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Bran’s quick healing

Finally we can get to the posts about things that happened after the Summer Solstice! Shortly after our return from Ireland we found an opportunity to go to Wales to visit one of our favourite sites – Dinas Bran.

It was a really hot day, and so we climbed the steep hill very very slowly, yet still we were wringing wet with sweat when we reached the summit. Luckily, Dinas Bran always has a stiff breeze to cool you down – often when you don’t want it! Today, however, it was most welcome.

Dinas Bran - July 2014 (3) (Medium)

The hot climb up Dinas Bran is ahead of us

The Death of Gwas

You will remember that I had been told to kill off Gwas. Having agreed to do that several things began to come together to reinforce that decision. Firstly, my full time job came to an end! I had about a month’s notice in order to re-position myself and work out whether I wanted to find another soul-sucking position in an industry that I didn’t agree with. I needed help!

As a druid I turned to my natural sources of information – my spirit guides. Yes, “guides” plural. I recently found I have more than one! I made frequent trips out into Nature and spent time meditating on the correct course of action. Each time I would return with the idea that it was now time to take on the mantle of the title “druid”, and this meant that I needed to go it alone. “Ah, that would be the ‘hedge’ part of that title!” Not quite. Going it alone and starting a new business would mean that actually I would have to do the opposite of going alone – I would have to open up to the world and engage with it on a level I had never before attempted. *Gulp*

I needed Bran‘s help. He was the one who had time and again pushed me to learn new skills, and he was a wise “head” on ancient shoulders. I felt a particular trust with this entity, and wanted his opinion on my future direction. Hence, a journey to Dinas Bran.

Dinas Bran - July 2014 (8) (Medium)

A summer’s day on Dinas Bran

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Who is Gwas? All is revealed!

Ladies and Gentlemen – the time has come. If you have been following this blog for any amount of time then you will be familiar with a character called Gwas. Over the years you will have witnessed his journey from a fledgling dowser and druid. Where has Gwas ended up at this point, though?

Gwas ended up being an experienced druid. His daily practices and regular outings to sacred sites became more than a serious hobby, and became his life. His experiences with Otherworldly intelligences took him from being a non-believer through to the opposite end of that spectrum – as someone who could not imagine how life could be fully experienced and enjoyed without the interactions with spirits.

As part of Gwas’s spiritual guidance recently he was told that he needed to be killed. Gwas is, after all, a pseudonym for a real person. The name means “Vassal of Merlin“. Yet over the years Gwas has emerged from beneath the coat-tails of Merlin, and has come to stand side by side with his mentor. Recent posts have talked about the instruction to “Kill Gwas” – the quest that didn’t get realised. It will be realised now.

Why now? Several reasons. There was some reluctance at first. Coming out of the shadow of Gwas is not a step taken lightly. He has been a useful character, although also a flimsy disguise. It was initially done as a protection in the working environment, but now all that has changed too, and so the disguise is no longer needed. Funny how this all happened at the same time. A coincidence, of course.

There has been a growing call amongst some readers of this blog for us to help them with information about dowsing, tarot reading, house energy work and our particular brand of spiritual interaction. Putting such material together takes time, and wasn’t possible when combined with a full-time job. Now, I have that time, and can offer those services at last.

Chris McDermott headshotMy real name is Chris McDermott.

I am now a full-time dowser, diviner and druid.

I am self-employed, and my new company is called Reconstellation.

I offer services and products aimed at harmonizing people with their environments, and bringing about positive change through re-integration of self with surroundings.

This has many applications from personal well-being, to peak sports performance, all the way through to Feng Shui and ghost-busting. Please take a look at my web site for more information.

Reconstellation - discover subtle energy

Reconstellation – discover subtle energy

I am reminded of Kal’s favourite tarot card – The Fool. A man steps bravely into the chasm of the unknown with his faithful companion next to him. I am that character today.

The blog will continue as usual,with a few minor changes. I will be signing off using my real name on posts from now on. The About page will change soon with information about me. I will be doing some advertising for my business in the margins of the site but I don’t intend to affect the main flow of the site. This blog will always remain a platform for telling the world about the magick and the majesty of the forces of Nature and the path of druidry.

One last thing. All fledgling businesses need to build a network. Please, if you can spare a few seconds, show your support for my Reconstellation and Hedge Druids United Facebook pages. It would make me proud to have you on board with me, and as I offer my services to the big wide world.

