Yew Breathing and New Learning

October 11, 2016

It has been a while since I have visited the wisdom keeper that is the Llangernyw Yew tree. I was feeling that I should, even though I felt oddly out of kilter with the place. Maybe this  was an opportunity to recover myself, to recover my attachment to the tree, and to remember the good times I had experienced here. It used to be the place from which the year started – where the quests were born – where I sought solace. So it was this evening, as the sky grew grey and the day slipped into deeper shades.


When I got to the graveyard I found that the bottom gates were locked. I wasn’t too disappointed – I knew the upper gate would be open, but it felt like I was not going to be immediately welcomed back. I could feel that there was some work to be done to become comfortable with the place again.


In through the top gate I could not fail to be impressed by the spread and density of this amazing yew tree. I dominates the scene – a large and as commanding as the white-washed church building alongside which it stands. I dowsed for where to go first and was taken to one of the tombs at the gable end of the church building. It was not a tomb I had been taken to before. I like new things, especially in familiar places.


As I sat on the tomb I felt that I was being drained! This was not what I was expecting, and I hurriedly put some protection up, and had to call on Archangel Michael’s help put a stop to the dread flow. Well, straight away there was a lesson in begin more vigilant. I had gone in assuming I would be okay, but actually, when you’re working energetically, and especially in graveyards, you’ve got to be a little more cautious about what and who is around! Thankfully, Michael worked his powerful wonders quickly and it was more of a shock and a lesson than anything from which I needed to recover. Only my ego was deflated.

Birch and new learning

Being open to be taken to wherever I needed to be I set the dowsing rods off to find my next place. It was little surprise that I was taken to the spot in between the Portal Stones at the back of the church. Here again? What this time, I wondered. I was facing a birch tree. When I connected to it I understood that this was the power of birch – a new phase – a phase of learning. I was being prepared for new learning coming soon.


I felt that was all, and I dropped out of trance to instruct the rods to take me to wherever I needed to go next.

Breathing with the Yew

I was taken to the huge yew tree. It was becoming much darker now, and the light changed under the tree as I stepped inside after making my request for admittance. Proper timing. Proper entrance. Proper respect. And with that came an invitation to attend. This was reassuringly back beneath the wisdom keeper, back in the seat of new learning.

I began by lighting incense, and setting it at ‘random’ locations. Three sticks. Protection. Then I began breathing with the tree – feeling for its in-breath, waiting until I could feel the change and then breathing out with it too. It was hard work because it really stretches the very limits of my tiny lungs. Due to some external distractions (pub kitchen noise) I had to do it twice before I got deep enough into the rhythm to connect to the tree properly.


In trance I got the notion that my new beginnings would be to learn all my skills again but this time from the perspective of having to teach them to others. This would give me a fresh perspective on everything, and sharpen up the edges of that learning such that it made better sense. The tree was right. I have a very wide spread of knowledge, but now is the time to learn it all again, this time from another point on that spiral of time; from another perspective.

Psychic surgery

I have come back to this post too late. The notes I made at the time from this point onwards don’t trigger the memory of the moment any more. I have a note that there was an “electric lightning sky”. I think the colours in the dark clouds at that time were very vivid and looked like lightning across the top of the clouds as the last hints of light moved into the Western fringes of Wales.


My last note is an intriguing riddle. I will be “taking out the dark energies using psychic surgery with Galhadriel’s help”. Galhadriel is an angelic being to whom I was introduced by Michael. Seems like the message was that he may be helping me do some psychic surgery.

Now, at the time when I took that note that made no sense at all. Yesterday I learned that my friend’s wife may have a “dark spot” in a scan taken to check if there was any recurrence of her cancer. I hope I’m wrong, but the two things seem to coincide in the kind of way that only the true magickal course of life can conjour. I will let you know.


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