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Gop Hill bares all – Part 2

April 18, 2016

In the second part of the story of my visit to Gop Hill with the shaman Debra I will reveal a powerful change to the energies of the place, and how we dealt with that information.

The sky was unashamedly grey, as though pigeons were gathering in dense flocks. I surveyed the sky for any blue – it was distant and the air had a cold bite without the sun’s warmth. I decided not to care about the way this made me feel when I considered the destruction of the plant life around the hill’s base. I decided to let the Spirit of Place tell me what was needed here today.

Gop Hill - April 2016 (6)

Beacon blaze and disconnection

I first try to connect to the hill itself. After what feels like a cold eternity there is a moment of warmth – in my mind I see a beacon of fire ablaze within the centre of the hill’s hollow. It is some twenty feet in diameter and the blaze rises to some thirty feet above the top of the hill.  A beacon indeed!

As I watch the fire burning I feel that it is removing established connections with the surrounding hills. What is happening? Is this a consequence of the clearance work, I wonder? There is nothing more to be learned from this, and so I bank the thought along with the vision, and then move on.

The Return of The White Lady

I tried to connect to the spirit of place, but did not meet with the usual welcome. Was it because I had brought someone else to this special place? No, it was because the Spirit was distancing herself, ready to depart.


Depart? I asked her why she was leaving. She offered me some parting words:

“This is a cleansing, not something which needs healing. It is what the hill wants. To start afresh. There will come a new Spirit. You are part of that clearing. You know how.”

With that, as though she was merely waiting to pass on this information The White Lady left the hill – her presence fading and receding swiftly into the aether from which she was first manifested. I was left shocked, but ultimately reassured that the clearing process going on all around is alright – it’s wanted and part of a plan.

On waking we discuss our meditation. Debra talks about how the hill needs a beacon lighting. Synchronicity! But what was I supposed to do to participate in the clearance, I wondered? Soon I felt I knew. I had brought a jar of moon-infused water with me, whose purpose on creation has been to be used for clearing spirit. Well, wasn’t that just what was happening here?

The Incan Ritual

Before I could articulate this idea Debra asked if she could use me for a ritual she was practising. Of course!

Debra’s Inca-inspired ritual to open my energy connections – similar spots to chakra points, but three on the head connecting to the sun, moon and stars I presumed. There was also a “tail” energy which looped around front-to-back connecting me into everything. Soon I was glowing with energy! Totally spaced out!

Gop Hill - April 2016 (3)

I felt ready now. It was time for our part in the clearing process. I invite Debra to join me. I opened the full-moon-infused water, and we  walked around the hill top, with me sprinkling water three times at points where the dowsing rods say is an exit point for spirit. The spirit energies that have collected at this hill are given the calling to leave. The way is cleared with moon water, incense smoke and the toll of Debra’s bell.

Gop Hill - April 2016 (2)

As we come to an end I glance downwards to see the chainsaw workmen watching us with perplexed curiosity. “Nutters!!” they must be thinking. Ah, yes, but timely nutters. It takes a certain nutty skill to be there when it matters.

The place feels clearer, and a strong gust of wind through the trees indicates the clearing is done. We go to gather our things from the power centres on the top of the mound, and suddenly we are bathed in a path of sunlight whilst all around are looming rain clouds. That feels like a fitting finish, so we leave.

We exchange gifts. I offer Debra the green wand that was gifted to me by the lovely Regina Na Dinn in Ireland last year. It feels right that the wand wants to travel and who better than this globe-trotting Shaman of South Manchester? In return she gifts me some sacred ash. I always come away with something from meeting Debra. She is generous in spirit and in favour. A beautiful collaboration.


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