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I thank you for your continued support. Let’s make magick happen!

Wonders, wishes and wellness! Your new old friend,

Visions of the 3rd Eye – p9 Solstice 2014

Sacred place of no value

Sacred place of no value

We were lost or rather the sacred sites we were looking for were not where the map had indicated. We drove back and forth along several routes to no avail. I was reminded of a spell I had come across long ago.

Turn about – where a person is put into such a confusion that they cannot find their way out of the simplest of places. So it seemed for us. I know what you are thinking… Leprechauns. Well we wernt. One of the abilities of such odd beings is that of concealment. I don’t mean that they hide from you, but rather that they don’t let the thought that it might be them cross your mind. Ireland and Leprechaun energy is something we have come across on other occasions. But the thing is, the very thought that it might be a leprechaun is hidden from you. You just don’t think of it.

In hindsight I suspect that that is what had happened to us. Anyway, we were at a loss. Then we drove past a sign that indicated a sacred place in the woods. Cashelkeelty by name. Not seeing a way forward we decided to take a punt (pun intended).

Dont Follow This

Dont Follow This

So we set off on perhaps the lowest ebb of our whole Irish experience. We walked through the woods in hope, we clambered up half a mountain in faith and finally we trudged across a plain in pure damned determination. Yes, I know, all three of these should have screamed LEPRECHAUN!

Finally, we made it to the two sacred places that the sign had alluded to. We were shattered and frankly couldn’t care less. I left Gwas at the first of the sites and made the extra effort to get to the next one.

To say I was let down when I asked the question, is there anything for me to do here, is an understatement of gross preportions. Both of the places were useless to me. Confounded, I asked whether there was anything I could salvage from the climb. Fortunately the answer was yes.

Many, many questions later led me to the understanding that I would have to create my own temporary sacred place. The rods took me off towards the coast so I could see the sea and the sacred stones behind me.

I found four huge pieces of quartz and laid them in a pattern indicated by the rods. Four incense sticks followed. I wondered what the purpose of this would be and then it came to me. I could see into the depths of my Energy Double. Okay, now we are talking! I sat in the indicated place and looked out at the water in the distance, to connect with the element. I was just about to focus internally and on my double when it (my double) kicked in. I was stopped. Missing something, Of course! Caileach’s words came back to me. “I have to be with you” she had said. I looked around…Well, where are you? I asked out into the world. Then I got the sense of her gratitude energy…ah…use that? It was a rhetorical question.

I pulled energy from the Earth to anchor myself and knew that it was being dragged out of the sacred site behind me (see note at end). Heavily anchored, I reached out to the depths of the ocean. Taking a Water Element resonance from that, I brought into play the energy of gratitude from Caileach. Again, I felt the awe of that energy filling me. I was fulfilled and prepped. I began to scry my enegy double…

Stars Within

Stars Within

Stars…I thought for a moment that I was looking at the place where my Energy Double existed…Stars. Then I realised that the stars were what my double was made of. Wow! Stars?!? As I looked deeper, another realisation hit me. They were not stars… they were connections, portals, a term from science hit me, wormholes! These were junctures that led to impossible places. I was getting confused…was this my double or was this its playground? I couldn’t discern which or both. Feeling that I was losing my grip and vision. I picked one and looked deeper.

You have to get hold of this knowledge without knowing how concept. I knew that this portal led down a stream of ancestral energy. Asian…Pakistan…are the senses that I got. Along with another…I would have to connect with it to collect it. With that mysterious instruction, I was pulled back to myself and again saw the field of stars. I knew that these possibilities would be open to me when I was whole and after I had practiced seeing into the depth of things.

With a jolt, I was back to normal and my double had ejected itself too. I lay down on the ground and pulled in solstice energy to replenish myself. As my senses returned to normal, I heard my Totem, Bee, fluttering around me constantly…keeping watch?

It was a long time before I recovered. Gwas was patiently waiting when I finally rose and felt able for the journey back to the car. As I walked away from my temporary created sacred place, a whiff of Caileach appeared. Destroy this place!

I dismantled the stones and energy of the place and walked back to Gwas who had been measuring the energy of the stones. He informed me that all the rocks save the middle one were 8. The middle was 5. It had been the rock that I had drawn energy from. I asked him to check it again and he did. It was an 8 again.

