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10 Beltane 2014 – Lair of the Land Giant

Walking through the Broceliande Forest the next site that I had in mind is called L’Hotié de Viviane, or Viviane’s house (it is also called The Tomb of the Druids). The clouds are still a dull grey colour, but by now sunlight is beginning to pierce through the cloud cover, sending light scurrying through the lime green branches. It is Kal who points out the direction we need to go in, which is odd because he’s never been here before and I have! We reach the top of the hill above the main part of the forest, and I sit on the summit. The energy is male, and strong, yet not harsh, but energising. Kal is “away with the faeries”, off on a ramble, so I begin to descend the hill towards the sacred site. But I don’t get there!

The Oak at Viviane’s Tomb

On one side of the path is a beautiful symmetrical oak which positively invites druids to enter beneath its canopy. Never one to refuse an hospitable invitation from a tree I make my way under the leafy shade and sit on a dry clump of shrivelled leaves in perfect comfort. I settle in, do my introductions, and begin a process of matching my bresthing rate to the rate at which I feel the tree is breathing. Each breath takes just short of a minute to go from full in-breath to full out-breath. In this way, soon a dialogue with the tree begins. I am hoping that it will be able to help furthe my current quest relating to my vision of a giant destroying and creating a sacred site.

I ask why giants take stones from the earth and re-plant them. The youthful oak takes a cross-wind tack on that question and says something very revealing. It says that trees desire the destruction of a site which no longer has energy that can be used to sustain them. Also that the trees in the new location must be asked permission before a new site is created. The trees will maintain any energies associated with working sites if they are close enough. Presumably as long as the energies of the site are useful to them, and they can feed from them?

Vivien's Tomb - Broceliande Forest - Brittany 2014 (16) (Large)

In the past Kal and I have worked at many sites where we have discovered links between nearby trees and the sites themselves. We haven’t really investigated the nature of this link, believing it to be one of the trees sustaining and feeding into the sacred site’s subtle energy network. Here I was finding that there was actually a mutually-beneficial two-way link going on. The trees are sustaining a sacred site’s energy fields, and are also linking to these sites in order to “feed” off them.

This was a very slow and laborious conversation! What you are reading in a minute took me fifteen minutes of slow rhythmic breathing to extort from the oak.

I notice that a young lady is passing me by, and she notices that I am sitting with the oak. She has a faraway look in her eyes. She goes to sit on the top of the hill – the exact same spot I sat at. Later Kal would tell me that she was “one of us”, but that’s his part of the story. Here’s the rest of mine….

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9 Beltane 2014 – Return to the Giants Tomb

After a couple of unremarkable sites on the Locmaraquier peninsula, we were heading towards our final destination for this Brittany outing - Broceliande Forest. Broceliande has a reputation for being an ancient forest with strong claims to an Arthurian tradition. Certainly this is how the French Tourist Agency are marketing the space. For me, when I visited the forest in 2011 I found it enchanting. At the time I had an encounter with a leprechaun-type spirit which left me sure that there was a playful set of spirits in the woods there, but also that convinced me that the forest was truly a magickal place, regardless of its Arthurian connections.

Le Tombeau Des Geants

Somehow, through a miracle of unintended navigation, we find the car park at the southerly side of the forest – the perfect point to begin to explore because all the sacred sites were close by. For once, it was me who didn’t have the right clothing – I hadn’t taken my walking boots on this trip, but the ground was boggy and water-logged due to the torrential downpours overnight. How times have changed and the tables turned!

Tombeau des Geants - Broceliande Forest - Brittany 2014 (2) (Large)

Water-logged paths and ditches at Broceliande Forest

I had been to the Tombeau Des Geants (The Tomb of the Giants) before so I knew the way. We were able to quickly locate it again and after a few muddy paths the site appears complete with information sign, also steeped in fresh rainwater puddles.

Tombeau des Geants - Broceliande Forest - Brittany 2014 (4) (Large)

Can you read the sign? No, neither could we!

On my first visit I had encouraged a Spirit of Place to come back to the site. Of course, now I am here again, would such a spirit be here by now, several years later?

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7 Beltane 2014 – Astral Travel at The Merchant’s Table

It was our final day touring the sites of Brittany. We had made a doleful and dismal attempt to visit the Locmaraquier centre the day before. Open on a Bank Holiday? Non. Allez rentree, s’il vous plait! Now we are back! This time it’s open. If you want to check the opening times yourself before you try visiting, then you can check this site.

