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Derwentwater and the Water Element – Spring Equinox 2014 – 2 of 5

River Derwent

Derwentwater Lake in Cumbria

Gwas and I have often considered going on tours with other groups. There are many local (ie in the UK) and abroad that have on occasion caught our eye. However what will put us off is the regiment. Our experience on literally every outing is that the day’s experience and visits will not conform to predefined routes. About the best we can manage is a starting point and even that has sometimes been changed.

Crystal Altar

Crystal Altar

The energy of the day, our energies, the purpose with which we are filled and any host of other factors makes the journey infinitely dynamic. So it is with our next stop. We were driving along the lake towards our next stop, when we were pulled towards the water of the lake. Gwas enquired as to whether I felt that the lake was a required stopping point and I concurred, it felt right. So we pulled over and began some work.

Was it going to be a water element place for me? Yes. I dowsed for the place to gather this water energy and found it not far away from the car park. Standing upon the place I was reminded of a time in Ireland. Then too I was on a quest to meet a Dragon. That time came vividly to mind. It had been the summer and we had visited several places before I had finally encountered the Dragon (an Emerald one as it happened). At each place along that pilgrimage I had left a marker for the Dragon to follow. Was it the case here I wondered.

I knew the answer before I even dowsed, but I did – just in case – and it was. The first place was where I had picked up the Rose Quartz at Castlerigg. The second would be here. You are going to ask me a question now. The question is, how did I know what to do? I’m sorry to say, I don’t know. It just comes to you.

Brow Chakra – Knowledge Without Rational Source

I gathered some quartz crystals from the shore and made this mini altar as a sign post for the Dragon of Ice. Work and elemental energizing done. We left the river and drove onwards to the next place on our pilgrimage.

Kal Malik

Alderley and the Elemental Cleansing

With the Spring Equinox looming Kal and I were chomping at the bit to get out and do some work. Spring had already seemed to have sprung, and we were like two young rabbits eager to play in the springtime sunshine.

I had recently been asking my dowsing rods about which activities I could get up to before the Equinox, and the answers I got back were that I could interact with my Spirit Guide. That was incentive enough. When Kal suggested an outing at Alderley Edge it was time to get to work this year. As I happened, there are three parts to this story, and my work with my guide is the last of them. The next post describes some information about Rowan trees, and this post concentrates on a “bonus” bit of energy work which we never expected, but which we were delighted to learn was the same for both of us. I’m calling it “Elemental Cleansing“.

Alderley Edge in early Spring after a stormy Winter. The trees are still denuded, but it was a nice sunny atmosphere in the forest. Sadly, there was also lots of evidence of damaged trees from the winter storms. Such a shame, but a natural part of the winter regeneration process, yet to see such an extent to the damage was quite shocking.

Storm-damaged trees in Alderley Edge 2014

Storm-damaged trees in Alderley Edge 2014

Kal and I asked the same question which was to be shown a place at which we could work. Kal’s agenda was that he wanted to ask some questions about his Energy Double. My intention was to have a meditation with my spirit guide. Yet we both got taken on the same path through the forest, often following exactly the same energy trail down the exact amplitude of the wave. Once in a while Kal would disappear to be taken around a tree. That was quite amusing, as every now and again I’d hear him say “Here I go again!” as he wandered out, round and back to join with my path again.

Soon we arrived at a familiar location – one of the many quarried pits in the forest. It was a deep ravine and we were taken along its edge (literally the very edge) until a suitable path was found and we were taken to our first location.

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Saving Annabel

I never quite know how these things come about, but a friend of a friend of a friend of Kal’s mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know Kal’s inviting me to call them to arrange a visit.

Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation calls, and a rough background on the likely encounter was established. Then I set about dowsing what I could about the situation. For example: How bad was it? Was it urgent? Was I about to face a wave of mutilation? I mentioned the ‘job’ to my wife, M, and she said simply “Annabel.” OK – I would keep that information in my pocket and see if it was relevant.

Pure Preparations

Over the next few days I consulted with my spirit guide to see whether I could obtain any guidance about what I might need for the work. Having been working without tools all year I was prepared for the answer, and sure enough it came back as expected: no tools were needed for this work. So, I asked if I needed any spiritual assistance. That answer was more helpful – the image of a glowing Archangel Michael kept appearing. Now, I don’t do angel cards, I don’t have angel images around the house, and I don’t go round telling people about angels. However, their interventions and appearances since visiting Iona last Autumn Equinox have been rather exciting and incredibly helpful.

