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The return of the Oracle of Dowth p5 Solstice 2015

July 27, 2015
Dowth - an oracle cometh
Dowth – an oracle cometh

I am biased. My previous visit to Dowth was pretty awesome even within the realms of this blogs magic. So I was expecting nothing less this time. Learning from my previous visit I had just left Knowth, having used a crystal pentagram to open my third-eye. I still felt the tingling as we walked the couple of miles to Dowth. During the walk Chris regaled me with what he had learned over at the university of knowth. Interestingly he had more knowledge about my quests than I did. I’ll leave that for his posts. However it does relate to an experience herein, so watch out for that.

I climbed and wandered around the hill of Dowth with an almost reverence in my footsteps. Asking the rods whether I needed to prepare got me the “didn’t you just come Knowth look” Fair enough, I laughed.

A magicians kit
A magicians kit

I took up my rods and followed them to a place of commune and they took me to exactly the same spot as last time. That was a promising start. I quickly went through a check list and determined that…

  • I needed to place the Coin and Quartz in the sun for cleansing (after the work that they had done at Loughcrew this morning).
  • Use the length of Selenite to cleanse my aura (I don’t know why).
  • The feather and the smaller crystal I also had to place in the sun (the things we have to do…)

I lay back in the shine of the sun and meditated…where would the magic take me? I felt a calling in the air and followed it mentally. I was led back down the path and of to the left of the mound as you look at it from the road. There was an entrance to underground and I felt the underworld too. I followed the feeling deep into the mound and finally came across the oracle. It wasn’t the Oracle of Delphi. It was the Oracle of this place, of Dowth. She, for she it was ushered me in herself and sat me down. I felt an urgency about her movements and yet, I wasn’t in any hurry at all.

How certain is the future?
How certain is the future?

On my last visit, I had gone back in time to visit with the Oracle of Delphi that had been visiting this site. This time, I knew I was in the present. But then a thought occurred to me (as these strange things do) Who and what was this? A spirit? A shade? Another being? The oracle, who remains nameless, waved the questions in my mind aside.

I have the future to show you, she said. Watch!

Then she showed me the future. Quite literally, no messing, no hidden meanings, just simply the future of things. She showed me that I would complete the wand quest. That I would gain the miracle that was one of its ingredients.

After each vision she would state…

This will happen – look – see that it has happened!

This went on for several events. At the time I could not believe that I was being shown this. The veil across the future had vanished completely and it was as known to me as the past.

Then she stopped as if to take breath and rest but actually it was to change tack. She pointed at an image that was before us both. But before I go into that I want to say that I was sat on a seat and she was stood over my left shoulder. Visions, like a 3d film and I mean 3d, they had depth, played before me and she would occasionally point out the details.

As I said, the Oracle changed tack. With a flourish of her hand the image changed became one that is deeply personal to me…

Certain things are immutable. The path is so solid in the future that nothing can change it. This is one of those things. Stop asking, stop trying, you are wasting your time. More important than that, you are wasting Energy. As it is written So it shall be! Leave it alone! Stop!

Wow! What a statement and with such certainty. It left me chilled and to be honest a sense of powerlessness – which is a surprising feeling for me.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? To see your future laid out before you. Of course there was a catch. At the end of showing me these visions she walked about to face me directly. Raising her hand she placed a finger on my lips, as if to silence me. Then a strange (stranger!) thing happened. The memory of the visions disappeared from my mind. Like fog clearing, they faded away, with only remnants such as those described above remaining.

I know that certain things are in my future. But I don’t know the hows of them. It is an odd sensation to have your memory wiped or hidden. But there it is. A gift she gave and then kind of took it away. Not only that, but with her finger on my lips, she had silenced my questioning too. Perhaps she sensed that I was bursting with questions.

The Oracle wasn’t finished with me, not by a long way…

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