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5 Beltane 2014 – Kercado and the New Quest

On the way back from Kerlescan I was feeling elated. I had achieved the release of the Taliesin energy into the Carnac Energy Engine. The result has been an amazing vision of the release of far-reaching, nay international, subtle energy. That energy has the purpose of strengthening the bonds between the regions of Brittany and Cornwall – between “Little Britain” and “Great Britain”. Only time and talk will tell whether such a magickal ritual will actually come to be realised in ways that I could recognise. Yet, it felt almost Gardnerian in scale, and it was something immensely positive which felt worth all of the efforts to achieve. Anything else was now a bonus, I felt.

On the walk back I remembered that there ought to be a small track leading off from the area between Kerlescan and Kermario which would lead to an idyllically situated and atmospheric tumulus called Kercado. The signs pointing to an Indian restaurant was incongruous, yet I remembered that this was indeed the way, so we set out down the old straight track towards the tumulus. How many “Ker-”s? I know! It’s confusing. But confusion is like a Thighmaster for the intellect! It’s like the “Tre-” prefix in Cornwall. Another link between these places.

Old straight track to Kercado

It was like the opposite experience of what we had just been through. The straight road dissipated all energy that we had built up or which we had become entangled with in the last hew minutes. By the end of the road I felt refreshed, released, ready to begin again. What was this trip now? A sight-seeing tour? Where would I go next with it? Oh wait! If I had just finished one quest then, was I ready to learn about the next quest? My heart quickened at the prospect. Eagerness flushed through my body.

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4 Beltane 2014 – Carnac and the Taliesin Quest Pt2

This post is the culmination of my Spring to Beltane quest which I have called “The Muse of Taliesin“, although I have also been calling it the Taliesin Awen quest too. I love confusion – it makes the brain work harder. In the first part of this post we had just left The Giant’s Stone in search of the Kerlescan alignments. These stones are not at the popular end of the fields. The only tourists who seem to wander this far are either the truly dedicated, or the ones being transported by the tourist bus. Perfect for we intrepid explorers seeking to do some energy work in peace.


We wander past the main field of stones, Kal testing each entry gate to see if they are locked, They are. Well, if one was open, then that would be an invitation to enter, would it not? The dowsing rods were giving us clear indications that this was the section in which we would need to work. How could that be, we wondered? Walking round the back of the field we find that there is a house overlooking the area – another strong incentive NOT to hop over the fence. We are about to give up hope, but instead decide to ask where the best place to work might be, because there is one stone outside of the fence. Perhaps here?

Indeed so! The rods indicate that I can begin my work at this stone. Kal asks the same question and the rods point to a stone inside the field, towards the back, almost beneath a canopy of trees. He moves away to investigate how he might access that stone. Possibly remotely? No need! He returns to point out a unique “feature” – a small set of steps in the wall at just the point where the fence meets the wall. One step and you are over into the small gap between fence and wall. It’s too good to be true – an open invitation to work! By a perfect coincidence the area is hidden from view of the nearby house courtesy of some tall shrubs. Well then, we accept the invitation!

Kerlescan alignments - Carnac - Brittany 2014 (2) - Copy (Large)

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3 Beltane 2014 – Carnac and the Taliesin Quest Pt1

The sky was finally cracking. The deep cloud cover was thinning and the glimpse of a possibility of sunshine for the afternoon at Carnac - France’s most amazing megalithic complex – was enticing. We paused briefly at the local creperie at Menec village – feeling like proper tourists, sipping our “boules de cidre” before heading off to the fields of stones.

As Kal has already mentioned several times, the theme of the day was “interdit” – access forbidden. However, as I have said many times on this blog, and I make no apologies for it, I believe that those who wish to work at sacred sites have special privileges when it comes to sacred sites. Of course, we care more than anyone else about preserving our heritage – that’s exactly what we are about! Yet, we are also respectful people by nature, and so when someone puts up a fence with the instructions not to pass, and they say it’s for the good of the flora and fauna, then we tend to acquiesce. But this is Carnac – surely, at some point in the many fields of megaliths, there will be a way we can work in some small space without feeling like intruders or trespassers? Don’t they know I have a quest to fulfil?


The first set of fields – the Menec side of Carnac – I am less interested in. Tourism – the eternal tramp of the curious and the vituperous - exacts a toll on the energetic welfare of even such a subtle engine as the mighty Carnac. Menec is the lamb offered up to the tourists as the sacrificial and the picturesque. We walk alongside the low green fence like the bus-loads of others here today and every other day, and we take our mementos too – snapping, wise-cracking and side-glancing at the stately rows as they curl off into the distance towards the bisecting road which brought us here. A white open-top double-decker bus passes us by, laden with scarf-wearing long-lensed visitors from Planet Normal.

Energy tendrils emerge like Dr Octopus

Yet, as one half of my brain acts as tourist, the other half is already shifting into a different frame, another operational state. I feel, unbidden, tendrils of energy emerging from my energetic centre – a place I am going to call The Confluence Point. This is the point on your energy body where all of your energy fibres (or tendrils) bundle together, and from which they can be extended outwards into the world. The tendrils move away towards the stones, writhing like an involuntary Dr Octopus, joining the subtle energy paths which slink through the nearby stone rows. I close my eyes to see how it feels without vision, and I see The Wheel of the Year spinning slowly, turning my inner mind’s eye with it. The energy engine has begun to turn!!

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2 Beltane 2014 – Merlin, The Stag and The Regal Links

We were still at the Barnenez cairn complex in Brittany for Beltane. Having just found a deep earth connection at the site, and now feeling rather “at home” with the energies and entities that I felt were around this place, it was time for me to see if there was anything else which would reveal itself. I was in for a bit of a mental workout with the next finding!

