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Song of the Sea Breeze

September 19, 2015

So it came to the third and final part of my quest related to learning the ‘song’ of the various types of wind. This time I was prepared to go wherever the dowsing rods took me. I had a free evening and the weather was fine, so… off I go to find the Song of the Sea Breeze!

I literally let the dowsing rods guide me. As I came to each junction I asked one dowsing rod to point in the direction I was to take. Luckily I have a car with an automatic gear box and so that was relatively easy and safe to do. Turn by turn I was being led into North Wales. Each time when I thought I knew where I was being taken the dowsing rod would foil me and point somewhere else. Even so, I ended up on the A55 heading along the welsh coastline, and sure that I was intended for Anglesey. Instead, some 20 miles outside of Chester, the rod indicated that I should leave at the Prestatyn junction.

From this point I knew the roads to the left (Gop Hill and Dyserth) and had once taken the road to the right (Holywell) but the dowsing rod pointed straight on. Now I was in unknown territory. Next I was being taken down a narrow country lane with no idea where I was. Some several puzzling and worrying minutes later I emerged at the bottom of a hill and recognised the road. It was the A548 coast road! Turning left, as indicated, I found the next sign was my destination – Talacre Bay. There are definitely worse places to be on a summer’s evening!

Sunset at Talacre Bay - July 15 (5)

Sun, sea, sand and treks

I was following the dowsing rods again. Their instruction was to lead me to a place where I could learn The Song of the Sea Breeze. Dutifully they confirmed that this could be done and then pointed off to the left. I had never been that way. New pastures, then (or new dunes).

The other people using the path were quite surprised to see someone dowsing, but in a very English way they carefully restrained their emotions such that it registered as a mere flicker of shock, then was quickly masked into a face of stoic ignorance. “We are most definitely ignoring the fact that you’re doing something weird” they inferred.

I was soon taken off the main track up into the nearby dunes via a small path through the sand, and then along the top of the dune’s summits until I reached a beautiful space with a perfect seat which was almost directly opposite the lighthouse on the shoreline. I sat amid the surprisingly plentiful and varied array of seaside flowers and I relaxed into the evening.

Sunset at Talacre Bay - July 15 (2)
An energetic vantage point in the dunes at Talacre Bay

When Gulls Cry

I tuned into the general spirit of the place, asking my air-born Spirit Guide to come and assist me with finding a connection to the sea’s winds. Her presence was felt, and soon I was melting into the surroundings, my ears becoming attuned to the sounds and the area encompassed by me sense of touch was extended outwards towards the sea.

I asked the question: How can I understand the song of the sea breeze? Gulls began to wail. After a moment or two in confusion the fog cleared – imitating the cry of the gulls was the way to get into the same vibration as the sea breeze!

(c) Blobcat of B3ta
I’m not saying they have a bad reputation, but…

I began to try to make the same sounds as the gulls. Anyone within earshot would have thought I had gone mad! Luckily the wind was with me and the surroundings were devoid of other folk. As the pitch wavered and modulated, there was soon an increased amount of time when my cries were like the gulls cries. Then suddenly … I was off!

Distant shores

I was flying across the sea. Heading out towards the American continents I was flying at a rate of knots such that the seas became a blue and white blur. Within the moment I tried to take notice of how it felt, what I could see, to notice the attributes of the movement.

I appeared to be mimicking the movement and flow of a male energy line, pulsing left to right, up and down, forming a kind of columnar snake that travelled swiftly over the sea. That was another interesting thing – I was over the sea, not on it or in it.

I felt the spirit of adventure, or new lands, of questing, seeking, passing.

Sunset at Talacre Bay - July 15 (1)

I was carrying messages and information between lands. I knew that if I could listen and smell correctly I can pick up the messages carried by the seas breeze. Is this how our ancestors got information from other far-away places – carried literally within the wind if they tuned into it?

I examined the information in the wind. It was a high pitched, high vibrational chatter  – like a gull’s cry. The gull’s cry was matching this information, elevating my awareness until I could become merged with the wind, become part of the information stream flowing across the sea.

I knew too that there was other energy flowing after me – following on like a tail wind. This was female energy, and it was following the pathways carved out by the male energy. The male energy was like the road built to cross continents. Then the female energy came along afterwards, travelling those roads but bringing with it a different set of information. The female energy that followed was all about connecting, staying, and elaborating.

Sunset at Talacre Bay - July 15 (3)

What about the landing point? How did the energy know when to stop? The answer came as I mentally landed on the other side of the ocean. I felt a gravitational pull, like an energetic brake. I was being attracted to the land. It was getting a hold on me as I came ashore. The further inland I went the stronger the hold. When I reached a mountain ridge I couldn’t move any further. I was held fast.

The land radiates subtle energy -leaks it out. The sea attracts it but doesn’t let energy stick to it in this way the Song of the Sea Breeze can move great distances. Only land slows it to a stop. The movement of the wind on the water powers it onwards.

Sunset at Talacre Bay - July 15 (4)

I returned to normal consciousness and was thankful that I was back in this land. I love to visit but my attraction is to this set of islands – Albion. I felt privileged to have learned the secrets of the sea wind’s song, and now I began to understand the Aboriginal concept of the “song line”. How much we have to learn from other cultures, and yet, how much of it can be learned right here in our own lands if we are given the chance and we take it!

I now had all three songs, and felt ready for the next quest which would begin at Lammas. Those stories are coming up next.


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