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Rooted In The Earth

Thor’s Cave is one of those special places that leaps to mind when someone you haven’t been on an outing with leaves it up to you to make the decision about where to go. If the criteria is “impressive”, “great views” or “dry” then Thor’s Cave fits the bill. On a dull and drizzly January day I drove with the shaman Debra Delglyn, her Buddhist brother “V.P.” and the inspirational meditator John Kirby to Staffordshire. What else is there to do on a Tuesday?

We parked in the village of Wetton which is situated above The Manifold Valley, at the northernmost end of Staffordshire, bordering on Derbyshire, and not far from the town of Leek. Even though I’d been here twice before I had a bit of trouble locating the starting point in the valley below, so we ended up walking down the ravine from the village instead. At this time of year it was very muddy at the bottom, and then we had to climb back up an only slightly better path. On the way up we passed two other groups of visitors, which came as a bug surprise considering the time of year and the weather. Only fools would be out at this time, I thought.

Thors Cave - Jan 15 (21)

Let’s play “spot the cave”!

On the way to the cave I was talking to V.P. about how the year was shaping up to be related to King Arthur. We discussed how this character from our history was an inspiration, and how Arthur was a symbol of leadership, courage and strength. I mentioned many times that I was following Arthur in the sense that I was following his constellation “The Great Bear“. Following, yet here I was leading this group to the cave. My leadership skills were off to a good start!

At the cave entrance we waited for permission to be granted to enter the site. Everyone was very respectful of my hanging around despite the cold. Once I had the feeling that everything was in accord, then we climbed up the slippery slanted entrance rock. Inside we had the place to ourselves.

Thors Cave - Jan 15 (32)

Entrance to Thor’s Cave seen from the Manifold Valley

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Runcorn Hill Rainbow Sphere

On a cool early January morning Kal and I were on our way back from a networking session in North Wales. In preparation I had suggested that we might go out somewhere. For some reason this year I had dowsed that I was now able to do energy work in The Quiet Time! This was a radical change from previous years. It seems that the change has come about because I have reached a level of energy working and druidry where some work is now possible in this time when no supporting energies are available. I seem to have reached a level where I can utilise the appropriate energies without any detrimental effect on myself. This is great news as it extends the year even more now! It also gives me a bit of feedback that I have reached a certain level of competence. I hesitate to say “mastery” because I still feel like a student, yet this is what was indicated during my questioning.

So it was that we were heading to Alderley Edge, yet as we passed by the junction for Runcorn I felt impelled to mention Runcorn Hill. We both agreed this seemed a nicer and simpler prospect, especially as we were bathed in beautiful clear sunshine whereas the eastern regions looked dull and wet. As we came towards Runcorn from the Daresbury side I wondered whether we could also visit Norton Priory. We did so, but only to find that it was being renovated and nothing would be open until March 2015!

I did spot that they were running a tree pruning course at the end of January which I will be attending (see Norton Priory events). Onwards to the hill!

Runcorn Hill - Jan 15 (5)

Hollow Hills – Kal prepares for action on Runcorn Hill

I remembered the right place to park, and somehow also the right route to walk, and suddenly we were on top of the hill and back where we had been many years ago [see previous post].

As we approached I felt both a pull of attracting energy and a repulsion from something unpleasant. It would seem that we were being called, but were likely to encounter some horrible energy, and so I put up protection quickly as we got closer.

On top of the hill I straight away knew that the area was suffering the same problem as last time we had visited – bad energy radiating from the electricity pylons. This time we felt we could fix it for good, rather than back in 2008 when we fixed it for a week!

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Arrows point to Arthur – Solstice 3

If I had researched the geographical locations of the sites we were intending to visit I would have placed this one last.As it happens it was positioned in the middle of the day, but as you may have come to expect – it turns out we visited the site at exactly the right time. Here’s why.

