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Winter Solstice 2015 P2 – Storms and Crows

December 28, 2015

The night was turbulent. A storm raged harshly all night keeping is awake for most of it as it. The motorhome was rocked violently, but held steadfast as it took the brunt of the westerly wind which slammed against it. As the Winter Solstice arrived at 4:40am I was awoken by a particularly strong strike from the gale outside. I texted my friend who intended to arrive that morning to warn him that the journey may be fraught. Little did I know that for many residents they were already flooded out for a third time in a month as a result of the storm’s fury.

Woken for the Solstice
Woken for the Solstice

I was excited at the idea of finding a new quest to do, at potentially delivering my prepared ritual to anyone who appeared for the morning, and finally for attempting to do some healing on this flooded land.

We waited for the sun to rise at 8:30am. My friend JK arrived at just that moment, and once we welcomed him in and warmed him up we waited for a gap in the weather. There wasn’t one! Small pairings of people came to the circle and went, spending no more than five minutes bent over in the strong winds. We waited….Then we decided we just had to go for it.

There was only one other couple in the circle and they were clearly busy with their own work. JK and I decided to split for the first part, and come together to try to do the healing. That part will be my next post.

The Solstice Work

I dowsed to find an entrance. The route took me through deep puddles of water but I had come prepared with wellies.

Once in the circle I was taken to a power centre and faced East. I thought of how Kal would have enjoyed this – except the poor weather. He would definitely have got his feet wet today. Connecting with earth and sky I was surprised to find that the weather was clearing. Kal? It seemed like one of the impossible moments that could easily have been attributable to his influence.

Flooded circle at Castlerigg
The hardy pagan souls who endured the flooded circle at Castlerigg for Winter Solstice 2015

I felt that I had to do something. I was pushed forwards by an invisible force until I began walking. I knew I had to do ‘my ritual’ – not to the tiny contingent currently present but for myself. It certainly wasn’t how I had envisaged it! No ceremony, no robes, no chants! The only loud voice was the wind, and the water was stealing the show today.

I walked around counter-clockwise and imagined the Earth. I was walking into the past. Walking with the ancestors. Then I walked back around sun-wise. Now I thought of the Sun. Fire. I was walking into the future with hope and with intention. JK had reminded me of that word this very morning.

I walked in an inward spiral into the centre of the stone circle. I thought of Water, walking through great wide puddles as I progressed. I thought of togetherness. Union. Gathering.

Finally I walked in an outward spiral  I though of Air. This direction was about dissipation, individuality, and I now felt its power as I was propelled out of the circle.

Lakes within Lakes at Castlerigg circle
Lakes within Lakes at Castlerigg circle

The New Quest that is an Old Quest

I came to rest at a power centre in the Sanctuary – a rectangular group of stones inside the circle that formed an enclosure. I was ready to ask about my new quest. I asked if there was a new quest for me at this time and was excited to find that there was. It was revealed as a word I recognised:

Corvus. Align yourself with Corvus.”

This was the constellation of Corvus the Crow. I was reminded of an old quest that Bran had revealed to me one evening in early Spring 2013 concerning that constellation. Was this Kal’s influence again? His totem had been the crow. As I pondered on that I got the feeling there was more to come from my guide. I listened to him again:

Re-unite with Bran. Forgive Bran.”

Now I knew this was connected with Kal. It was in Bran’s hill – Dinas Bran in Llangollen – that Kal had died this August. Now I had a task to return there and get back in touch with my old spiritual compatriot Bran. I had been avoiding any place that reminded me of him since August, but clearly that was a relationship which needed to be healed.

All part of a long emotional and spiritual healing. I was ready.


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  1. Castlerigg – Fond memories of that place as that is where I had my first true experience with earth energy. It is such a powerful place and I often go there in Spirit, hovering about and sitting on the same rocks as you write about. I miss it and know that one day, I’ll be back. And the crows… the crows were there when I was there so many decades ago. I wonder if they are a guardian of the place? Thanks so much for these posts. It’s good to see recent pictures of the Circle. A late Happy Solstice and New Year to you!

    1. Thanks Rustus,

      It’s such a beautiful circle that it makes me visit it even at the oddest and most inconvenient times (and weathers). You may be right about the crows. I’ll have to ask them next time I’m there. It really wasn’t the weather for idle contemplation that day!

      Wishing you a very interesting year to come.

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