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Shamanic Lands 2 – The Colour of the Winds

In this second part of Caithlin Matthews‘ talk at Shamanic Lands this June I will recount how she described the colour of the winds. This was the heart of her talk and as well as describing their colour (from which their attributes can be surmised) we did a practical discovery session where we were asked […]

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Other reports

Shamanic Lands 1 – Discovering the Twelve Winds

At the beginning of June I was privileged to attend one of the most inspirational and heart-warming, not to mention educational and amusing weekends I have ever known. Shamanic Lands is a series of seminars which seemed custom-made for me. Not only was it centred upon the notion of recovering the shamanic teachings of our […]

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Hedge philosophy | Yearly Update

2016 Summary of the Year

In this post I want to bring together some of the themes of the year, and associate key posts with those themes. Together they forms a description of my spiritual year for 2016. THEME 1 – Taliesin: bardic work, light, awen and courage. IMBOLC: Brigid at Derbyshire sites such as Gawton’s Well. I experienced the […]

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Dreams | Mazes and Labyrinths

Puzzle Hill and the Black Anaconda

I have not been out recently. Circumstances. Laziness. Work. Combinations of all three. This has led me to run out of posts for the first time in a long time. Trawling back through some of the drafts which I haven’t worked on yet I found one about a visualization which occurred during a session of […]

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