The Devil Points North

There are three remaining tall standing stones close to the A1(M) road that passes by the town of Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire. Collectively they are known as The Devil’s Arrows. There is the usual story about their placement – the devil threw down the ‘arrows':

“The name stems from a legend traced back to 1721, where the Devil was supposed to have thrown the stones, aiming at the next town of Aldborough. He stood on Howe Hill and shouted,

Borobrigg keep out o’ way,

For Aldborough town

I will ding down!

But obviously his aim was not that good, and so they landed short of their mark.”

(source: Brigantes Nation)

Devils Arrows - Solstice 2014 (1)

The southern most Devil’s Arrow stone

Ooh – that angry old Devil! When will he learn that his aim is never that good when he’s hewing these menhirs around? Silly billy. Anyway – there they stand, up to 30 feet tall and in a not-so-straight alignment, said by Paul Devereux to link the southern-most moon setting with an ancient fording point across the nearby River Ure. There is an assumption that they formed a part of a larger complex that includes the three Thornborough Henges.

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Preparation at the Sphinx – Egypt 8

Cleansing at the Sphinx

Cleansing at the Sphinx

And lastly…Element of Fire – check. Amber for Wand – check. Sideline energy transference task – check. Was there anything else that I had to do to conclude my Cairo visit? Apparently a trip to the Sphinx. Off I toodled. Of course I didn’t know it was to be the sphinx. I just followed these two pieces of metal and they led me around the Great Pyramid and down the plateau, a sharp bend to the right and on to the base of the Sphinx (note not where this picture was taken – actually it was below where I am standing).

I asked whether I needed any crystals or any of the other tools I had in my bag? No. Just stand here. I did and felt a whoosh of energy. As if I had my innards sucked out of me, through my root. Indeed the dowsing rods confirmed that I had been completely cleansed of energies of the pyramids. Wow! Okay! Unexpected, but if that is what needed doing then I’m not going to argue. At least I got to see the Sphinx.

And that my friends concludes my trip to Cairo. In the upcoming Egypt posts, learn what happened in Luxor, where I met a Goddess, a Djinn, and was banned from dowsing.

Kal Malik – satisfied

Fun and a Funnel at The Bridestones

I have a strange mix of friends. Some people I would never consider introducing to others – they’re friends with widely differing tastes and interests. Every now and again I think two sets of friends would integrate well and I take a chance on introducing them to each other. So it was that Debra Delglyn had invited me to visit The Bridestones, and I saw the opportunity of introducing her to my friends Mike and Janet.

It took the pairing scarcely two minutes to become fully conversant and soon they were riffing off each other, laughing and sharing stories. Lovely! It worked. And so we ventured out together to the stones with me having not one worry about how they would operate at the site. It would be something special, and so it turned out to be.

A Gentle Introduction to Yew

The first feature of the site that I wanted to show Debra was the yew trees which stand at the entrance like a portal or doorway. Guardians of the experience within, they needed to be approached and respected with care. For those who bother to do this their experiences inside the Bridestones space is always more rewarding. Today was no exception.

Inside the space we settled and ‘browsed’ for the feel of the site. It felt good, but there was something amiss which needed addressing. Debra moved inside the chamber whilst the Mike and Janet set about working at the far end of the chamber on the outside. When they checked back with me I confirmed that this had been a point where there is often some kind of “seepage” of less wholesome energies, and so it was no surprise that they found a spot that they felt needed to be worked on to restore balance.

Bridestones - Nov 14 (1) (Medium)

I was ensuring that I was connecting to the Spirit of Place and getting in tune with the site before I began to do any work. This took time as I moved slowly between points of cleansing, re-energising and then harmonizing. Finally I was ready to work myself.

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Samhain at the Summit – Part 1 of 2

You may rightfully ask “Where the hell have you been?” A distinct lack of posts from me for a while. The response to such a question would be that I have been out of the country for a while. I spent Samhain in Africa, climbing the largest free-standing mountain in the world – Kilimanjaro. Did that prevent me from having a spiritual experience? Of course not! Here is one small part of that story.

