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Puzzle Hill and the Black Anaconda

I have not been out recently. Circumstances. Laziness. Work. Combinations of all three. This has led me to run out of posts for the first time in a long time. Trawling back through some of the drafts which I haven’t worked on yet I found one about a visualization which occurred during a session of […]

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Dreaming of the past

For someone who doesn’t believe in spirits or at least has a “not sure” attitude to them, I seem to be communing with those that have departed quite frequently. I know, it’s a bit oxymoron(ic) but there you have it. The erstwhile spirit I refer to is my mum, who passed away some 6 years […]

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Can you speak with the dead?

I am in a quandary of sorts. In a previous post I told of the revelations and revolution of thought surrounding my ancestry. Now here is the thing. Back where my folks are from ancestry is recorded orally, in the minds of living people, passed on from generation to generation. My mum would have been […]

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Power Object…Dream Catcher

I was at the rather fabulous Om Yoga event the other week ostensibly as a Hug Ambassador but also to take in the energy and atmosphere of the place. It was definitely something you want to go to should the event be happening near you. Whilst I was there I wondered whether there was anything […]

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