I decided that although I wouldn’t use them I would still take my “sword and shield” crystal and stone. They would act as a reminder in case I needed urgent assistance. I kind of associated Michael with the Sword and Shield symbols anyway. I felt calmed and reassured by the idea that I could call upon a force that I knew to be so energetically powerful. Michael would be my trump card.

I visited a local coffee shop to wait for Kal to join me. Normally I would order a coffee, but for some reason the idea repulsed me! Instead my attention was drawn to the soft drinks area. I picked up a fruit juice, but again the feeling of repulsion kicked in. I put it back down, moving my hand towards something which didn’t have this repulsive feel. Only a bottle of pure water seemed acceptable. I sat in the coffee house with my single bottle of water feeling a little put out. I really did like my coffee, and all I could smell was coffee! I sipped my water and waited. Strange. A sort of purification, I mused.

The Fun Begins

We pulled up at a typical suburban semi-detached house which was already decorated for the up-coming Christmas festivities. It was an inviting house and a modern couple – Jenna and Harry – greeted us, telling su that they had sent the kids away for the evening to be looked after.

We sit and chat with the householders – a lovely couple. Kal decides to play sidekick letting me lead the discussions and intervening to add another perspective. We get the background.

A girl, dressed in a nightgown, long hair, face never seen, both parents have witnessed her separately. The husband has seen her in the upstairs toilet room. The wife felt her get out of her bed and then saw her walking on the landing heading to the toilet room. Both appearances were between 2am and 4am.

The couple insists that despite the time of day they were fully aware and awake at the time of the events they witnessed.

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Cornwall Winter 5 – The Piper and The Maidens

I was making the most of the beautiful winter weather – despite all the prognostication from the official weather channels. Tow more delightful sites to visit – one of the Piper Stones, and the accompanying Merry Maidens stone circle.

1. The Pipers standing stones [megalithic]

You can park for the stones in a lay-by on a junction of the B3315 between Porthcurno and Newlyn (at Trewoofe, just above the Lamorna cove).

There are two such stones in the area but I only had time to visit one. As I leapt into the field from the stile nearby I could see the stone standing lonely, the sea close behind it. Apparently it’s an outlier from the Merry Maidens stone circle nearby. That’s quite a distance for an outlier – outliers are usually within a hundred yards or so of the main site. This stone would be visible from the circle but it’s further away than most outliers.

Piper Stone near Merry Maidens

Had it been summer I would have followed the line I found which seemed to head off in the direction of the Merry Maidens circle. Then I could have categorically said that the two were energetically connected. There is every indication that they are, which would reinforce the idea of standing stones being a sort of relay for the subtle energy to be beamed or propelled across the landscape.

When I dowsed the stone from a distance I was surprised at the size of the stone’s aura. The boundary for the stone’s energy radiation was about 120 feet in diameter. Given that I expected low energy levels due to the time of year this was another site that was punching holes in that notion. A notion that I had held for quite a while! You live and learn. Dowsing revealed that the stone is acting as a repeater, directing energy in specific directions according to the faces and edges of the stone, and adding the energy of the place where it was positioned to amplify the subtle energy being transmitted. Seems like Tom Graves’ theory was right.

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Cornwall Winter 2 – Circle, Wring and Bed

I had seen the sights around St.Cleer and was now heading firther into the moorland in search of one of the best stone circles in the country – or should I say the best three! The Hurlers. I had never seen them without them being shrouded in mist. Today…. it was likely to be the same! Still, it would add to the atmosphere.

From there I planned to walk across the moor to The Cheesewring on Stowe’s Hill, and then to a few sites beyond that which were marked on the map.

Top tip: Don’t trust that there will be a site just because it’s listed on the OS Map! Especially in this area!

Anyway, several false leads aside, I did get to see a few interesting places, and had a great experience sleeping in Arthur’s Bed (sometimes the jokes write themselves).

1. The Hurlers

Wraiths of mist whirled around the curving lines of standing stones which formed the three consecutive circles of The Hurlers. Only two “full ” circles are still obvious. The first circle, which has most of its stones missing, is strangely the one which I am most drawn to, and where most of my work at this site gets done.

