Tarot for the Year 2016

February 6, 2016

As has become a regular ritual I have done a tarot reading to give me some guidance as to some of the possible parameters for my spiritual questing for the coming year. I used the Camelot Oracle tarot cards again,. I felt that this would give me a a link to the past – a semblance of stability, similarity, and continuity.

I am still in recovery from Kal’s demise, so in addition to the deck’s familiarity it gives a firm link with place by having a fixed layout for the cards to be placed upon. I felt l needed that fixed quality, that link with Albion, and the Earth.

Here were the eight cards drawn for each of the Celtic points of the year, and the one to represent the characteristic of the year too. I was going to offer a provisional full interpretation for each, but on reflection I feel like I just want to present the cards first with a brief comment on some of the more obvious signs that they indicate. Then I will let the interpretations unveil themselves as they will throughout the year. Feel free to interpret them for me if you wish!

The Main Character

DAGONET at Camelot

0_Tarot2016_Dagonet_at_CemalotDagonet is Arthur’s jester who was subsequently knighted.

The clown turned knight is something that needs no further interpretation for me. It’s Kal, of course.

Kal will be my predominant spiritual companion this year. We ride together again. And there is laughter in the air!

The Draw for the Year

IMBOLCThe Honoured Path at Wells

1_Tarot2016_HonouredPath_at_WellsThe Honoured Path hints that I will be doing some honouring of the spirits at Imbolc.

The symbol of the floating candle is something that I think will be quite a literal symbol. I will take some candles with me and float one.

The Wells – I should visit a well to get the best experience.


SPRINGBlaise at Sarras

2_Tarot2016_Blaise_at_SarrasBlaise is Merlin’s tutor.

The teacher figure symbolises some powerful learning experience.

Sarras is the mystical and mythical land where the Grail was brought by the successful grail knights.

There is a hint of achieving something emotionally powerful through the application of faith and wisdom.

BELTANEGuinevere at The Hermitage

3_Tarot2016_Guinevere_at_HermitageGuinevere is the symbol of feminine power.

In the card Guinivere is using a mirror, and I think that some aspect of divination (possibly scrying) may be used at this time to determine my course.

The strong feminine aspect hints at either my questing companion or that I will be drawn to visit a place of strong feminine energies. Perhaps the link between mirror and the feminine indicates a lake?

The Hermitage and the feminine – a nunnery or an abbey perhaps?

SUMMERGawain at Joyous Gard

4_Tarot2016_Gawain_at_JoyousGardGawain is the epitome of the Green Man of Summer

He defeats the Green Knight who may represent the Winter or Holly King.

The Oak associations remind me that my Oak Staff may need carving around this time.

Joyous Gard is a stronghold, a bastion of knightly masculine forces turned sour by the introduction of the strong feminine forces

Does this hint that I need to go alone for this quest?

LAMMASThe Wandering Path at The Green Chapel

5_Tarot2016_WanderingPath_at_GreenChapelThe Wandering Path is a frequent draw for me. I seem to like skirting around the answer and having to come to a realisation by a circuitous route.

The Gail or Cauldron symbol again shows me that there will be some strong female presence in this part of the year’s work.

The Green Chapel immediately makes me think of Lud’s Church. Already I feel that this is where this encounter will take place.

AUTUMNMordred at Avalon

6_Tarot2016_Mordred_at_AvalonAs the year turns darker so do the cards. Mordred is the nemesis, the antithesis of Arthur.

There will seemingly be a rise in the masculine influence – possibly a younger person or family member.

There will be some resistance, some obstruction causes which I will need to overcome or succumb to like The Wounded King of Arthurian legend.

That is occurs at Avalon – in the very green heart of the land – this hints at Glastonbury or that kind of area.

SAMHAINCundrie at Castle Mortal

7_Tarot2016_Cundrie_at_CastleMortalCundrie is quite clearly the spirit that Kal came to know as Cailleach.

I have had encounters with her before. She’s powerful and ruthless at getting what she wants from you. You can resist but at great energetic cost.

Castle Mortal makes me feel uneasy. Here’s what the Camelot Oracle says about this place:

“The castle is sometimes known as the Dangerous Castle, and is often said to harbour temptations of some kind. Only those who accept their spiritual selves, who are humble enough to allow spiritual protection into their lives, and who know that the secret of the Grail is service to others can leave unscathed”

WINTERThe Resolute Path at The Grail Castle

8_Tarot2016_ResoluePath_at_GrailCastleFrom the encounter with Cundrie comes the Resolute Path to the Grail Castle.

Something powerful and challenging has happened at Samhain, and now the quest towards spiritual achievement is clear.

I like the idea of the tree symbol on the card. I already know that this will be the Llangernyw Yew tree.


A hopeful end to a year of twists and turns it seems! Let the story unfold!



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