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Stolen Artifact and the Faery Taint – Lammas 5

October 7, 2015
Four Spires and the Fay
Four Spires and the Fay

As we walked towards the main four spires of this site, I got a familiar tingle. It was Fay! I’ve been around them enough to know when they are about. Particularly when they are this side of a portal. It seems that my sacred journey is intertwined with these beings, for the moment at least. If you are a long-term reader, you will know that at some point I was told that I had a Faery Taint about me. Something that I have never been able to get to the bottom of! Note the exclamation of irritation there.

Following the direction of the rods, they told me that I didn’t need to prepare for this sacred place. Also, on an intuition, I asked whether these Fay where akin to the ones in Ireland or Brittany. No, they were different. Interesting that I could feel that.

I was led across the place, once, twice and thrice. Felt a bit like a preparation task to me, but hey ho! Thus began one of the longest communes in my experience. The gist of it is here and if it sounds far-fetched to you, imagine what it feels like to me…

Hundreds of years ago (possibly 1100 AD), at the time of the magician existence a group of Knights of Albion had been quested to seek a talisman that the magician had stolen from the Fay. To aid in their quest they had been marked (or blessed) by the Fay. As they journeyed towards the East and into Persia they encountered a group of Gypsies (or nomads) who were also aligned against this magician (I don’t know why). Interestingly, this group had men and women who were equal. One of the women had a relationship with a knight and a son was born of it. The knight had died but the son was brought up within the group and learned there ways. This son was an ancestor of mine. Through that line, the Faery Taint (Blessing) had passed, eventually to me. Further more, the Talisman that had been stolen was used to steal away the dragons from this land to help the Magician control the Djinn to further help him find the Ring of Solomon.

I know…far far fetched. I agree. What can I do? I report it as it is. I have on a couple of previous occasions referred to it as an Arabian Nights tale. Perhaps I should rename that, Arabian Knights tale?

Knowledge Download
Knowledge Download

Knights, magicians, Albion, Persia, Gypsies, Fay and not the least, the Ring of Solomon! It was all too much for me. I need simple things… go here, do that. But then…am I not always asking for more information? This perhaps was too much and yet, with a monumental sigh, I knew, deep inside of me, that this was just the beginning.

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