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When healing is rejected

August 16, 2016

This is a short sad story.

Whilst M and I had been away from the house so much over the summer, and with the hot humid weather we had been having, our hen house had become infested by red mites. Now, these little folks are deadly to hens. They infest their feathers and suck their blood, leaving them anaemic and weakened. When we discovered the tiny little things all inside the hen’s nest box we took action to try to get rid of them – cleaning the hen house inside and out seven times over a period of two weeks, and assailing the mites with every solution we could read up about. We thought we had control back.

Then, one evening, M came into the house distressed. One of the hens was acting oddly. She wasn’t moving much, and was flapping her wings in an odd way. I went to look at her – yeah, she looked like she was struggling.

Red poultry mites are killers

Well, what should an energy healer do in such circumstances? He should heal. I rubbed my hands together, and asked for some help to gather up some energy with which to re-energise the hen. As I held my hands above her I could see her perk up, and this made me smile. My word, it was working! She opened her eyes and lifted her head, even giving out a little squawk.

But something wasn’t right. The energy was being given, it was clearly going in, but… it wasn’t “sticking”. The hen was acknowledging that something was being done, but as soon as I moved  my hands away she went back to how she was before. I didn’t know what to do.

Minutes later, as we watched her rapidly deteriorate, she flapped her last and died.


I was puzzled. Never mind that we had allowed this to get to this state – that was bad enough, but what had happened with the energy? I sought some guidance and soon my guides were giving me a valuable lesson. The hen actually wanted to die rather than be plagued by the incessant itching of the mites. They had worn her spirit down to the point where she actually wanted to die rather than suffer.

This episode made me understand that giving healing to someone or something which actually wants to die may not always be accepted. Luckily, we are now on top of this mite problem, but it’s been by far the worst occurance we’ve had in the four years we’ve been keeping hens. We have learned a stern lesson, and it’s just sad that one of our charges had to pay the price for us not being so diligent.


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  1. Sorry for your loss. It is interesting….I just learned this lesson about holding space for someone instead of sending healing when they don’t want it.

    1. That sounds like exactly what I’m talking about. I will have to investigate the idea of “holding space”. I thought it was an unconnected moment, but I just realised that I ordered a book on “Soul Midwifery” yesterday. I think this will teach me more about holding such space, indeed. Thank you for reminding me of this concept.

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