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Magician Quest

August 11, 2015

It began with an urge…to connect with my ancestors. Which was to begin in the home of my folks, Pakistan. Or so I thought. In fact I had even put it on my list of places to visit. Then a visit to Dinas Emrys and a commune with the spirit of Merlin changed all that. Merlin had told me that I wasn’t of Albion (obviously) but also that I wasn’t of Pakistan or the historical region it was in. This was a bit of shock, but not more than a huge spiral turning when he said that I was related to, if not the descendant of a magician from the middle-east.

Starting points on spirals is a terrible gambit. As soon as you think that this is where it all began you are shown another step in the past which is also where it could have started. Was it with Dragons and learning that their spirits had been captured by the aforementioned Magician? Was it when I rescued a dragon in Ireland? Was it when I was named a Magician in Alderley Edge? Was it when I was bound to an Ice Dragon? Was it when I was on a quest of the Dragons Soul Book? Was it when I was on a quest of Knighthood? And if my ancestory is middle-eastern, then was it when I had learned about Sufism? Was it when my mother made a prayer and a promise?

Ancient Magicinas
Ancient Magicinas

You see, so many starting points that one might even consider, it started before I was born? Which would lead me onto another topic, that of reincarnation and past lives. Is our (Chris too has spent much time on this) ancestral quest something akin to past-lives? Reincarnation? Are playing with the energies of Karma? Has the famed loony bin now been completely emptied?

I write this, having just returned from Ireland and gained a lot more information about the Magician Quest which is what my Ancestor Quest will now be renamed, for the time at least.

It seems that the prolog to this Magician Quest is to locate the shade of the magician, get from it information regarding an artifact he had left behind and then find that artifact. Oh, is that all, I here you say. In the mean time I also learned that my ancestors where nomadic and were of Persian origins. Which covers a huge swath of countries. Already I am destined for Istanbul and Morocco for ingredients to the Wand Quest. Perhaps two birds could be killed with one stone? How likely is that in my adventures?

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