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The Green Lady and the Copper Dragon

September 9, 2015

Having flown and tumbled with the Mountain Wind down Corndon Hill I was in a state of exhilaration. How, then, to come down from that? Why, with a simple spot of meditation inside a fantastic stone circle, of course. Kal also had some work to do at the circle (he hadn’t really wanted to needed to go up the hill), and so we walked the half mile span back along the gravel track and across to the circle with the stunning views.

The Goddess UnFolds at Mitchell’s Fold

As has become usual my approach to the circle was measured and peripheral. Kal walked directly into the circle from the King Stone, but I had to wait until I was returned back to a sympathetic vibration before I could move on. Once I felt I was ready I was taken by a path which initially takes you further away from the circle and heads downhill. It was as the end of that path that I had to stand at a power centre and face the sky. There I saw a female face – it was Cailleach again! As is often the case I was busy watching the face before I realised I should capture it on camera, and by that time the sharpness  of the features had shifted. Nevertheless, the face is still somewhat discernible in the photo.

Cailleach in the clouds - Copy
Cailleach looking like Marge SImpson in cloud form

After my Cailleach encounter I was taken from the power centre towards the circle at last. I moved along the wide winding path into the circle by the north side and to another power centre which I have worked at before (once dowsed as being the best place for me to be – the most magickal). It was here that I managed to settle into a deep meditation and attempted to connect to Cailleach again to see how we could work together today.

Wind Havens and The Information of Summer

I turned my mind to the pursuit of understanding the Mountain Wind. With this agenda set I let myself connect with Cailleach and then sat back to see what would happen. What happened was that Cailleach arrived on her copper dragon for a second time that day. Stepping off the beast, she called me toward her and in my mind we then sat face to face.

She placed into my mind the memory of the wind coming to a rest in the fields around the circle, and again I got the idea of “wind havens” – places where the wind could consolidate all of the information that it had gathered by touching the various things it has passed quickly on its travels.

Wind havens are created by The Green Lady. The Green Lady is Cailleach in her mid-Summer mature form. At the start of the year she is Brigid, and at the end of the year she is Cailleach. In Midsummer she is The Green Lady. There was a very strong connection with this – an intense sense of the ‘rightness’ of this for my understanding.

Mitchells Fold stone circle
A powerful energy centre at Mitchells Fold stone circle

The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, youth and youthful enthusiasm, represented by the waxing moon;

The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, fulfilment, stability, power and life represented by the full moon;

The Crone represents wisdom, repose, death, and endings represented by the waning moon.

It is interesting that in old Celtic lore the year shifts between Brigid and Cailleach. No “middle form” is named. Here and now the Goddess was showing herself as the full-power form of The Green Lady. As The Green Lady she creates foliage which increases the information available to the wind but also increases the number of still havens for the wind to settle in.

The wind is generally stiller in summer because it is getting more information, and so needs to work less hard than when the information is scarce. It’s like there is a certain amount that the wind can deal with, and in summer when the information is plentiful, the wind spends more time processing this in its havens. In winter it has to travel faster and further to obtain the same stimulus.

The Copper Dragon

I asked why, if the Goddess was showing herself as The Green lady, that I would see her in this copper form on a copper coloured dragon? She answered that she appeared to be that colour because that’s the “angle” at which I am perceiving her from at the moment. Imagine a sphere of all colours, she invited. Depending on where you are in the year and that is how she appears. She shows me the image of a dandelion clock with its multifarious seeds. Each seed was one way in which the Goddess could appear. Each seed or aspect may have its own colouration. Together the seeds may form a cluster which appear to be a different colour. As a totality the Goddess may look like one entity, one colour, one aspect if she could be viewed from a distance.

Cailleach’s vision of her aspects and forms as a dandelion clock

This concept is the same for all spirits which got categorized by the Goddess as “daemons“. When I asked more about what forms and colours daemons could take and how they did it, a bee flew into my ear waking me up. I know now not to ask that question (for now?)!

Tracotr noise at Mitchells Fold

It seems as though I had got the information I was meant to have, and no further work would be possible today. A drone camera took to the skies making an incredibly annoying …well, drone! Clearly the people launching such toys have little respect for people using such a sacred space. Kal was sound asleep again. He didn’t notice the flying drone camera toy, but he did wake up when a line of old tractors rumbled past the circle only tens of feet away! Again, any respect for peace and people meditating? Disgraceful. Yet, it was a clear sign that it was time to leave, and so we did.


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