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Surrey 1 – The Jack Temple Circle

November 28, 2016

In the first of six stories about a recent trip to autumnal Surrey I begin with a recounting of a visit to a modern stone circle. All of the ancient circles which may once have been raised in Surrey have been destroyed, but there are two modern circles which were of interest to me. The first one that struck me was one created by the master dowser and healer Jack Temple.

I had come across Jack Temple when dowsing at a house for a client. The lady of the house had herself once done some dowsing for health purposes, and she had met and was tutored by Mr Temple. When I discovered that I was in the West Byfleet area for a few days I made the site of his finest creation the first stop on my tour. Irrespective of its modernity, I was curious to see whether there was any energy still within the circle, and where this energy may have come from.

Parking in Surrey is something of a social constraint. The places all seem too nice just to bump your car up on the roadside and walk away. You feel like there are a hundred retired prying eyes twitching curtains and all too ready to have the vehicle towed away. So it was that I ended up parking a mile or so away from the site close to a pub on a canal. From here I walked down the canal side and through a golf course to get to the circle.


Emerging out of the gold course I was soon at the edge of the field where the circle is stationed. Essentially, it is at the side of a house, but the access is open, and with this being a week day, and with no signs of anyone in the house to ask permission, I ventured in to look around. All was quiet (except a nearby nursery school).

I got into the correct state of mind, then sought out the first important place – the cleansing spot. This was at one of the three major stones outside of the main circle. As I stood at the edge of the circle I became curious – I wonder if Jack himself would come see what was happening at his circle?


The Healing Circle

Jack Temple was primarily a healer. He devised an interesting concept which was that every illness was due to a deficiency, and that dowsing could determine that deficiency and then create a homeopathic remedy to resolve it. I hope I have paraphrased all that reasonably reliably. With healing in mind I set about seeing if the circle was still a suitable place for healing.

I entered the circle respectfully at the correct point for me. I worked my way around in an anti-clockwise direction, following the dowsing rods as I directed them to take me to a place where there was some healing energy that I could use to heal my asthmatic chest. This had been easing over the years, yet I still relied on steroid inhalers, and I really wanted to finally be rid of this reliance. Maybe this was a place to do that, even though it didn’t fit with the Temple methodology.

I discovered a stone in the East side of the circle where I could call upon such a healing energy and I did just that. The sky darkened a little while I did this, as though I were sucking the very light energy out of the sky. The wind blew more fiercely, and I wrapped up a bit tighter, but breathed in the in-rush of cold air, drawing the air deep into my lungs. So begins the curative process, I felt.

Next I turned my directive towards my wife’s current issue. She had been suffering from sore hips for a few weeks and it was affecting her sleep. When I asked for help I was taken to a point in the North of the circle and I stood at the stone. The sun came back out and the wind eased off. As expected really – M is a sun aligned person.

A week later her recurrent pain was gone. I have stopped using the steroid inhaler, and although there has been a few days of tentative transition (mainly my fear of being without it) I think that I may actually be beginning to break this dependency. After twenty years!



It’s all just coincidence. Nevertheless, I thank Mr Temple for his healing circle. Its energies are clearly active!

A Guide To Dorset Villages

As I moved away from the healing aspects of the circle, a thought struck me. I was currently without a spirit guide. Would this be a suitable place to call in a new guide? I checked with the rods, and got a strong positive response, so I set about getting myself energetically prepared for this event.

Firstly I put up some protection – three forms – all different – so that I was totally protected should this new spirit that I called in not have my best interests at heart. Secondly I got my own energy in line with the circle’s energy by tuning into the vibrational frequency of the stone circle. Once I felt we were on par – neither being stronger than the other, and no discordant feeling – then I felt I was ready to call in a new spirit guide.

As I stood in meditation in the centre of the circle I felt the urge to whistle. Whistle a happy tune. It was a tune which I had been taught by the faeries in Brittany, and it could be used to call spirit. That seemed appropriate, and so I continued until I felt a rush and a new presence. Something was here that wasn’t here when I arrived. I made my way towards the very centre of the energy, and I tuned into it. This was a familiar presence – familiar in that I knew this energy signature to be that of a spirit guide – specifically an Ascended Master. I asked for the name of the spirit and it responded by forming the word in my head: “Swyre“. He would be called to me when I whistled for him. Perhaps he is named after the small Dorset village?

The Man Himself

I couldn’t leave without having checked a few vital things: was there a strong power centre, and was there any of Jack Temple’s own energy here in the circle?

I found a power centre at a stone in the circle which is in the South West side. It was certainly strong – I could feel the energy emerging from the stone as I walked towards it, and it was very pleasant to stand in that power and attune to it. I must have stood there for a good ten minutes before I came back to reality and realised I had one more request to make. Was Jack himself here?

I got into a deeper meditation and made sure I was properly protected (although I didn’t feel I would need that).There was a shimmer, like a heat haze, and I felt a strong healing presence. Surely not? Well, why not if not here, I suppose? I spoke to the spirit of Jack as I sat on his powerful stone.

I asked if his theories were correct now that he had a different perspective. He admitted that he had been too hasty to create a scheme based on a circle’s sections having corresponding healing parts of the body. He hadn’t realised how important the earth energies were in dictating which parts could be healed, and thus to define the areas of the circle which could be used to heal various ailments. It wasn’t as simple as he had described initially. Although setting an intention could shape the circle and begin to define its purpose, that intention could not maintain the powers. For that you need to draw on the local earth energies and spirits to maintain the shape and intent to produce long-term healing.

Then, had I actually performed a beneficial energy healing process by doing things my way, I asked? I had, but there was still much to learn about healing and about finding that which was lacking – about that he had been most correct in his theoretical work. How interesting! So energy healing Jack Temple style was a combination of finding the missing ingredient, then binding it into the healing via the aura, and using the earth energies to perpetuate the healing process.

This had been such a positive learning experience, and I thanked the spirit of Jack for using energy to come back to explain this to me. Even more, I felt privileged that he had revealed his shortcomings too. That took some humility, even in spirit. I determined that I would find out more about his methods now that I had encountered his energy, and benefited from his healing circle.

Why not try it for yourself if you’re round that way? It’s not far from the M25.


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