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Summer 2015 – P5 – Faery Awakenings at Fourknocks

August 4, 2015

I have mentioned on previous occasions about how I believe that the Faery kind have got both a King and a Queen, and that they revealed themselves to me in Brittany one year as “Bel” and “Titania”. Together, this is where I think we get the Celtic festival of “Beltane” from – from the union of these two spiritual forces. Just indulge me! There’s no scholarly research gone into that – this was a piece of knowledge that was given to me, and I simply accept it for my own purposes, as a way of recognising those two spiritual energies when I meet them.

Such is the prelude to my meeting with two of Kal’s Irish friends: Regina and David. Two nicer spiritual people you couldn’t hope to meet. They have that excellent Irish hospitality and local knowledge that often makes us English folks blush at the lack of knowledge about our own island’s history and lore.

Fourknocks - June 15 (5)

We chatted and introduced ourselves, before Regina took her drum inside and various visitors wandered in and out. All the while I was watching the movements of a cat which seemed to have made the site its home, despite the hustle and bustle. The cat was using the mound as a gigantic perch from which to watch all the movement and stay out of the action.

I began to work on the energies. I walked around the outside of the mound, gathering the energies behind me as I went, feeling for them and pulling them along in my “wake”. Soon I could feel that they had gained their own momentum, like swirling a bath full of water. At that point I hoisted myself up onto the mound. The cat had vanished like Macavity. From on top I could see David below, hanging around, In fact, he appeared to be rooted to the spot. I said to him, “Are you alright down there?” to which he responded “I feel like I’m stuck to this spot. There’s such a lot of energy moving around!

I laughed. From the top I began to draw in the energies from the surrounding hills. This was an action that I was learning to do since my experience on top of Moel Y Gaer above Bodfari in Wales. Once they were drawn in and connected then I was sure that the site had the energies I needed to work with – the local connections to place.

Fourknocks - June 15 (2)
Furry Fouknocks – The Site Stalker
As I came to stand by the entrance I hesitated. David had moved now, but he shot me a puzzled look. “I can’t go in until I have acknowledged the yellow flowers.” I stated. I didn’t know why, but I acknowledged the flowers, and their yellowness, and then I felt I was able to step inside. Just as everyone apart from Regina had left. How fortunate! We had the place to ourselves.

Fourknocks - June 15 (6)
Beautiful yellow wildflowers at Fourknocks.
Once inside I can see that Regina has positioned a solitary candle in the centre, and she has taken up residence in the smallest chamber. I dowse my way inside and find that I am taken to the same chamber as before to work – the largest chamber and the one that faces the entrance door.

Fourknocks - June 15 (4)

Greet the Faery Royalty

Inside we have a fabulous meditation. Regina is drumming gently and this adds to the sense of shutting out the other tourists. Happily they leave us be while we have 15 minutes of ritual and meditation. I get into the right state, and suddenly the drumming is helping me get deeper…

Fourknocks - June 15 (1)

During the ritual I feel the presence of the Faery King and Queen: Bel and Titania. There was a bit more to the meeting than just that, though! I found out how the two are “awoken” at different times of the year. I don’t yet know if this is something which could be incorporated into a ritual in order to actually rouse and greet them, but I reprint it here for anyone who works with these spirits.

Bel is woken by birdsong or a flute in Spring. The winds of the winter will wake Tania. As I say, I’m not sure if I am supposed to wake them myself, or whether this is some insight into a natural process, but it makes me want to get a flute! Both the whistling and the fluting are wind instruments, and the winds of the winter – they howl like the banshee!

Fourknocks - June 15 (3)

My final note on this event was “I wonder if this is an air sign’s way of greeting the Faery Royalty?“, but I wasn’t to know what would happen next. In my next post you will see how that becomes especially relevant to my coming work as I discover my next quest from Solstice to Lammas.


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