The Hurlers - Cornwall

The Hurlers – momentarily without mist

So it was today too. When I asked whether there was any work for me to do here I was taken to the large remaining tall stone in the first circle. The dowsing rods crossed just to one side of it, and I stepped back in order to enquire further about what the work would involve. It seems that some dark energy (i.e. energy which is not beneficial to people visiting the site, or natural to its configuration) had been deposited next to the stone. I could clear it, so I would.

The Hurlers - Cornwall (2)

Marking a dark energy spot at The Hurlers stone circle

 I marked the spot with a pencil so that I could focus on it (well, there was a pencil lying next to the stone – it was like picking up litter). I looked around for inspiration as to how I could clear the energy. A gust of wind slapped me in the face to remind me that air energy is perfect for this kind of work. I set about calling upon my favourite air elemental to assist with removing the useless energy form. She whizzed past in a flash and I caught the tail end of her passing as another gust of wind. Gone! A quick dowse confirmed the reinstatement of equilibrium between the energetic forces in the circle. “Balance in all things“. I might have that tattooed on my forehead.

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Becoming a Death Eater

Another night prowl. In the surprising relative warmth of a mid-October night Kal lured me into an excursion across to the western end of North Wales. Our target was, of course, The Llangernyw Yew tree. That ever-faithful dispenser of all things Otherworldly.

As we got closer that evening the mist began to form until, on our arrival, the churchyard had adopted what for most people would have been a “spooky” atmosphere. For us, it was our cloak. The moon hung wide and bright, close to its full Harvest wax, but not quite full. There was enough ambient light to move safely without torches.

A Question of Service

As I walked through the graveyard I became aware that something was different about this visit. I decided to ask some questions using the dowsing rods to see if I could figure out what that was. I began by asking:

  • Is there anything for me to gain here? NO.
  • No? Then is there something for me to give here? YES. I am here to be of service.

Interesting. This doesn’t happen very often,and probably because most sites we visit have been worked on by Kal and I already, and so rarely need energetic attention or healing. However, in this case it seemed like it was not the usual energy healing that the Llangernyw site needed, it was something different – something that I had not been called upon to do at a site before (although as it turned out it was similar to something I do regularly anyway).

I was curious, so I asked the dowsing rods to lead me to a place where I could be of service…

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Fire Pits and Elementals

24th September 2012 – Dyserth Castle, Denbighshire, North Wales.

I intended to go to a local hill to do some work, but there were people all over the hill that night and I wanted to go to a place where I could be alone with the spirits and energies of the natural world, and not to mingle with humans. This is the thought process of the Hedge Druid oftentimes.

Somehow I ended up driving… just driving. Within half an hour I began to formulate a destination. I was clearly heading for Gop Hill near Holywell in North Wales. As I approached the turning for the hill I carried on! What was I doing? As I allowed my direction to continue to be guided I realised I was heading for Dyserth. When I arrived there and drove straight through I realised I was heading back to Dyserth Castle. Why? I had been there only a few weeks before. It didn’t make sense to me.

Dyserth Castle at twilight in summer

Back to Dyserth Castle in darkness

Alone In the Wilderness

I was ill-prepared for such a venture. I didn’t have my usual outing bag packed with incense, waterproofs, lighters, candles, torches – all the things I normally take when I got visiting sacred sites. All I had was a cheap £2.99 tiny wind-up torch whose light lasted for about a minute before it needed a minute of winding. Hmm….It was normally Kal who was the ill-equipped one.

I walked through the darkness, only using the torch when the darkness was completely impenetrable and uninviting. There was enough moonlight in the clear patches of sky to be able to navigate by memory. I reached the imposing amphitheatre of Dyserth Castle. Would I have to climb up to the top tonight, in the dark? NO. The dowsing rods said that my work would be done in the ground-level surroundings that I was used to and which was relatively flat and unencumbered. I was thankful for that.

Twigs snapped in the undergrowth all around at random intervals, but I had put up solid protection and was unafraid. The night was my friend today – it was what I had asked for - solitude and relative silence in a sacred place. Now I wanted to see if there was anything out there in the darkness that could help me.

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