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Check, Please

October 23, 2015

NOTE from Chris: This is Kal’s last ever post. Even its title is incredibly ironic.

There is this common misconception. In fact it is so common that I have fallen foul of it myself. But no more! A sacred life is one that has a reasonable amount of input from the universe or beings thereof. So, the universe has you wandering around the globe on quests that most of the time, you have no idea as to the where and why fores.You just up and go. We in the game call it Trust er…with a dash of Faith.

However all of this gallivanting around has to come at some kind of economic detriment. After all, who is paying for these jolly jaunts? Yes, yours truly. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair and in fact neither does the Universe (or partners thereof). This has been demonstrated to me in a kind of brilliant synchronistic way over the last couple of years at least.

What I mean is that the Universe (et. al.) has been sending me on expensive sacred journeys. But, to give it some credit, it has been providing the moolah to go on them. What I want to do is make this arrangement more formal. By that I mean that I would like to settle accounts in a more accountable way. Thus I have decided to set up an invoice system. Thereby be able to charge expenses to the Universe for quests that it sends me on. Seems like a fair deal doesn’t it?

But then a thought occurred to me, as they do. A warning thought more than anything else. Things have been going very smoothly from the perspective of economy of things. So why would I want to go and spoil a good thing? Why indeed. In fact, let’s leave it as it is. I understand the Universe (not et. al.) and the Universe seems to have a good hold on me. It works.

Chris: …and with that Kal checked out. Wherever he is, love will follow.

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    1. There were a few concepts that we never got to the bottom of. Now that you collate them it seems that his destiny was subtly being revealed. I think of shedding his humanness as one unusual episode, but also the breaking of the spiral (Caileach smashes the spiral).
      He realised that this was serious, but didn’t piece it together with the other unusual events.

  1. Thank you so much, Chris, for sharing all of Kal’s posts. It’s been both sweet and sad to travel just a little bit further with him. Love will always follow him – indeed it will.

    1. Now that his path has ended, we must make sure we travel as far as we can along our own paths. I will miss walking with him, but I’m sure he will be meeting me at milestones along the way. I hope his work has helped us all move forward just a little way.

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