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Four Knocks: Second Sight p9 Solstice 2015

August 2, 2015

Four Knocks is an amazing place. I am convinced that there is something TARDISy about it. From the outside a small mound. On the inside a huge chamber. Go figure! It was the summer solstice of 2015 although from a personal point of energetic view I felt it was more like the solstice yesterday (and we’ve mentioned that kind of phenomenon before).

David and Regina
David and Regina

However, the solstice it was and Chris and I were at four knocks for two reasons. To meet two very dear friends of mine David and Regina and of course to connect with this amazing place. Perfect!

I have to note here a turning of the spiral. Last December I had visited Egypt on a quest for Amber and a Fire element. On my last day there I had met Regina who was on her first day there. It was a remarkable synchronicity as I’d known Regina via Facebook for a while and yet not met her. However, my point of mentioning it was that whilst in Egypt I had loaned her my dowsing rods and told her that I would meet her in Ireland later that year to collect them. Our Ireland trip had only come about a few days ago so it was definitely worthy of note that those words spoken in Egypt had come true a mere 6 months later. David, who you see in the pic, has also a synchronistic tale behind him. Another day…

I’ve only been to four knocks once before and that was a memorable occasion because I had a deep connective conversation with Caileach. My first in fact although I suspect her hand in previous times too. If you read the previous post to this you’ll know of the momentous smashing of the spiral that occurred last evening at Tara.

Chris and I arrived before our friends and I decided to see if some kind of commune could be had. In fact I knew there was. I had felt it since last night. Preordained is an understatement. I didn’t need to prepare and was taken on top of the mound to an energy spiral just off the center. There I lay down and let myself open to impressions.

Golden Spiral
Golden Spiral (source)

Immediately I was (mentally) taken into the mound. It was completely dark inside until the flame that is Caileach came into existence. The light grew into a rainbow of colours and there she was. She gestured at the ground I was stood on and, looking down, I saw a golden spiral there. I was stood in one of the arms of the spiral so that it swirled inwards behind me and outwards in front of me.

Often when communing with Caileach I find that she doesn’t so much communicate with words but with impressions. Not even thoughts. So it was now. I kind of knew that she wanted me to go to ground level (so to speak) and view the path of the spiral. I did so and looked back along it. I saw that it was my past. I had visions of recent events and then, as one would expect, further inwards the events were older. Fascinated, I turned the other way and looked along the growing arm of the spiral. Now that was even more interesting because I got echoes of the future that seemed familiar. Of course! The Oracle at Dowth!

I became of normal size and looked sideways at Caileach (avoiding her eyes) and the memory of the shattered spiral from last night came to mind. Was that what the spiral was? My past and Future? It was a question to myself. Nevertheless Caileach response was to vanish. Terrific!

Energy is aware!

I was about to rise up and out of the darkness when I noticed something sparkling in the spiral that was still on the ground. I did the same again and kind-of sunk into the ground so that my eyes were level with the ground and I could look along the spiral. Was it an event that had sparkled? No, it didn’t seem to be. What then? Even as I thought it I began to shrink. As if in answer to my question, some other part of me was taking me to it!

Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyage

I shrunk and shrunk until I was microscopic. Although at first it felt like I was shrinking in size. As the process continued I had a sneeky feeling that more was going on. It wasn’t just size, it was something else too. The journey (voyage) slowed down and I could see the atoms of the earth or indeed the spiral. But it wasn’t atoms. It was the particles (if that is a word I can pinch from physics) that made up the energy of the spiral.

Absolutely fascinating! I love this kind of stuff I have to say, Back many years ago, I had done some study on the nature of energy itself and here I was coming full spiral and being drawn into the depths of energy. At that time, it was a clinical study, with questions such as, what is energy made of? What did it mean when I said “neutral” energy?

This time, it was a more, hmmm, energetic perspective? Words are not in existence to appropriately describe it. Still, I looked at these particles with the eye of (well, whatever kind of being I was in this state) and one truly startling thing emerged. It was aware! The particles of energy that made up the spiral, were aware. Not as a collective thing, but as individual bits!

It was like being in a human body and realising that the cells of the body are aware. More than being alive, actually consciously aware. Oh my God(dess), what the Zarquon did this mean? And why was I being shown it? I couldn’t answer either of those questions, in fact I didn’t really realise those questions at that instant. I was mesmerised by the sheer enormity of what I was experience. The spirals of life were consciously aware!


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