Of course, we skip the visitor centre and the video presentations, and even decline the guide maps and leaflets (much to the surprise of the staff). Our purpose is much more interesting than archaeological or historic. Actually, what is my purpose today? I don’t actually know, but we wander around waiting for something to spark our interest. We walk straight around the reconstructed long cairn. Although it must have been impressive in its day, now it is merely a low scree of stones with no power at all. Onwards!

Table Des Marchands

We passed quickly to the re-constructed so-called Table of Merchants. It would have been a funny business that they transacted in this reconstructed burial chamber, and yet the energies were favourable to some work. Kal did his dowsing outside of the structure, leaving me to head inside once I had done some preliminary preparation by a handy yew tree which flanks the structure.

Locmariaquer megaliths - Brittany 2014 (4) (Large)

I steps inside the reconstructed chamber. A carefully positioned light changes to reveal the relief patterns carved on the tall stone at the back of the chamber. For a moment I’m a tourist again, spellbound by the cryptic messages that we now wonder about. Then I’m back as a druid again, a modern inheritor of traditions as reconstructed as the chamber itself. We like to guess that we’re rediscovering the spirit of our ancestors, but really we have no clue, and can only follow our own paths with heart, with clear intent, and with sincerity. That much we share with these ancients.

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6 Beltane 2014 – Bel and Titania at Kerzerho

Kal walked into the wooded grove at Kerzerho first. He seemed to stand in awe, and went silent. As soon as I entered the space I understood why. I looked at him and he looked at me: “Faery glen!” he said. I agreed. The space was magickal, and bustling with subtle energy life of a kind which we rarely encounter. The space was beautiful – lit perfectly by the sun, dappled, with beautiful trees, mossy seats on the ground, and stones which seemed to be alive.

Kal did some dowsing, some meditation, and then left me to it. He knew I wanted to work here. All I could do was sit down and marvel at the space, but before I became “entranced” at this entrance into another world I regained my senses. I put up protection, lit several sticks of incense and placed them around the area. Then I sat back down and asked for my spirit guide to accompany on whatever journey I might be in for.

Faery appearances - Kerzeho alignments - Erdeven - Brittany 2014 (2) (Large)

I set about trying to contact the spirits of  the glade. I came across two – the word “Beltane” split into two names: “Bel ” and “Titania“. Although etymologically the name “Bel ” means “Lord”, in the context in which I found myself it was clearly assigned to the self-proclaimed “Lordly” spirit of the faeries which inhabited this grove. I was being addressed by the Faery King and Queen.

In William Bloom‘s hierarchy of spirits the Faery race are found between the Gnomes and the Fauns. They are a stage further developed than the elemental forces, and as a faery responsible for the form of plants. The next stage, Faun, is responsible for trees. The King and Queen of Faery are therefore the spirits responsible for the development of all plants, according to Bloom.

In this context I was immensely respectful for this opportunity, and yet a delightful playfulness accompanied the whole encounter. I decided to honour them with a joyful impromptu ditty, and so I began to recite a limerick.

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6 Beltane 2014 – The Kerzerho Kinship Engine

It’s hard to believe that this was only the end of the second day in Brittany. We seemed to have accomplished so much, and yet were both about to have our little cotton socks blown off by the next site that I had lined up. It was a new one, and as Kal excitedly pointed out – it was “Access Level 5″. It was on the south side of the town of Erdeven, which is a few miles north of Carnac, where we had just been for the afternoon. The site is collectively called The Kerzerho Alignments.

For me I prefer sites which require a little effort to get to. They are often more unspoilt, energetically. I needn’t have worried. Despite the car park (well done, our French cousins – great facilities yet again) being almost full of cars, the few spots of rain which occasionally drips for a few seconds soon causes them all to run for metallic cover and roll away. Goodbye! Goodbye, hardy visiting folk! Be mindful of your million Euro hairstyles as you rush between car and hotel, won’t you?! Watch those designer threads don’t dissolve in the light drizzle. We zip up our light waterproofs and head into the quieter side whilst the scurrying on the easier side ensues.

We have to use the Tufty Club‘s road safety messaging to get across the busy D781 road. It was worth the near whiplash and bristling tails, as we find ourselves amongst a collection of giant stones, feeling like lost pawns in a giant game of megalithic chess. As we walk towards them we both spot two “obvious” portal stones. Well, when you’ve visited hundreds of sites and dowsed them for energies, then you begin to recognise common features instinctively.We recognise portal stones, and my recent interest in “seal energy” comes straight to mind. I wonder whether this portal has an energetic seal on it?

