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Four Knocks: A cat that isn’t p10 Solstice 2015

August 3, 2015

Mystic, a definition: Someone who sees more than others. If you look up the definition of Mystic you get…

mystic a definition
mystic a definition

Which is an utterly rubbish definition of such a word. I prefer this, “Mystic: Someone who travels the realms of the Mysterious creating Magic along the way.” How does that sound? Much better!

a cat that isn't
a cat that isn’t

Anyway, my point of mentioning this is that on a recent (Summer Solstice 2015) visit to a sacred place called Four Knocks I encountered a cat. Now you might think, “so what” and you would be right, but I felt that this cat, like Crookshanks (Harry Potter #3) was no ordinary cat…

Chris and I walked along the gravel path towards the sacred place known as Four Knocks. We were meeting some friends there and we were early. As we approached the mound we spotted a cat. Chris gave it a friendly stroke and passed by. I, however, felt that there was more to this cat. Kneeling down, I played with it for a bit and it seemed very friendly indeed. The feeling of something special grew in me.

As I walked into the mound, the cat followed me, twirling in and out of my feet. I grabbed the dowsing rods and they took me to a place I could work. Which happened to be the top of the mound. I sat down and the cat came and sat in front me. Interesting, I thought as I let myself get into the groove of commune.

As I drifted into a meditative state my eyes settled on the cats eyes. I looked deeper into them and the cat looked into me. If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you was a thought that crossed my mind. I knew for sure that this cat was more than it appeared. Was it a guardian of this place? No. The answer flashed in an instant in my mind. Was it a fellow traveller of some kind? Yes!

I kind of nodded my head at the cat, as if in renewed and respected greeting. I had laid out some of my tools by my side, one of which was the coin of the fay that had been energised by the Fay in Brittany last year. the cat got up and went over to my kit and licked the coin. Interesting, I thought again making a mental note.

Of course, now I had to consider the cat in more detail. Was it of some significance? Yes, But what? I couldn’t figure it out for the moment.Sometimes the right question to ask seems a million miles away.

I let the cat drift out of my thoughts and as I did, it drifted away too and so the commune that is told here (Second Sight) began. After that concluded I climbed down to meet my friends, David and Regina, who had arrived.

Friends Connect
Friends Connect

I have never met David in person before and the story of how we came to know each other is a spiral tale for another day. However, I have spoken with him on a few occasions so we were by no means strangers. As I leapt down the mound to greet him, he was trying to greet the cat. With no success, the cat bit and scratched his hand til it bled. Again, I made a note of this.

Panther Spirit
Panther Spirit (source)

We spent many minutes chatting about experiences and sacred tales. At one point David mentioned an experience he had had at four knocks where the spirit of a panther (black if I recall) had bounded up the mound towards him. That was when I knew. It was the cat spirit that was at the mound. I think I even mentioned it to David, not sure. Might have “thought to mention it” – the universe blurs sometimes.

In any case another connection in the picture had been made and yet I was still at a loss as to what, if anything to do about it. That is, until I was sat upon the mound again later on. I was just enjoying the sun really, just taking a break when the cat came up and pawed me. Hey! Why the aggression? Then I recalled, you’re not really a cat are you? More of a panther spirit?

The panther spirit animal is powerful and protective. The panther symbolizes courage, valor and power. If the panther is your power animal, you are blessed with a fierce guardian. The panther is the symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. This totem animal encourages us to understand the power within the shadows and to acknowledge these powers to help eliminate our fear of the dark and unknown. (source)

Knowing that little bit more about this creature, I reviewed what I had learned (see above) and it came to me. The coin? Perhaps I should let David use the coin? The cat purred. Okay. I clambered down the mound and caught David.

“This coin is a gift from the Fay of Brittany, blessed with ability to look into the Heart. Have a go”

Is essentially what I said to him. Since he is a reader of this blog, perhaps he will share his experience in the comments. The cat had concluded its interest in me and we parted ways in a friendly way.

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