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Dowsing Meteors

In 2011 I visited the Natural History Museum in London. During that visit I was attracted to the meteorites in one of the less-visited sections of the building. It was an intuitive response to something whose energies I felt I needed to experience. The full tale of my meeting with the meteors at the British […]

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Meditation | Visions

Cailleach and The Mesa Luna Amulet”

Not all my visions come about as a result of a visit to a megalithic site. I do some work with a group of lovely people who attend my outdoor meditation sessions during the Summer months. When the group isn’t meeting during the Winter then some of these friends come around to work with me […]

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Elemental Angels | Meditation | Visions

Oak staff formed in flame

I was doing some work with a meditation group. We had met regularly throughout the year and had become good friends. I had gathered them this evening to keep the connections alive whilst the outdoor meditations were in hibernation. I had set a theme for the informal gathering, as I wanted it to still be […]

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Imbolc 2016 P3 Criss-Crossing Lines

There was more to my visit to Gawton’s Well at Imbolc. Not only had I been fortunate enough to be given my new quest for the Imbolc to Spring period, but I was also about to learn something important about the way that land spirits are formed and how their influence is distributed. Having felt […]

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Tarot for the Year 2016

As has become a regular ritual I have done a tarot reading to give me some guidance as to some of the possible parameters for my spiritual questing for the coming year. I used the Camelot Oracle tarot cards again,. I felt that this would give me a a link to the past – a semblance […]

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