You can share your aura

July 9, 2015
Aura Sharing with a Yew
Aura Sharing with a Yew

This post is more of a self note – kind of like a selfie really. Often (or rather almost always) on this sacred journey many things are skipped, lost, forgotten or left by the wayside as unimportant (or so it seems). Posts like this are in order to avoid such misplacements. Whether these posts in and of themselves get forgotten is a matter for higher authorities.

Imbolc 2015 and a admonishment from Caileach that I had not learned patience led her to take an active part in teaching me that. This began with her merging with my aura. Then  a couple of months later I was in commune with the higher self of another person who asked me to share my aura.

Finally, last night I was at the Ancient Yew (Llangernyy) and again I was asked to share my aura. So what is all this aura sharing about? I have no idea, hence this post.


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