SEAL ENERGY: This is a form of energy which has been deliberately encoded by human visitors. The energy has been “spun” and “laid out” in such a way as to form a specific path. If the path can be followed and the numerous power centres (hot spots) are neutralised, then the “seal” is unlocked, and the portal opens FOR THE PERSON WHO UNLOCKED IT (i.e. the seal isn’t “generally” open).

Opening the seal and walking through an unlocked portal seems to open up the site to a lot more interesting phenomenon. Instead of merely visiting, now the entrant becomes interactive with the energies of the site. It’s like the site “knows” you. Almost like having a pass-code which lets you get into the VIP area!

Kerzeho alignments - Erdeven - Brittany 2014 (7) - Copy (Large)

There are seals on two sets of portal stones, we find. One set on each side of the road. Several spots needed to be visited to unlock the seals, but once done we find that we are quickly able to connect to and blend with the energies of the stones. We are free to work as we please. I choose to ask about the recent new quest discovered at the Kercado Tumulus only a few hours earlier.  That quest is to find out why the giant in my vision pulls a stone out of one site and throws it to form another. As I touch one of the larger stones while standing in a power centre, I begin to get information flooding in….

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5 Beltane 2014 – Kercado and the New Quest

On the way back from Kerlescan I was feeling elated. I had achieved the release of the Taliesin energy into the Carnac Energy Engine. The result has been an amazing vision of the release of far-reaching, nay international, subtle energy. That energy has the purpose of strengthening the bonds between the regions of Brittany and Cornwall – between “Little Britain” and “Great Britain”. Only time and talk will tell whether such a magickal ritual will actually come to be realised in ways that I could recognise. Yet, it felt almost Gardnerian in scale, and it was something immensely positive which felt worth all of the efforts to achieve. Anything else was now a bonus, I felt.

On the walk back I remembered that there ought to be a small track leading off from the area between Kerlescan and Kermario which would lead to an idyllically situated and atmospheric tumulus called Kercado. The signs pointing to an Indian restaurant was incongruous, yet I remembered that this was indeed the way, so we set out down the old straight track towards the tumulus. How many “Ker-”s? I know! It’s confusing. But confusion is like a Thighmaster for the intellect! It’s like the “Tre-” prefix in Cornwall. Another link between these places.

Old straight track to Kercado

It was like the opposite experience of what we had just been through. The straight road dissipated all energy that we had built up or which we had become entangled with in the last hew minutes. By the end of the road I felt refreshed, released, ready to begin again. What was this trip now? A sight-seeing tour? Where would I go next with it? Oh wait! If I had just finished one quest then, was I ready to learn about the next quest? My heart quickened at the prospect. Eagerness flushed through my body.

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4 Beltane 2014 – Carnac and the Taliesin Quest Pt2

This post is the culmination of my Spring to Beltane quest which I have called “The Muse of Taliesin“, although I have also been calling it the Taliesin Awen quest too. I love confusion – it makes the brain work harder. In the first part of this post we had just left The Giant’s Stone in search of the Kerlescan alignments. These stones are not at the popular end of the fields. The only tourists who seem to wander this far are either the truly dedicated, or the ones being transported by the tourist bus. Perfect for we intrepid explorers seeking to do some energy work in peace.


We wander past the main field of stones, Kal testing each entry gate to see if they are locked, They are. Well, if one was open, then that would be an invitation to enter, would it not? The dowsing rods were giving us clear indications that this was the section in which we would need to work. How could that be, we wondered? Walking round the back of the field we find that there is a house overlooking the area – another strong incentive NOT to hop over the fence. We are about to give up hope, but instead decide to ask where the best place to work might be, because there is one stone outside of the fence. Perhaps here?

Indeed so! The rods indicate that I can begin my work at this stone. Kal asks the same question and the rods point to a stone inside the field, towards the back, almost beneath a canopy of trees. He moves away to investigate how he might access that stone. Possibly remotely? No need! He returns to point out a unique “feature” – a small set of steps in the wall at just the point where the fence meets the wall. One step and you are over into the small gap between fence and wall. It’s too good to be true – an open invitation to work! By a perfect coincidence the area is hidden from view of the nearby house courtesy of some tall shrubs. Well then, we accept the invitation!

Kerlescan alignments - Carnac - Brittany 2014 (2) - Copy (Large)

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Kerry and Cork sites added to Map page.

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