August 14, 2015
Sunset on 12th August
Sunset we saw together on 12th August 2015

Dear readers. It is with the heaviest heart that I write this message. My soul friend, my spiritual brother, my ‘sidekick’ Kal has tragically passed on.

We were walking up Dinas Bran, a hill he loved, and which he had suggested we visit that evening. We were preparing to watch the meteor storm on Wednesday evening. He was in high spirits as usual, talking of his future plans, his unfinished quests, his blossoming video course.

As the path up the hill began to get steep Kal said he was just going to stop for a rest, and that I should go on. Keen to set up my camera in time for the display I did so. Little did I know then that this would be the last time I saw him alive.

His non-appearance at the top sparked my concern after a few minutes, and I packed my stuff and headed back down the hill to see where he was. When I saw the torchlight at the spot where I had left him I knew something was truly wrong. Kal was lying down, still, and two amazing young people – Sam and his friend Laura – were frantically trying to resuscitate him. I joined them as we awaited the medical units that had been dispatched to help.

The team did all they could before air-lifting him to the nearest hospital. When I got there I was given the saddest of news. We were all too late. Cardiac arrest had killed him.

Being birthed into a new experience
Being birthed into a new experience

Khalid Malik. The Most Fantastic Fool. The Most Courageous Player of Life. The Most Faithful Follower and The Most Far-Seeing Guide.This whole blog site is dedicated to your memory. It is your memory – laid down in tales which inspire us to be worthy of your wisdom.

I am not sure what will happen now. I just needed to let you know.



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  1. Have been away so only just heard the sad, sad news about Kal. Chris, you must be bereft without him and his humour and wisdom. He’s now in another dimension following a quest and maybe, just maybe, now and again you may have insights sent by him as to his progress and help from him with your own journey.

  2. I can’t believe I’ll never read his adventures again or share the rest of his amazing journey. I’m so sorry Chris, you must be devastated. He has, indeed, moved onto another spiral path. This is for you both:

    Deep peace, pure white of the moon to you;
    Deep peace, pure green of the grass to you;
    Deep peace, pure brown of the earth to you;
    Deep peace, pure grey of the dew to you,
    Deep peace, pure blue of the sky to you!
    Deep peace of the running wave to you,
    Deep peace of the flowing air to you,
    Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
    Deep peace of the sleeping stones to you!

  3. Wow. Sorry for your loss. I will miss reading about his insights as he traversed his spiritual journey. Guess he decided to learn at a different level now.

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