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Lammas 2015 P2 Nether Largie by day

September 29, 2015

Geographically we had only travelled about a quarter of a mile through Kilmartin Glen, yet we had seen many fascinating and energetic megaliths. Now back together, Kal and I approached the Nether Largie South Cairn together. The sun was out as we approached, and all the dire predictions of doom-laden skies were dispersing as quickly as the dark clouds around us. Summer was making itself felt on this early August day.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (5)
Nether Largie South cairn with added Kal for scale

Another “dispersal” of rock debris around the base, as though this preserved the interior better. I dowsed an entrance barrier that was a full 4ft deep. Further dowsing telemetry revealed that the structure was created 5,635 years ago. This would make the construction date 3620 BCE. Undiscovered Scotland put the date between 5,500-5,600 years ago. Good old dowsing! Right again. And more accurate.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (4)
Protected by stone – Nether Largie South

Kal clambered inside after a quick dowse, and I was taken to sit on top, directly above where he was sitting inside. Seemed like we were working apart, but together on this one. I was acting as a kind of sentry for Kal, protecting the space. Now the work could begin…

I got into a meditative mind state. As the surrounding sounds began to merge with my sense of self I felt the elements impose themselves upon me – the fire warmth of the sun, the dense cloak of the rain clouds, the rootedness of the rock, and the caress of the gentle breeze that stroked my face. It was the wind that I turned my attention towards.

Nether Largie’s chamber

I felt that I had all the information I needed to demonstrate that I understood the Song of the Winds. As the Spirit of Place allowed me, I began to demonstrate this:

  • I breathed like the Valley Wind moving through the glen, matching its ebb and flow with my breath.
  • Then I fell and tumbled with the Mountain Wind which gathered from the surrounding hills to mix into this space.
  • The one I had a problem with was the Sea Breeze. I couldn’t hear any gulls whose cries I could mimic in order to attune to the winds from off the sea. Nevertheless, I demonstrated that I could make such bird-like noises, and that I was in tune with that wind.

The quest was concluded, I felt. This signified the end of the winds quest but the beginning of our work together now that I speak their language.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (6)
Information about Nether Largie South cairn

I was about to come back to normal consciousness, but something urged me to stay. I shifted myself back into position. Kal was still sitting beneath me inside the chamber. The Spirit of Place called to me to pay attention. I saw a sexless transparent humanoid shape step into the chamber to be with Kal. It reached down to Kal and touched him purposefully on the forehead, right where the third eye chakra is located.

Nether Largie South cairn - Lammas 2015 (1)
Kal has an intimate encounter with the spirit of Nether Largie

Boom! I was disconnected from the vision the instant that happened. It was as though whatever happened next was not for my eyes, but was an interaction only for the two parties involved. That being so I got up and began to pick my way down the mound and across the scattered stones.

A gull flew directly overhead and made its distinctive crying call. Ah, there was the Sea Breeze. Better late than never!


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