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Merlin and the Spirit of Albion

It’s not often that I bring the information from my meditation group into this space. In fact, this may only be the second time. However, when we are working with the larger energies and several people get exactly the same information, then I think that is more than just personal information – it’s information for […]

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Shamanic Lands 2 – The Colour of the Winds

In this second part of Caithlin Matthews‘ talk at Shamanic Lands this June I will recount how she described the colour of the winds. This was the heart of her talk and as well as describing their colour (from which their attributes can be surmised) we did a practical discovery session where we were asked […]

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BeWilderCamp – June 25-26th 2016

Is it time you got away and went a little deeper into Nature? I have teamed up with a friend who is expert in outdoor skills and together we have devised “BeWilderCamp“. It is an opportunity for you to be wilder, more in tune with Nature, and to do some deep meditation to reveal your […]

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