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Samhain 2015 P2 – Saint Germain and The Boy George

December 2, 2015

I suspect that you’re a bit intrigued by the title? Well, it was an intriguing day down in the South West. I was at Belas Knap long barrow with a friend and I was enjoying the sunshine. I had absorbed as much of the sun as possible, and done a ritual to retain it. Now I was ready to see what it was I would discover as my quest for the next part of The Wheel of the Year – from Samhain to Winter Solstice.

Samhain 2015 - Belas Knap (18)
Belas Knap – the barrow of Bel

I extricated myself from the tail of the ‘serpent’ barrow and asked my dowsing rods to lead me to a place where I could discover my quest for the next part of the year. The rods began to sway and I began to follow. Now such a repeated and familiar pattern that I was easily able to traverse the barrow’s undulations to arrive at the entrance to the chamber which was on the sunny side of the structure. Not the chamber I had used for work before, but everything had changed since Kal so I wasn’t surprised.

I placed my jangling staff in front of the doorway. I noticed that it formed a cross shape in conjunction with the wall outside. It was an obvious “do not disturb” sign. However, that only applies to those who have built sufficient social awareness that they would interpret it as such. I hadn’t bargained on kids!

Samhain 2015 - Belas Knap (15)
Crosses and bees everywhere at Belas Knap

I shad brought some crystals, and I laid them out in a pentacle on a convenient altar-like ledge. I set the intention that they would provide the right energy configuration for me to work with whichever spirit was ready to engage with me. As I didn’t currently have a Spirit Guide this was an open invitation. I made sure my protection was set just in case I didn’t like the response!

Samhain 2015 - Belas Knap (16)
The magickal pentacle of crystals used at Belas Knap

At that moment, as I sat down, I was visited by two boys who came barrelling into the opening with nary a thought nor care. I asked their names as they stood looking at me with curious young eyes. One boy was named George – and he was the chatty one. And how!

As soon as introductions were done George began to describe the uses for all the inner features of the chamber! “This is for this, and that it for that, here’s the bedroom, and that’s where people sit….”. It oculd be taken as boyish imagination, of course, but I had the feeling that his mind was working from some other information source than just imagination. Nevertheless, I let him continue, just nodding occasionally to him to carry on.

After his functional description, George points out where skeletons are buried in the floor. He tells me “Three skeletons were raised up to attack the man what did dig here.” he says. Someone who dug there seeking treasure, perhaps? Or an archaeologist? I get the feeling he’s tuned into the distant past, not anything recent.

The more I interact the more George begins to feel the need to move away from this pure informational experience, and we begin to concoct a fabrication together, a story which fits with his initial pronouncements. He provides the “facts” and I guide him with questions and suggestions. The magical connection he had is lost now, and we’re purely in the realms of fiction and the relationship between child and adult.

Normality resumes, and then one of their parents appears, no doubt wondering to whom they are talking. When they see me it’s probably not what they had hoped for, as the staff is a bit of a giveaway that I may be “a bit odd”, and unsuitable company for a boy no command of social conventions. They boys take their mother’s hint and say their goodbyes. I send them off with a cheery smile and hearty thanks for their brief unexpected and enlightening company.

St George fighting the dragon forces
St George fighting the dragon forces

I realise the red elderberry juice which I had drawn as a red cross on my face is the cross of Saint George. Of course! George again. Could it be a coincidence? I had to find out. Also, since my arrival bees had been buzzing around me at significant points. Again, on this realisation about St George, another bee entered, made itself known, then wandered out. As it had been a sign for Kal, so it became a sign for me.

Having finally got a peaceful moment to myself I went into meditation. Deep in trance I asked about the significance of St. George and the answer which came back was unexpected. St.George was to be my new Spirit Guide! The very symbol of Man taming the Dragon forces – the earth energies. It was immensely fitting.

When The Saints Go Marching In

I had been reminded that this time of the year was associated with remembering “the saints” and I feel I need a little interlude here to explain what I had in mind that day.

SAINTS: For most pagans the concept may be anathema as it has strong Christian associations. The word “saint” has been applied to mortals, spirits and angels alike during the whole pagan appropriation project that the Christian religion has been doing since its virulent distribution began. Having encountered a number of these “saintly” entities during my travels I have come to understand that the term often denotes some form of powerful sentient spirit form (whether a through-form created by Man, or some other entity which we have ‘adopted’ along the way).

This now had a particular significance, given my revelation some moments ago. I emerged from the chamber, took my staff in one hand and a dowsing rod in the other, and asked to be taken to a place where I could meditate on what task I should do for the remaining part of the year..

A very germaine quest

Within the chamber I sat and sank into a waking slumber. With my new spirit guide to assist me I asked for guidance on what I should be doing with the time between Samhain and the Winter Solstice. It was an almost immediate, if altogether unexpected response. The phrase came back “Study The Compte de Saint Germain“.

I had heard of this intriguing figure. He was said to have the secrets to eternal youth, and to be widely regarded in the past centuries as a man of incredible learning. Now, for some reason, I was to study his life and works. I knew not why as yet.

Le Comte De St Germain
Le Comte De St Germain

A book-learning project? Well, that suited me find for the winter months. I was happy with that.

I emerged into the light with my staff and re-joined my friend. We chatted about our experiences on the long journey back up north. I was just happy to be back on the path and out there again properly. It would never be the same as before, never as intense as working with Kal, but at least I was still able to progress.


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