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Puzzle Hill and the Black Anaconda

September 7, 2016

I have not been out recently. Circumstances. Laziness. Work. Combinations of all three. This has led me to run out of posts for the first time in a long time. Trawling back through some of the drafts which I haven’t worked on yet I found one about a visualization which occurred during a session of Shamanic Lands this year. I will describe the vision, and then I’m open to interpretations as to what it could portend.

I can remember whose session it was that triggered this vision – it was Sandra Corcoran talking about meeting the dream animals. I remember the imagery because it seemed very relevant at the time.

Sandra Corcoran's dream share
Sandra Corcoran’s dream share

We were asked to go into the Underworld, where we would meet an archetypal animal spirit guide. Well, it doesn’t take me long these days to venture into that realm. Whilst I was in there, being guided to go through certain doors and other symbolic portals, I emerged into a scene of a beautiful and typical Albion landscape – there was a backdrop of a mountain ridge whose sides were lined with trees. There was a green grassy hill in the middle distance, foregrounded and highlighted by the mountain ridge backdrop.

As I emerged in this space a black snake came towards me. It wound itself around my right arm. I recognised it as an “anaconda”, although I knew this was not native ot the landscape in which I found myself. Yet, it was relevant to Sandra’s Native American teachings. It was the black snake of healing.

As I moved towards the grassy hill, the snake moved off my arm and began to get larger – wrapping itself around the hill. As it did so I could see that the hill began to “unlock” itself. Like some kind of metallic sliding puzzle the hill revealed its labyrinth pattern of metallic terracing, sliding apart and revealing its inner metallic core. The labyrinth was composed of three or four of these concentric circles, getting smaller at the peak.


At some time in the future I will return to this image, and I will walk the labyrinth, either in dream space, in the Underworld, or in real life. Some profound healing will occur at that moment, under the guidance of the black snake, I feel. I will know this place as “Puzzle Hill”.


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