Kal Malik – seeing things that few have seen.


A Bedroom, Faery and Goddess – p5 Solstice 2014

Okay, this post just shows the dedication with which we report our experiences. Read it quickly because this post will self-destruct in five seconds…

Gwas and I had just visited four sacred places on our first afternoon/evening in Ireland. It was the eve of the Summer Solstice (2014) and already we had had enough brilliant experiences to make the trip worth while. I was looking forward to what tomorrow had to bring. From a message today, I knew that it involved my Energy Double which always brings exciting adventures.

I was tired, really tired. It had been a long day and I was ready for one of those deep dreamless sleeps. Alas it was not going to be. Just to let you know, I am feeling a bit uncomfortable and have a tinge of a blush as I write this. Type fast, type fast is what my mind is saying…

Getting Hot in Here

Getting Hot in Here

I dropped into a deep sleep as soon as I hit the sack, however a couple of hours later I awoke to that place that is between awake and asleep. My mind was wandering a bit and frankly for some reason my dream was of a semi erotic nature. Now I am as human as the next guy so this wasn’t unusual.

However in mere minutes the dream/experience took on a more deeper and real experience. Talk about erotic! This was unbelievable. I’ve got a good imagination, but this, I was putting 9 and a half weeks to shame. Not only “not like me” but more of “never like me”.

I wasn’t going to complain though. I can appreciate it. So – honestly – I revelled in the experience. For quite some time too (smile). Then I felt another presence in the room and with a shock I realised that I wasn’t dreaming. It was Caileach! With a voice that was like the cracking of a whip (pardon the pun) she said,

“Stop It!”

Surprised with my own reaction I did, but at the same moment, I wondered whether she meant me or the woman in my bed. In any case we both did and the woman slid out of my bed and over to the corner of my room. I had the feeling that she had been chastised, like a child is. Although of course she looked nothing like a child.

My gaze went back and forth from the two women that were in my bedroom. Caileach’s presence in the room brought the temperature down to a mist breathing coolness. I knew she was doing it on purpose to cool me down. Minutes later when my senses had returned to sanity, a thought occurred to me…


A demon! Scary thoughts rushed into my imagination until Caileach uttered her command again…

“Stop It!”

But, I said, A succubus? How had she got in through my protection? Was it that powerful?

Note: As a standard practice, I set up a considerable amount of protection when I am sleeping away from home, particularly when on sacred journeys and even more particularly in Ireland – see our Leprechaun experiences from the last time we were here.

All these thoughts were flooding in to my mind, I wasn’t scared of course. It had been a good, no great, experience. I hadn’t felt that it was bad. But maybe that was her trick?

She is not a demon, Caileach informed me, she is Fay kin.

A faery? What? Really? But? What? Were the questions that popped into my head.

She wouldn’t do you any serious harm, but you will need your energy for tomorrow and you do not have time for, Caileach paused and looked at the faery, this dalience.

How can I keep her away? I asked and even as I did so, I saw a vision of myself turning an old-fashioned radio tuning knob until the frequency of my protection changed. Interesting I thought. I connected with my protective barrier, visualising a knob that would change its vibration I slowly turned it and watched the fay as she shimmered out of existence (or rather I think that I moved out of her frame of reference).

You know, I am always pushing the envelope. It gets me into no end of trouble, but like the cat, I just can’t resist the curiosity. So with just me and Caileach in the room, I continued to turn the frequency knob and looked at her. I was trying to tune her out too and of course she knew it.

I swear to the stars she gave me such disdainful look. For a minute she began to fade as I tuned. Then she shimmered slightly and reappeared brighter than before. She raised an eyebrow at me, as if saying “Really?” I stopped, feeling totally stupid. Caileach nodded as if agreeing with my assessment and vanished.

I have to confess, I did have a look around for that particular kind of fay the next couple of days. I am telling you, that was an experience alas though, I think she must have moved on.

Kal Malik

Bringing a sacred site to life – p4 Solstice 2014

Unknown Sacred Place Ireland

Unknown Sacred Place Ireland

Just when you thought it was safe to go home. This is why I don’t like to go on tours. Unless of course it is one of ours. It is with one hundred percent conviction that I can say that sacred pilgrimages do not conform to timetables or to pre-ordered site visits. For almost six years we have made hundreds of journeys and not a one has conformed to a preconceived timetable. It fluctuates constantly.

