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Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

December 18, 2015

Some healing work from my shamanic friend Debra had managed to clear what I can only call “a dark blue limit“. It was some form of limitation – a spiritual barrier – and her work with me had caused the dark inky blueness to be released. I felt like this had opened me up to “the next stage”, although I didn’t know what that was.

Then I began to piece it together from my reading of the work of The Compte De St Germain. I have worked through the following list of books in the last few weeks:-

Master Alchemist of the Violet Flame
Master Alchemist of the Violet Flame

I was exploring my new quest, which was to understand the teachings of Saint Germain. The books had revealed intruiging glimpses into several aspects of his life and legacy. The first was his apparent longeivity. Then there was his huge and wide-reaching knowledge, seemingly gained first-hand from many parts of the globe. Finally, there was his ability to appear and disappear, and to deliver prophecy as though having access to information out of time.

It is no wonder then that he came to be regarded as an “Ascended Master”. This is a phrase which Kal and I had great difficulty with, but I feel I can now explore this more given that I was led towards it. One of my previous spirit guides, my first, responded to this title too.

As an Ascended Master St Germain has connections to concepts of freedom, and something called The Violet Flame. What does this mean for me? Is this a new freedom spiritually, and a new level of working which is represented by the colour”violet”? Violet has associations with the Crown Chakra, and a spiritual connection with higher powers.

I began researching the Violet Flame idea online using the Prophets’ web site. When I checked the information presented there with the dowsing rods I found that it was not relevant for me. It is genuine information obtained from St Germain, but their processes are specific to these people and whoever follows them – not for me. So I would have to find my own process.

I went into meditation with my new spirit guide and soon the method was shown to me as a vision. For me the process is:-

  • Open the heart chakra until it is wide enough to house a violet flame.
  • When the flame is burning it will be fuelled by energy from the lower energy centre.
  • The violet glow will in turn stimulate the upper energy centre, and promote a flow of violet energy out of the crown chakra.
  • This will make spiritual connectivity much easier.

So, why would I need to increase my ability to make spiritual connections? Why, to connect with Kal of course! Just in time for my Winter Solstice celebrations in Cumbria this year.


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