Epilog: Spirals Turn – p11 – Solstice 2015

August 6, 2015
Spirals of Life
Spirals of Life

Wow! How can so much happen in two days? We had arrived in Ireland to celebrate the Summer Solstice of 2015 at 7:30 am on Saturday and departed at 10 pm on Sunday evening. Here is a link to all those adventures. In this post I want to just mention a theme that played across the whole of the pilgrimage. That theme being Spirals.


A few years ago, a very dear friend of mine, Tam, from the States was visiting Ireland on a sacred journey. There she met David (at Four Knocks), who was one of the cohorts on that journey. At one point, David was telling Tam of the experiences of another adventurer who had visited Four Knocks. He didn’t mention my name. Then later that day, Tam was telling David about the adventures of a friend of hers, named Kal and the connection was made. Then I met David for the first time at Four Knocks. Incidentally I met with Tam (who was visiting from the States) a week later and she told this very same story to her son at one point during the day.


Another cohort on Tam’s sacred journey was Regina. Who I also got to know through Tam, on Facebook. We said on many occasion “we should meet” but it never came about. Then last December on my last day in Luxor, Egypt. I was invited to a meal by another group of people on a Sacred Journey and amongst the group was Regina. I loaned her my dowsing rods and said that I would collect them in Ireland. I had no trips planned to Ireland at that time. And then here we are and she had brought the rods too.


Saturday morning upon the Hill of Loughcrew I had met with the (a) king of the Fay who had thanked me for telling tales of his kindred. Sunday evening as Regina and I parted she says she has a gift for me. It’s a book, the title…”Meeting the other crowd – Fairy stories of hidden Ireland” I showed it to Chris and he laughed…”a coincidence”


Caileach smashes the spiral, which connects the past, present and the future.


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