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Interpreting the Tarot for the Year 2015

January 26, 2016

At this quiet time of the year posts relating to outings are few and far between. So, in lieu of new work here’s the final part of my summary of the year. In this post I will make an attempt to interpret the tarot reading that I did at the start of 2015, and see how that relates to what actually happened during the year.

Interpreting the Tarot for the Year 2015

The tarot for the year covered the eight significant yearly dates of Festivals, Equinoxes and Solstices. The draw was:-

  • ImbolcBors at The Wells
    • Bors is a signifier of the adventuring spirit which returns back home having achieved his aims, and being satisfied with that. Very much the epitome of Kal this year.
    • Did some work with death-eating skills, got a dread feeling, and then visited another grave at a lonely church on Anglesey
  • SpringThe Maze at Sarras
    • Kal at the maze. “You brought me all that way for this!?” – a walk a series of “dead ends” in the maze. Kal goes straight to the end.
    • Dark shadows plague our visit to Dale Hermitage
  • BeltaneThe Doubtful Path to The Hermitage
    • Never have I more doubted my path than this year when my friend and soul journeyer was lost to me.
    • Making reparations for past mistakes – calling our previous work into question!
  • SummerQuesting Beast at Joyous Gard
    • The Questing Beast is the initiator of quests, but is also the spirit that tests us – this would be a testing year, both for the number of quests being followed, and for keeping the faith
    • Kal had many quests. We got ourselves lost in quests. They pushed us onwards and kept us together.
    • Joyous Gard is a place where the companions on the quest are together and happy in each others’ company. So we were.
  • LammasAmangons at The Green Chapel
    • Amangons represents the despoiling of the bright light with darkness
    • The Ri Cruin cairn in the Kilmartin Valley, Scotland was a strange dark moment in our Lammas quest, which was otherwise filled with light and enjoyment. Maybe we stirred up something which we couldn’t control there?
  • Autumn The Pierced Heart at Avalon
    • My very soul is shaken with sadness at a place I considered to be my Avalon – Dinas Bran
    • Kal’s heart is pierced by fate, and nothing can be done.
  • SamhainMerlin at Castle Mortal
    • With the spirit of Merlin to give me strength I make my way back to Dinas Bran to remove the link that holds Kal back at the spot where he died.
    • I remember what I wrote at the start of the year when trying to interpret this time:

The significant word here is “Mortal”. I cannot ignore the message that is being offered. When I asked how I should prepare for this I was told to brush up on my Death Eating skills. It will be a test. The correct absorption and grounding of death energy will be a key factor in my work around this time, it seems.”

  • WinterThe Flame at The Grail Castle
    • I visit Castlerigg in a storm, following a water-logged (emotional) path up the circle, where I light incense in honour of Kal.
    • It is a beacon of hope for the returning of the spark, the light, the life in my work. It is performed in the midst of the storm, and in the hope that The Grail – that which gives us hope – will re-appear in the new year.

It’s sometimes interesting to compare what did happen with what I thought might happen. Here are my original interpretations done right after the draw:-


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