So it was that we were half way back to our lodgings when we felt/spotted a place off to the side of the road and up on a hill. Both of us turned our heads to follow it as we drove by and then looked at each other. It was comical. “Let’s have a look” we said to each other. Reversed the car and found a place to park.

It was a bit of a bugger to get to and wasn’t helped by the fact that the sun had vanished leaving behind a soft red haze. As we climbed up the slope to the stones I asked a few questions and determined that Gwas was here to learn something, whereas, for me, there was work to be done.

I asked whether I needed to prepare? The answer was yes and so I was taken to the back of the stones to a place that was suitable. I spent some moments in preparation and then was taken to the front and slightly to the side of the stones.

Grabbing the Sun

Grabbing the Sun

What to do I pondered. Did I need to cleanse the site as I had at the Priory earlier this evening? No. What then? After a few minutes of introspection the answer came to me. This place needed to be re-energised.

Feeling around for the Genius Loci, I found it and connected with it. How should I energize this place? I asked. You know, when you are just vaguely staring at nothing and then you focus and see the answer to a question that is on your mind staring you in the face? Such it was. I looked into the distance and saw the remaining light of the settled sun.

Grab the sun and smash it into the stones

That was the message, loud and clear from the Spirit of the Place, so I did it. Looking out across the water I sent my thought over and beyond the horizon. Looped it around the sun’s energy, drew it back and slammed it, with the force of a sling shot, right into the stones. What a powerful feeling! No wonder the Solar (power) chakra is named and associated with the Sun.

Phew! That felt good! I can see why people can become power crazy, it is intoxicating. I wondered whether I needed to do it again, I was quite happy to. But no, the work was done. The energy I had brought in would sink into the ground and re-light this sacred place.

As I settled myself and took control of myself I realised that in a minor way, I had done something similar to what Caileach had done at the priory. Interesting. Why could I do this and not that? Maybe because the priory had aeons worth of darkness to cleanse?

I traversed the stones, almost to create a barrier so that the energy would be retained within the place and was done. We got back in the car and continued on our journey back to our lodgings.

Kal Malik

A Darkness at Ballinskelligs Priory – p2 Solstice 2014

Ballinskelligs Abbey

Ballinskelligs Abbey

It was our second sacred site on our Summer Solstice (2014) trip to Ireland and already it had been a learning experience (see post 1 and 1,5). I had completed 50% of what I had come to do here and wondered what more magic was to be had. Yet, you know, almost one hundred percent of the time our sacred journeys surprise, delight and take us to the next level.

Our next stop was at an Abbey that overlooked an estuary. As we walked into it both Gwas and I sensed that there was something energetically amiss. We both asked the same question, is there anything wrong with this place? Yes was the answer and the further questioning revealed that it was my lot to fix it.

Speculation: Gwas and I often wonder whether we choose the sacred place or the place chooses us. We have had many occasions when we have had to work with a place. Did the place summon us? You tell me!

As I wandered around the place, trying to connect with the Genius Loci I also got answers to questions that came to mind. This place had been in a bad way for aeons. It was a place that had been dedicated to Caileach. A good question to ask before blundering in like a dumb-ass is

  • “Is it holistically good for me to change the energies here?”

This is subtly different from the action oriented statement, “let me act in the greatest good for all” which assumes (ass out of u and me) that you have to act. What if doing nothing is how one should be acting?

Ballinskelligs Abbey - Estuary

Ballinskelligs Abbey – Estuary

As is the case most of the time, there was a place that I needed to prepare and once this was done I was ready. I asked the rods where I needed to be and they took me in a tight spiral back to the same place. I couldn’t recall the last time where the preparation place was the same as the place of work. It didn’t feel right. I asked whether I was prepared to do the work? The answer was Yes. I asked whether I needed something to do the work? Yes.

Ah…crystals, incense, other magical accoutrement? No, no and no. That was a bit disappointing. What was the answer then? I wandered the site, rods held loosely in my hands. Awaiting my intuition. Then it came to me. I needed extraordinary help? Indeed, I needed Goddess help.

