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A very unusual quest – Lammas 1

September 21, 2015

Timing is everything

Phew! It was going to be a long drive to Kilmartin, which was our destination for the Lammas Festival. In fact, it was a six-hour drive as the car-drives. All kudos to Chris for that I have to say (many times).  The day began brightly but as we got closer to Scotland and indeed within Scotland the rain began. It started with a slight spattering and without saying, we thought that, it would be an amount that we could work with.

Going through Glasgow we took a wrong turn and ended up being delayed by about half an hour.  We stopped for a lunch around 1 pm about an hour-and-half or so away from our destination and the rain began to pelt down. Lunch was had, sans a delay due to ordering mix-up.

Now you might be wondering why I am mentioning these little delays. Well, because they are laying the foundation for a message which I got upon arriving in Kilmartin. I would also point out that other small incidents occurred on the way too, for instance a friend called and asked for directions to a place she was going. The call got cut off twice, I had to reboot my phone and call her back. Again, minutia surely? Well, not in hind-sight.

As I said it was raining buckets and no visible relief was in sight. With an hour to go, Chris, the still Doubting-Thomas, that he is, turned to me and said something like, “The Sun God has about an hour to bring the sun out.” He was of course referring to my uncanny knack of being able to create a positive shift in the weather when we are on pilgrimages.

I stared out of the windscreen, it was testing my faith too. Still, you have got to trust, is my mantra of the decade! We turned around a mountain onto a stretch than ran by the sea and behold, in the distance, was a patch to beautiful blue sky. Chris and I looked at each other in disbelief. Surely not!

Threshold on the water
Threshold on the water

Minutes later we arrived in the Vale of Kilmartin and although the vale was surrounded by gray clouds and signs of downpours, here in the Glen the sun was beaming. It was a miraculous transformation.

I have to note, on occasion Chris and I talk about the weather and its miraculous transformations. You see, here in this blog, it is nigh on impossible to convey the impossibility of such meteorological transformations. Truly it isn’t. But, sigh, we try to still. It is one of the most magical phenomena of our sacred journeying. 

We got out of the car with the sun glittering on our path. Making our way across a stream I felt an energetic threshold and stopped Chris. We were passing a barrier and needed to pay our respects and mention our intentions before proceeding. Let’s learn one lesson at least I said to Chris. As I laid out my intention of learning, being of service and respect, I got an immediate and simple message.

When setting out on a sacred journey, everything has meaning, the delays, the missed calls, the signs and portents, everything. I looked up at the clouds and noted that the wind was blowing them away from the Glen. See, the message continued. If you had arrived even minutes earlier, you would have given this sacred site a miss and headed for the museum.

It was true, our rain backup plan had been to go the museum. Thus our timing couldn’t have been better.

The Walk of Patience

As I followed the rods into the field and towards the stones in it. I tried to recall the events on the journey and see if I could determine what they meant. But try as I might, I failed. Apparently the signs could only be read in the present moment, whilst being in them, so to speak.

Nether Largie
Nether Largie

The rods were really on a patient roll today, every few feet they would make me stop and take a look. It was one of them walks where you are taken gently into the sacred place as if on a tour. Being shown the sights and savouring the experience. It reminded me of the LoughCrew in Ireland. The same kind of tour happened on the way up to that Cairn.

I was in no hurry though, quite the opposite in fact. I have to have learned that patience lesson at some point surely! So I followed the rods as they ambled. The sun was shining, the sky (overhead at least) was blue and we were on a sacred journey, how much better can it get?

Rising above the stones

Even as I walked through the stones I was being told to go slow, eventually I had walked around all the stones and made my way to the two at the end of the semi-row. The rods twirled in a more substantive way and I knew I was at the place to commune. I was taken around the back of one of the two stones but slightly to the right so that I could look along the stones across to the other two at the far end. The sun was on my back as I looked out at the row and let my thoughts drift…

Nether Largie - Sky View
Nether Largie – Sky View

I hadn’t asked whether I would gain any knowledge re my existing quests e.g. the Wand Quest or the Magician (ancestral) Quest. Let the fates decide I thought, jokingly. Dangerous thought I think in hind-sight.

Wandering and wondering thoughts saw me lift above the sacred place and look down upon it. I saw streams or bands of energy going the length of the row. It seemed to me that they created a large spiral at the central stones. As I looked down, I felt the energy in those bands vibrating, making music, I thought. Like a harp or a guitar.

Yes said a voice in my ear, it was that miscreant Caileach. Like a Guitar and the image below me changed to a guitar. The bands remained as they were but now they formed the strings of a guitar. I floated back towards earth or the earth moved up. It was one of those moments that one is confused as to what is moving. Not only that but a scale shift was occurring too. So much so that as my feet touched the earth again, I was holding the guitar in my hands and it was playing.

I didn’t recognise the tune and to be quite honest, was surprised that I was holding a guitar, let alone playing it as my musical ability is nada. Even as I though that though, Caileach interjected. That is about to change she said. Learn to play the guitar you will need this skill later!. What?!? I was too late she (sans presence) had gone.

I was stunned, what kind of a quest was that? Learn to play the guitar? Seriously? Was this an optional thing or required? The vanishing Goddess had thrown me out of commune to. So I was left with the rods to verify this experience and any details I could garner. Alas the rods agreed that I did indeed have to learn to play the guitar. Terrific (sarcasm)!

Night time bidding

Will I Win
Will I Win

Time passed and more adventures were had (see other posts in the Lammas tag) however I want to skip to midnight and our lodgings. We had returned from celebrating the full moon on this same day and I was lying in bed thinking about the days events and in particular about the Guitar Quest (can I call it that?) What did she mean? I will need the skill later? As these thoughts wandered around my mind and I played on my phone. Ebay came to mind, or was it planted in my mind? I loaded up the app and searched for guitars in my geographical (home) area. I found a listing of ten that were within a price range that I would consider paying.

As I looked through them I had no clue as to what would be suitable. I consider waiting until the morning to ask Chris, since he has been a guitar player for umpteen years. But something was driving me forward. I grabbed the rods and asked whether this was a suitable question to ask of them? Yes. Excellent, which should I  bid for? Number 3 and 7 were both equally suitable. So I opted for number 3 and put a bid in. In fact, the max bidding amount was again chosen by the rods at £76.53 quite an accurate figure I have to say. As I went to sleep, the bid stood with me at £61.

He’s a winner!

Sometimes, you just want to keep things to yourself until the egg has hatched. So it was with this. The bidding on the guitar would end lunch time the next day, but with us being in the depths of Scotland, there was no way to find out whether I had won until we had reached civilisation, marked by available signal on the phone. That time was 3 pm, I checked my phone and whooped! I had won! At a price of £74.50! Here is to the dawn of another quest.

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