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Ancestral knowledge – Lammas 2

September 25, 2015
A singular Stone Portal
A singular Stone Portal

In the previous post I talked about my experiences in Nether Largie. Well, in the field next to that stands a singular stone. As I watched Chris leave I noted that he hadn’t needed to go that stone. I was of the same mind, however as I walked by the gate into the field it was in, the rods twitched. Fortunately the gate to the field was openable and I didn’t have to climb it, this area being very public and all.

The rods led me towards it in a very feminine way, gentle and smooth wavy path with many a spiral along the way. Visually it didn’t look very spectacular and I presumed that that was why there were no tourists in this field. Regardless, I continued my walk towards it. I was about a quarter of the way, when a bee fluttered by. Since my experience in Ireland a couple of years ago, every time a bee goes by I begin a count.

Another few steps later and a second bee made an appearance and I said out loud “Two” and continued on. Mere moments later a crow squawked and I added that to my count. Suffice to say that by the time I had reached the stone I had fulfilled the requirements of opening a portal to the Fay in Ireland, namely 3 crows and 3 bees. But there was still the four elements.

Coin Crystal and Portal
Coin Crystal and Portal

The stone provided Earth, there was a breeze in the air which of course provided Air, in the distance I could see a rainbow and thus there must be Water and the sun for Fire was abundant. I was ready and about to open the portal when an intuitive nudge told me to use the Crystal and Fay gifted coin too.

Done, and in moments the portal opened and I was in commune, with honestly, the most open Fay I have encountered. They were very chatty indeed. I asked about more information regarding my Magician Quest and they obliged.

The magician isn’t my ancestor, they told me. Knights of this realm had traveled to the land he occupied to reclaim something that the magician had stole from the Fay. One of those knights was my ancestor. 

What? Seriously? This was turning into a story of Arabian Nights stature and what concerned me more was, how could I tell whether it was real? Records didn’t span that far back in time, almost a thousand years. How could a Knight of Albion be an ancestor of mine. This had to be fiction.

It doesn’t matter what you believe. It only matters what you do.

Was the comment from the Fay on my musings. Interesting knowledge I thought and with it came a suspicion (always count your fingers and toes when shaking hands with the Fay) Why are you telling me this? I asked and my vision was directed at the rainbow in the distance beyond the stone I was stood next to and it came to me…the king stone with a rainbow it is what the Fay at LoughCrew had said! What a synchronicity!

I was to learn more about this later in the day…

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