You might ask how I came to this answer. I don’t know. Most of the time we spend many minutes eliminating answers until the rods answer yes to a question. Other, rarer, times the answer just ‘pops’ into our minds – this was one such occasion.

I felt around this answer for a while until I realised that I hadn’t got it exactly right. Caileach needed my help! Wow! Okay It seemed that it was a task that neither of us could perform alone. Indeed it was that she needed a conduit, me, to cleanse the site. I don’t know about you, but I am not the most trusting of people when it comes to the being that is Caileach! Not after the Ice Dragon betrayal only a few months ago.

I disconnected from her for a few minutes to make my sanity checks and ensure that all was well. It was. Okay, I sent the thought out to her, let’s do it.

Ballinskelligs Abbey - Sun

Ballinskelligs Abbey – Sun

I was taken to a place where I could look out onto the water and then something amazing happened. It was truly epic in its scope. Caileach drew in the Sun…

Oh! Such poor words to describe the indescribable

Her breath was so deep, that I was lost in its fathoms. I felt that it was because of the Water element that I was adding to the mix that lent power to its depth. But I am telling you. It grew in both scope and depth equally.

I am one of the most ego-comfortable people I know. Having a belief that we (humans) are on a par with other beings. Until I am reminded by such an experience of how twig stick like we really are. Ha ha ha. Be still my sinking ego.

And then came the storm…howling wind and fire smashed into my crown, I swear it knocked me to the floor. Like a torrent of meteors it smashed into and through me into the ground. I had a vague sense of trying to follow its path underground, but it was too much for me.

The whole show must have taken less than a few minutes but felt much longer. Then, it was finished, done. I felt like a cinder and spent many more minutes sitting on the wall taking in the evening air and coolness of the water. Recovering my strength I wandered through the abbey and felt a very different energy there.

One thing you will realise about energy work is that it shifts the feel pretty fast. No slacking where energy is concerned.

I found the place where the fire had settled or rather the surface place. It was clear. Pure, was the thought that flashed into my mind. I asked whether there was more to do here? No. As Gwas finished his meal I got a few more answers from the Rods.

  • It had been a combined effort but more on Caileach’s part than mine. I was the hammer, she was the wielder.
  • Water element was needed to bring both depth and to cool me whilst the fire was being pushed through me.
  • I had to have gained the Water Element before I could work with the Caileach at the abbey.

That last one was surprising and which again brings up the question of whether we choose or are chosen. That wraps it up for the abbey and this sacred place. We were done for our first few hours in Ireland and I’ll let you decide on the awesome factor. But as we drove home, we were not done. Oh no!

Kal Malik

Depth of the Water Element – p1 Solstice 2014

Eightercua Stones

Eightercua Stones

I don’t want you to get over excited! Heck Yes I do. Our trip to Ireland for the summer solstice was fantastic! There were highs and lows and extreme highs. Our purpose(s) for the trip were completed in spades. More meaning was added to our life and our experience and understanding of the esoteric world gained in many ways.

Ostensibly I had two (main) purposes for my visit. The first was to collect and learn about the second element of my ‘Elemental Quest’ namely the Water Element. The second purpose was to see if I could learn more about my Wand Quest. Both (and more) were achieved!vAs always here we are to tell the tales of adventure. Let’s begin!

We had arrived in Cork at around 3pm, drove an hour to our hotel and another hour to our first sacred site curiously named Eightercua Stone Row. What a place it was. Check out the pictures!

We spotted the huge stones from the road and they were easy to get to. Upon nearing the site I asked my customary, “Is there anything I can do to improve/heal/make a positive difference to this site?” The answer was no.


I then asked whether there was anything I could learn from opening myself to the energies of this place? Yes, definitely! Excellent! I asked whether it would be regarding my quests? Yes. Would it be the Wand Quest? No. The Elemental quest? Yes.

I was surprised because that was the main point of coming here to Ireland and here I was at the first site of our 3 day visit and I was getting help on my raison d’etre. Oh well.

I asked whether I needed to prepare and the answer was Yes. I was taken around the row behind the stones (from a perspective of the Sun) and I stood in their shadow for a few minutes as I aligned myself to the energies of the place.

Minutes later I felt ready and again followed the rods to the place of commune. From the picture you can see me sitting in the place of commune. Before I sat down though, I asked what it was that I would learn here. Again, to my surprise I found that I would be gaining the ability to access the Water Element. At the first site?

