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The Question and an Ancient Yew

July 11, 2015
Wise Ancient Yew
Wise Ancient Yew

Last week I visited the Wizards Wood in Alderley Edge and had a visitation by that amazing and beguiling goddess Caileach. She informed me that I should meet her at the Genesis of places, the Hill of Tara, with a Question. What that question is is a mystery. Perhaps THE most knowledgeable being that we have encountered in our travels is the Ancient Yew at Llangernyw. So I suggested a trip to visit that being and Chris accepted it. We arrived at the place at 9pm and the sky was still a beautiful blue.

If nothing else, this sacred place is the most welcoming place we go to. It is always happy to see us and we feel so comfortable in its presence. This visit was no exception. Asking the rods whether I needed to prepare got an immediate No. However there was something that I needed to do before I could enter the aura of this magnificent tree.

Kal and the Yew
Kal and the Yew

One of them merry moments occurred as Chris led the way following his rods and I following mine, was right behind him, step for step. We both ended up some 10 metres from the Yew under the eaves of some bushes. We both agreed that this wasn’t so much a place to prepare as to just be and become presentful.

Moments later we were don with that and moved off on our separate paths to the bowls of the ancient yew tree. My normal place of commune with this teacher is by its trunk with my head. However this time I was taken within the tree and told to sit down upon the bowl. I did so and then got the intuitive nudge to light a candle. I know, scary in a yew tree, however I was watchful and I had been told by the tree itself to light it.

There I was, candle on one side and incense on the other. I opened up to commune with this giant and ancient creature. Of course, my mind was on the question that I was supposed to take to Caileach at Tara in a couple of weeks. Could this ancient one be of any help? The answer was immediate and affirmative. So I asked it for the question and there was this hint of ancient humour. It doesn’t work like that, was the response. What question do you think you should go with?

Now that is the nub of the issue isn’t it? I have too many questions! Was it to do with the wand quest? No, was it to do with mundane matters? No. Was it to do with any other quests I have been on? No.

What then….” I mentally shouted in frustration. The Yew was silent. I supposed that it didn’t do too well with frustrated queries. I tried a few more lame attempts before giving up.

“Patience…” the Yew sent to me after I had mentally sat back in surrender. “You will be asked the question, before you depart”

I sat and considered this for quite a while before accepting it as the only answer I was going to be given. Oh and of course I took note of the word, “patience” in that sentence too.

Just as I thought I was done for the visit, the Yew directed me to a flowering bush some yards away. “Go” it commanded and I did, but that is a tale for another post…


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