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Moon kissed Earth – Lammas 6

October 11, 2015

Temple Wood South stone circle - Lammas 2015 (1)

We were early, by a long chalk. Having rested and supped for the evening we had set out to continue our pilgrimage within the Vale of Kilmartin. Our goal was the sacred site known as the Moon Temple. We were also lucky in that the Moon had been full only the day before and thus its energies were very abundant.

However as I said, we were early. Not only that but the moon was going to rise over a significant hill, which meant that more time had to be included for that to occur. It seems, patience was going to be the order of the evening or indeed night.

Given the time we had spare, we decided to walk into the vale from the village and not only that but go for a long stroll along the river that bounds the vale. We had a small adventure on that stroll which I will leave Chris to relate as it was pretty much a similar experience for both us. What I want to get onto is the exciting experiences that were had at this fortuitously named place, moon temple.

We walked for maybe an hour and half before we saw the moon rising over the lip of the mountain. We had arrived at the sacred place in time with this and both made our separate ways into the place, as dictated by the divining rods. For me it was a place behind the stone circle. So I could look through it at the mountain opposite and the rising moon (in the above picture, I was seated facing the camera a few feet behind the central stone).

Even though the moon had passed the mountain, there was a wisp of cloud that seemed to have caught its tail and lingered for many long (long) minutes. Finally, my patience was rewarded and the moon, almost full, threw away its shroud and revealed its magnificense.

Earth Kissed Moon
Earth Kissed Moon

As it happened or indeed was it planned? The moon sat quite aptly upon the top of the central stone as if kissing the stone. It was at that moment that I felt a gentle presence next to my right ear…

The moon kissing the earth

It was Caileach, not in a physical form this time, just a presence and a voice. Almost as if she didn’t want her energies to mar the effects of the moon.

You have to find the place on this Earth that has been kissed by the Moon

As always, the words were as cryptic as ever. But I didn’t want to spoil the moment by letting my thoughts wander off trying to figure out what she meant. This it seemed pleased the Goddess.

Finally! You are learning patience

I couldn’t detect any mockery or kidding in her voice. It seemed to be genuine praise. There had been other moments when she had given a surprising response. Most notable and memorable was an experience in Ireland only last (2014) Summer Solstice (gratitude of a goddess).

I remained attuned to the moon, the place and the work at hand. A feat that is hard to achieve when the monkey-chatter-mind is being given a lot of food for thought.

First, find The Moonstone, then gather within it energies from the place where the Earth has been Kissed by the Moon

It was an ingredient for The Wand, I knew it instantly and with that knowledge, the whole experience came to a conclusion. Caileach had vanished, the moon left the ledge of the stone and the sounds of the night came back into focus.

I was done with the place. Not only that, but I felt the urge to leave the circle. I got up and walked out of the gated enclosure. Chris was far from done however, but I was not in any hurry. The experience had filled me with a deep need to walk and plumb its depths. In fact, as I mentioned to Chris later. I could have spent all night there.

It  had been, find the moonstone, not a moonstone. Interesting…then…what was this place where the earth had been kissed by the moon. Starting points! That’s what these were. Starting points…

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