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Yellowmead and the Labyrinth – Beltane 2016 P3

The scene is this: Beltane. Dartmoor. Dense mist. Two figures are seen stumbling about through moss-dressed old trees, and clambering up hills, heading towards an unseen destination. The impartial observer would wonder why they were bothering, as they don’t seem to be walking a dog. But the impartial observer wouldn’t realise that the two figures […]

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Dowsing Meteors

In 2011 I visited the Natural History Museum in London. During that visit I was attracted to the meteorites in one of the less-visited sections of the building. It was an intuitive response to something whose energies I felt I needed to experience. The full tale of my meeting with the meteors at the British […]

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Imbolc 2016 P3 Criss-Crossing Lines

There was more to my visit to Gawton’s Well at Imbolc. Not only had I been fortunate enough to be given my new quest for the Imbolc to Spring period, but I was also about to learn something important about the way that land spirits are formed and how their influence is distributed. Having felt […]

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