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The Mad Sculptor of Meifod – P4 Winter 2016

January 12, 2017

Druids visiting churches? Well, it’s more a case of visiting a site which contains something interesting. In this case M and I were at the end of our Winter Solstice day. As the light began to fade we headed to our final destination – St Tysilio & St Mary church in Meifod, The attraction? A sculpted stone of unusual origins.

The church stands in large grounds with several older trees flanking the building and lining the approach. The building itself is larger than the town would seem to warrant, but that’s often the case for places which were once hugely significant, but which have now fallen into obscurity. We found the church to be open and welcoming, and were not surprised to find that a clergy-lady was its custodian.

Along with a well-stocked stand of information leaflets and books, there was a representation showing the vicar’s affiliation with the homeless. This is a lady taking an active interest in the issues of her parish, it would seem.

Away In A Manger

I went in search of the famous stone. What you don’t expect to find when rounding a corner in a church is an inflatable manger scene! I kid you not:

The stone was positioned close by, and was clearly a featured object within the church without being “in the face” of the congregation. Candles has been placed around the stone, and on the floor were two sleeping bags.The vicar was trying out the concept of sleeping rough, apparently.

I turned my attention to the stone. had the visit been worthwhile? Was there anything energetic in the stone? Initial dowsing revealed that there was. The stone’s aura was measured at about 20 feet in diameter.

I wanted to know more about the stone. I wanted information which wasn’t published and available in the leaflets, or in other people’s accounts. For that, I needed to rely on psychometry – a really useful information-gathering skills which had been introduced to me by my friend Magic Mike.It involves getting into a trance state and then forming an energetic channel to the thing being held or touched, and from that information can begin to flow.

Madness and Genius

When touching the stone a series of images were conjured up in quick succession. In fact, even though I slowed the images down, there was a confused logic to them. At first I thought it was me, but then I realised that this was a representation of the mind involved in the stone’s creation. It was accompanied by a feeling of overwhelming passion. Passion to the point of mania. The stone was carved by a mad man. I dis-engaged to consider whether I should carry on, or not.

I thought I might leave it alone, but I was told by my guides that there was more. I placed my hand on the stone again, but this time with the intention of understanding the stone, which acted as a sort of filter to the personal connection with the sculptor.

The symbols on the stone were the product of a vision. A vision supplied by a powerful divine force. I could feel that holding the symbols in mind was a powerful and intoxicating concept. I began to understand what might have driven the sculptor made. Although carving them had become a dangerous obsession the symbols are still valid ways to contact a divine power today. I made a note to investigate their powers in the coming year.

With that, we paid our respects and left. It has been a fruitful and encouraging end to the year. 2016 had been so difficult in terms of recovering from the loss of my best friend that I had felt I might never regain the levels of inspiration that we had shared. Now I had renewed hope that 2017 might be back to something like the heights that we had once scaled together.

Blessings for the New Year!


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