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Winter Solstice 2015 P3 – Spirit of the Lakes

January 1, 2016

In the final part of my Winter Solstice story I will be revealing a conversation that I had with a spirit of the land, and I feel that it may be a little controversial. It will certainly push some buttons for some. Believe me that my only intention is to reveal the communication. The content is not an opinion – it is a message. Please read this post in that context.

My friend JK and I reunited within Castlerigg stone circle, having done our own work in isolation. Now we intended to work together on some land healing. Given the recent floods in the area this seemed like an appropriate topic for our intentions. To heal the land and offer it energy for healing. So much water had fallen already. Could we prevent more human misery by intervening?

I connected inside the circle and went to stand at a stone highlighted by the dowsing rods. I wondered which direction to face and a flock of crows arose from nowhere. One flew in front of me and I asked it where to find the spirit of the flood water. It landed in one direction and I thanked it directing my attention to the over-spilled river below – the River Greta.

River Greta in Keswick at full height (c) Steve Razetti via BBC website.

The Message of The Water

As I connected with the river the wind suddenly rushed around me. A sign. I introduced myself and asked if I could learn why the water was flooding. Again the wind howled and pulled at me. I felt the anger arising around me! At my connection? NO. It was coming through the connection, but it was a wider deeper feeling.

I asked the spirit why there was so much anger being revealed to me? I felt The Spirit of the Lakes herself arise within me! She was immense – spanning the whole Lakeland area. She was much bigger than the spirit of the River Greta that I was trying to contact and the scale of the energetic contact threw me for a second. I felt her watery spread in all directions. Her power, her emotions – they were flowing through me and it was a good job I was used to such situations, for I knew how to protect myself from being swept away by the connection.

Steadying and rooting myself again I acknowledged her emotion, but turned the flow back on her. I asked her why she had allowed the waters to flood causing so much human misery. She informed me that the flood water was part of a larger plan to reclaim the natural flows and courses for her waters. She had been dammed and channelled too much, she proclaimed. Her natural channels were usurped by building, damming, clearing and grazing. Now she was flexing her muscles. Showing that she would not be contained and that this was affecting her. It was all being done without consent, without care, without sympathy. It was being done in arrogance – to suit human needs without other considerations.

Each time she made her views known to me the wind howled, as though backing up the statements. I asked if JK and I could offer any healing or mitigate her anger. NO. We were outsiders. This was something that the inhabitants and land-owners needed to understand and recover for themselves.

Tears Of A Cloud

I felt a little despondent, and I disconnected. I was disappointed that I couldn’t solve the problem but I knew what I could do. I could tell her story. That would be my part in this work.

When I got home I realised we had had a close call. The amount of rain that had fallen the night before had once again flooded many of the areas close to the stone circle like Keswick, Threlkeld and St-Johns-in-the-Vale:

Warnings at Castlerigg
Flood warnings around Castlerigg


The local residents, the planners, the farmers, may wonder what they can do to prevent the floods in the future. Here is the message. The Spirit of the Lakes is reclaiming her natural flows, and unless mankind considers ways to integrate with this in a sympathetic manner then the flooding will continue until the residents are forced to leave and Nature reclaims the space in her own way. That’s the deal!


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