had the Oracle shown me what it did? Why was this bright spirit before me going to do the same? It is a truly healthy question to ask and I will explore it specifically in a post later. But for now, you and me, we’re thinking the same things.

I kind of bowed to the Genius and expressed my awe at its appearance. After all, it was something I had never seen before (the image is the best I could find). As with the Oracle, the Genius seemed in a hurry. Why? Nevermind. Again (see above rant) the Genius knew what was in my mind and answered a question…

Yes there is another way. You won’t have to tether the dragons…if…if…you learn stalking.

My thoughts vanished from this time and were back some 25 years ago…Chris and I had been fascinated by the work of Carlos Castaneda and hist Shaman apprenticeship. One of the Arts he had been taught was the Art of Stalking. Ideas and memories from those books returned to me. Hmmm…Stalking. Not an easy thing to learn. It would be easier by far to figure a way to the tether the dragons. But stalking…

I was lost in thought before the Genius, but it didn’t seem to mind and in fact had nothing more to impart. Why!!!??!!!

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