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Autumn Equinox 2015 P1 – Heavy Water and Deep Thoughts

October 30, 2015

So the Autumn Equinox arrived. It would be my first outing without Kal being around. I had to steel myself to make the preparations to go, but I did so knowing that I could spend a day out in Nature and take some time to go to a place that he loved.

I knew where I was intending to go. The place had been suggested to me by my water spirit guide. Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall had all the elements I needed to fulfill The Song of the Waters – a fall, a river and a pool – water in three conditions.

Autumn Equinox - Sept 15 (5)
Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall in full flow at Autumn Equinox 2015

Never Ride The Lonely Road…

For some reason I wanted you to hear the first few seconds of this “Lo-Fidelity Allstars” track which has a rather creepy snippet of cautionary advice. I’d recommend the album by the way – it’s one of my all-time favourites. It came to mind as I began to write this.

I didn’t know where I would be going today. On previous visits Kal and I had usually gone fairly quickly up to the top, but today I felt like I wanted to spend more time at the bottom half. Following the dowsing rods I was taken into the woodland alongside the waterfall and specifically to a junction point where two paths met.

This was my preparation place and I asked permission to create a posy of wild flowers – Herb Robert and Bracken primarily. I laid the posy at the meeting point of the paths. It felt symbolic and reminiscent simultaneously. I let out s sigh…this was going to be a long road back to The Way…

Beating a path

After admiring the incredible force of water cascading down towards me, I crossed the bridge to the other side. On this quitter side I felt I could get closer to the spirit of the water without being disturbed by other visitors. I sat as close as I could without getting soaked, and took out my drum. I have only very rarely drummed at places before, but a friend had suggested it, and I really wanted to begin to initiate and accept change. It would help differentiate “what went before” with “what is to come”.

A lonesome drumbeat began to emerge from the instrument as I sat at the centre point between the vertical thundering waterfall and the horizontal still pond. I felt I was sitting at a point where I could see all three states of the water: falling, running and lying. The drumbeat merged with the sound of the water hitting the rocks and together they became the rhythm of the pounding of the waters. As my attention withdrew inside my head I began to also merge with the spirit of the waters, the spirit of this place….

Autumn Equinox - Sept 15 (6)
The lower half of Pistyll Rhaeadr

The Song of the Water

Almost without intention the purpose of my visit made itself come to mind: it was the quest to learn The Song of the Water. As though this were a cue to the spirit of place I felt a dialog opening up, a gateway to knowing. Then the information flowed into my mind as my attention was drawn to then moved along with the flowing water from the point where it first dropped off the edge to the moment where it lay still and silent.

Song of the Waterfall

The falling water is the roar that must be heard by whoever is acting as an obstacle to your flow. This is the will and motivation of your purpose. It’s your rebellion song. It flows with Male energy.

My attention followed the water through its white state as it began to calm and contest with the rocks which contained and collided with it as it moved with gravity and through the sheer force of that which followed on behind it. Here, the crashing water’s roar calmed into another form of song.

Song of the River

The babble and chatter of the intermediary running waters which form the river is the necessary mixing and changing interplay of voices. Chatter is meaningless, but it’s the contact that’s important, for it creates interaction, conversation, exchange, communication. In this state the water carries both Male and Female energy endlessly seeking to combine.

Further still down the river the water had no rocks to contend with. The banks widened suddenly and the flow of the water became almost invisible to the observer. The movement slowed, and the depth increased. Here, the song of the water was quiet and demanded a fuller attention to be heard at all.

Song of the Still Water

The pond is the stillness and depth of the murmur. In the stillness the voice is found and heard. Deep meaning is given through the song, which weaves information into a tapestry whose picture is revealed. In the still waters the creative impulse is discovered by those who are prepared to dive deep enough. The energy carried by the still water is Female.

The Weaving of Synchronicity

I remembered that I had been told weeks ago that I would be able to learn the song of the water in one go. At the time I thought this was one of the easiest tasks I had ever been assigned. Then Kal died, and everything became difficult in the light of that event. It took all my courage to go out and step back on to The Path again. We are small and cannot see far ahead, but something knows and guides us. Nature weaves her magic all around us. Just trust, listen, learn and act.

Next I started the steep climb up to the higher level. This quest was complete. It was time to move onwards and upwards.


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  1. Although Kal wasn’t with you in physical form, you carry him with you in your heart so in that sense he was around. I realise though that words/clichés don’t help very much when what is wanted is for the person to be with you, laughing, talking, and generally brightening one’s life.

    1. Time is the only cure for me. Kal is outside of time. He was with me yesterday at Samhain, I felt. He sent a single crow to fly in a different direction to the way I was travelling. I understood.

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