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Lammas 2015 P3 Dunchraigaig Cairn and the Ash Tree

October 1, 2015

The wonderful thing about the Kilmartin Glen area is the density of megalithic sites, and the way the local authority has presented and preserved these important places. Dunchraigaig Cairn [link] is a prime example of this. We flew past it on the way in, but now we were heading back along the road we came in on so that we could access the site. Sometimes we “choose” the order of events, sometimes the order is imposed upon on by “chance”.

Dunchraigaig Cairn - Lammas 2015 (10)

We parked in the small purpose-built car park and negotiated the surprisingly busy A816 road close to the Dunchraigaig Bed and Breakfast building. Once across we seemed to be in a serene space, surrounded by tall old trees of differing varieties which ringed the main attraction – a low-lying mound of rocks which capped two near-hidden cubby-hole entrances to the cairn .

Approaching Old Trees

The obviously striking spruce trees didn’t draw as much attention as the solitary old ash tree. The ash tree drew my attention and made me go towards it, where I placed all my things and sat down ready to rest. No rest for this druid! The moment I sat down I felt that the tree was trying to communicate. So be it!

I decided I needed a “proper approach” to the tree, and so I dowsed for a way in. The way was provided, and as I approached the rods stopped me. I looked down to discover tow mostly-buried stones forming a portal entrance way. I recognised the feature, connected to the presence of the tree, and then waited to see if my introduction would be accepted. It was, and now I could sit  down and got into a meditative state at the base of this fine ash tree.

Dunchraigaig Cairn - Lammas 2015 (14)

Like some kind of Celtic Buddha I meditated beneath the tree  of inspiration. What I found was a sadness – a fear. It was a creeping fear of the impending arrival of the disease which was currently crippling the ash trees of these islands – Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea). See this DARDNI site for more information on this phenomenon.

The Archetype of Ash

Was the tree asking me for help? It certainly felt like that. But what could I do, I wondered? Then it struck me – what if I was to consider this ash tree as a kind of “World Tree” or an archetype of all ash trees. If I could generate some for of protection around them…. no, not protection… if I could re-configure the very template of their being such that the archetype of ash trees was resistant to the disease, then…. wouldn’t that make all ash trees resistant?

I thought about it for a few minutes. I went through doubt, disbelief, awe at the scale of the issue, a sense of helpflessness and being small, then emerged into the light of bright possibility. Yes, I think I could do this!

Dunchraigaig Cairn - Lammas 2015 (3)

I laid out my most powerful crystals in an increasing spiral around the tree and stood on the entrance stones with my most powerful single crystal – a smoky pillar quartz – acting as the focal point for my work. Now In concentrated on the archetype of ash, and linked with the forces of the tree itself.

I felt my mind being linked to other trees in the area. This kept spreading outwards, like roots seeking out other roots and joining with tree after tree. Soon I was only able to encompass this idea as a totality – a picture of the network of all ash trees in the islands of Albion, all connected via this single archetypal tree form and its energetic network.

Dunchraigaig Cairn - Lammas 2015 (5)

The ash tree bristled with new energy, throwing off droplets of invisible subtle energy like an inverse shower. This was the archetypal tree taking on a new energy configuration. As it transforms before my third eye, I then see the change spreading to nearby connected trees. The resistance has begun!

I went back to meet with Kal on the cairn. He had been having his own story furthered, and he will tell you about that. I decided to see if I could get anything else from being inside the cairn and crawled into the dark low gap. It was comfortable, and peaceful, but that was all. My work here had already been done – I musn’t be greedy!

We moved on to the next nearby site – a standing stone row and circle.


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