Merlin, Herne and The White Hart

I used the dowsing rods to lead me to a place where there was anything that I could learn from, or of energetic significance. Kal and I were hovering around the end of the newer section of the cairn structure – the part that was added secondarily. It was the part which Oona, the french druidess, felt more connected to. And it was the section to which the dowsing rods now re-located me.

Some ten feet away from the cairn’s edge I began to follow an energy line. I was very complicated to follow,  but it never went back over itself, so I knew it was tracing a shape. The shape was clear after the first couple of movements, as it was very familiar to me. Itw as clearly a stag’s antlers! I told Kal about the shape and he took up his rods. He traced another different shape – it was a wavy pattern at the point where the antlers would meet the head. Is it a crown? A bracelet? A chain? Some other decoration? We are unsure, but I plump for crown, as something feels “regal” about this pattern, my intuition tells me.

What is the link between a crown or chain, and a stag’s antlers? Something was nagging me – I had seen this image before. When I got back home I began to do some research. A white hart chained is the royal emblem of the English king Richard II. It is also the council emblem for the county of Hertfordshire.

The Hertfordshire county logo

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1 Beltane 2014 – Kinship and Connection at Barnenez Tomb

We have such a lot to tell you about. Beltane blossomed into the May colour that we had anticipated, and much more besides. We’re going to have to post at an unprecedented rate in order to get the stories out before the Summer Solstice. Kal has around twenty posts to write, and I have around a dozen. We will probably need to post one a day! We hope you will enjoy the tales, for they were magickal, mind-bending and mirthful in equal measure.

Our story starts with a troubled arrival at Brittany. Sensibly Kal took all his baggage with him, but I put mine through into the plane’s hold for our two-leg journey. Obviously a mistake. When we arrived at Brest airport I was one bag short – and it was the bag with the gifts in, for I had brought some offerings of friendship to our ‘cousin’ across the water.  Today was the day we would meet with Oona – she of Wiz Art fame – the legendary craftswoman of wand and staff, and an experienced hedge druid herself.

Oona sends her friend Caillu to meet us, and we are invited in as old friends, even though we have never met in person before. We are warmly greeted and welcomed. We realise quickly that we share a great deal of kinship – in spirit, attitude, and experience. Bonds begin to form – energy begins to flow – and we understand that lone druids can unite in friendship with other long druids. Oona has also prepared a hearty meal from local produce and some excellent wine which may be one of the few good meals we experience on this journey.

Grand Cairn of Barnenez

The ladies talk of a local site that they want to show us. It is one of their favourite sacred sites – the tomb complex of Barnenez.

Barnenas Tomb - Brittany 2014 (14) - Copy (Large)

We are driven a few miles down the coast until we reach the town of Plouezoc’h, on the Kernéléhen peninsula in northern Finistère. As we arrive we notice that the forecast rain has not appeared yet. Perhaps we will be lucky as we investigate this 7,000 year old site?

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Arbor Low – From Heart To Mouth

At the latter end of last year (2013) I mentioned to my dear friend Mike that I had been given a task which, should I choose to accept it, would constitute what is commonly termed a “Great Work“. I know that this is a loaded term, and anyone who has studied the path of  The Western Mystery Tradition will recognise that this term is often used by the Masonic groups to describe their overall work for the betterment of humanity. It is certainly a double-edged sword of a term, because of course it depends on who the benefactors of this Great Work might be to determine the integrity and morality. I will not be using it in the traditional context, but rather in terms of what it quite literally is – a large amount of energy work!

The target for this Great Work is the ‘great’ stone circle of Arbor Low. I have often described this site as being like the spokes of a great wheel due to the number of radial energy leys which emanate from it and which then travel across the length and breadth of these islands. My name for it is The Wheel of Albion and one day I will fully document all the sites along these leys which I believe are linked to its energy profile. I have already made a start with this, and in fact it is the most often viewed post on this site!

Today, my motivation was to begin to do some energy cleaning along some of the damaged and disrupted leys. Before I tell that tale, I have some fresh information on The Wheel of Albion and its terminus points.

View over Arbor Low at Spring 2014

View over Arbor Low at Spring 2014

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Muse of Taliesin 3 – In The Bosom of Ceridwen

In the third (final?) part of the Muse of Taliesin quest stories, Kal and I found ourselves taking the difficult path up the hillside towards Deganwy Castle. high above the mouth of the River Conwy. As usual we were making it hard work, or rather let me say that all of the work in this particular quest was characterised by having to really work to find and arrive at the correct location. Perhaps that was a part of the work?

No matter how much effort was involved in getting there, at the top Kal and I split into our respective places – him staying at the old outer fortifications, and me heading to the very centre of the old castle grounds. We seemed to be arriving at exactly the right time. I’ll explain that in a moment when you see the celestial objects some together in a perfect synchrony.

Deganwy Castle - April 2014 (11)

Sunset over the River Conwy from Deganwy Castle

As I walked into the barely-lit dark cauldron of the castle I was faced with the two silhouetted breasts of Ceridwen. These were two hills which a well-known feature of the castle’s upper formation – like the Paps of Anu in Kerry, Ireland. To me they were symbols of the Mother Goddess. My thoughts moved back to Taliesin whose mother was Ceridwen - the crone goddess associated with inspiration. Surely, I thought, I was now in the bosom of the goddess at this site associated with her son? For Kal, he has experience of the crone goddess in the form of Cailleach. For me, currently, it is Ceridwen. She is the owner of The Cauldron of Poetic Inspiration (awen).

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