I sat and opened myself up to the energy of the place and almost immediately Caileach rode in on a huge Black Dragon. I kid you not! It’s wing span was stretched across the land. She was in true splendour.

She leapt off her steed and, of all my experiences with her, this was the one where she truly felt like a Goddess. She laughed her bone crushing laugh…

“This is my land in as much as any is” She said, her hand swept the surrounding area. I thought about this later on and pondered whether she had said, “land” or “island” or Ireland”? It is still unclear.

Eightercua Stones

I suspect that she keeps an eye on me more than I do of her, however she looked me up and down and nodded her head. The dragon growled!

“I see that the Earth has given you Strength and Solidness. You will need that anchor for using the Water Element for Water will give you Depth.”

From the seat I was meditating at I could see the sea in the distance. It was the Atlantic Ocean and a breathtaking view that is not done justice by our pictures.

As I was looking out at the ocean Caileach instructed that I reach out with my intention and gather the “feel” of the Water. I did so and felt it churning and swirling inside of me. Whether it was because I know that Water is the element associated with the Sacral or because that is just how it is, I don’t know. But I felt it swirl almost sickening in my stomach region.

“Stop” Caileach instructed, she shook her head. “Earth?”, she said, “Anchor?” I had a vision of Homer Simpson, “Doh!” Did Caileach watch TV? Or was it drawn from associative memory? Probably the latter.

Of course, I muttered sheepishly and dropped an anchor deep into the Earth. Unshakeable was the intention that I sent with it and that is what I got.

Again, I focused on the Water in the distance and drew in its essence, its resonance, its flavour. Wow! What a feeling! You would think that connecting with the Earth would give you a sense of weight, right? But no it doesn’t. With Water however, wow! What a sense of weight! What a sense of pressure. My mind was filled with associations…

The bends, a submarine cracking under pressure, depth, endless depth. Mount Everest has nothing on the depths that the ocean has. I recalled a time a few years ago when I tried to connect with the God/Archetype Poseidon and failed miserably. For a moment I though that that was what I was connecting with, such was the enormity of experience. But Caileach’s voice reached me in a commanding way…

“Use the Gift!”

I had a vision of Gandalf shouting to the Dwarves at the gateway to Mirkwood, “Don’t leave the path!”

You might be asking, what the heck is the gift? Well, I was too and got a whole experience around that too, but it would dilute this tale so I’ll put it in the next post. Suffice to say that I managed to “command” my experience.

The anchor in the Earth was what sustained (nourished) me through my Water Element experience. When I had its energies resonating within me, I switched focus to the Earth and had a 3D experience of the Earth and my anchor in it. Again, wow! I’ve had Earth experiences before, notably in Delphi, Greece and Alderley Edge but never the visceralness of this. Caileach dropped in again upon my musings…

“Water will give you depth, You will see and feel the Depth in anything you use this with”

With a flourish, she vanished. Her Dragon however, like the smile of the Cheshire cat remained for a few moments more before it faded away. Cool! That chick has style!

I relished in the Water Elements depth for a while longer before ‘returning’ and having a real feeling of moreness or expansion. I sat and reflected on my experience (as well as taking notes) and realised that I when I had sat down, I noted that there were all the elements present…

  • Sun – Fire
  • Water – Ocean
  • Air – Wind
  • Earth – Stones

I suppose I could have gained any of the elements (Earth I already had of course) but dowsing and querying this brought a clear conclusion. It could only have been Water. Had I tried for Fire or Air I would have failed AND I might add that it would have seriously compromised my experience in Ireland.

Eightercua Stones Four Elements

Eightercua Stones Four Elements

You  might ask why, but I hope you are wise enough to know by now that “why” is not a question the Rods deal well with.

Here we are then. Day 1, Site 1 Quest 1 completed! What would the rest of Ireland’s sacred sites hold? I have hindsight now and am seriously awed!

Before I go though I want to begin a theme that played out during this evenings adventures…As always, as we got in the car and drove to the next sacred place, we exchanged tales of our experience. Gwas went first and told of how he had a Black Dragon in his experience! Really! A Black Dragon! I interrupted him and told of “my” Black Dragon! If it was a coincidence, then it was a monumental one!

Kal Malik


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It will be held on Helsby Hill. Check out my Meetup space for details.

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