Kili Samhain 14 (24) (Medium)

The summit of Kilimanjaro in the distance

When we reached the second set of huts called Horombo we had an ‘acclimatization’ day. This was a chance for us to relax a bit after two days of lengthy walking in thinning air. I decided to conduct a group meditation session half way up the mountain, and by chance we found that there was a tranquil place next to a stream just seconds away from the huts we had been staying in the for the last day, but which no-one had noticed until now.

Everyone seemed to come away from the session feeling much more relaxed, yet focused on the objective, and connected to the mountain.

Kili Samhain 14 (49) (Medium)

A cheeky meditation session at altitude

The Power of Kili

Using the meditative state I tried to connect to the Spirit of Place for Kilimanjaro mountain. It took a while to get myself into the right vibration, and then my attention was swept up to the white peak that I could only see in the distance at this point. I felt a deep and powerful stirring in the mountain, and suddenly something emerged through my connection.

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Gift of the Faery – p12 Solstice 2014

Final Site of our Ireland experience

Final Site of our Ireland experience

Would you adam and eve it (as we say here in the UK). We have had an incredible set of experiences here in the Emerald Isle. Certainly more than what we expected. And much more than what would qualify this trip as a success. Today we were up early and had planned a short visit to a very popular site called Drombeg.

In honesty, I had laid back and was expecting nothing more than a perfunctory gratitude ceremony and a fond farewell to Ireland. Of course things didn’t quite pan out that way.


We arrived quite early in the morning and yet found this site already occupied by several visitors. I walked about the place, getting in tune with the place and pondering what and how I would conduct the gratitude ceremony I was expecting to do. Whether it was just seeing the people or an intuitive nudge, I am not sure. But I felt that I needed to have the site to myself.

Waiting for this would have been an impossible task as people were coming and going in abundance. So I decided to try an exercise that I have pondered in the past. I’d attempt to take ownership of the ring for a while. Would I be able to? I asked the dowsing rods? The answer was yes. Would it be holistically okay for me to do so? Yes, for a short time.

A little bit more dowsing revealed that I should use incense and crystals to do this. In fact intuition was really in gear this morning as I was told how to lay the incense and crystal and how (see picture).

I did as intuition guided me and felt an odd rush as the energies of the site came under my sway. I would have expected more of a phenomena however the simple truth is that I felt that just a tweak was needed. Firstly, I removed some minor negative energies. As I did this three bees floated by saying there hello’s.

You might wonder why I mentioned the Bees, well later you will see the significance of that. But a lesson that I have learned is that when on sacred journeys (when are we not?) then you have to pay attention to that which seems everyday.

Although I don’t have the skill of seeing energy directly, I was able to get a sense reading of the ring after I had prepped it and all seemed good. I left the Crystal and Incense in the ring and thought my work was done. In fact it had just begun.

Incense and Crystals

Incense and Crystals

Over on the far side of the ring there are some other rocky formations and I amused myself by exploring that area and clambering up them. Gwas was busy doing his work and I was happy to enjoy the place. However as I looked down from on high I felt that there was more work for me to do here.

Ah…the work of a sacred journeyer is never done! I grabbed my rods and began to explore my options. Was it something do with the enumerable quests I was on? No. What then? More exploration finally revealed that there was some kind of Gift here for me. Don’t ask me why, since you cannot ask the rods a why question?

I did wonder who this gift was from? Caileach? The spirit of this place? No and no. The conclusion was that it was a fay gift. Hmmm beware the gifts of Faery? I queried whether there was a hidden portal hereabouts? No. An open one? Yes. Oh, that was a surprise. My ego stepped in and asked whether it was just for me? The surprising answer that came back was Yes.

Not wanting to let that rest. I went through many questions as to why and finally got an answer, “because you are Faery Tainted” What the heck does that mean?! On many occasions I have pondered and asked that question, with no resolution. Whatever! I muttered with exasperation.

So, what’s this gift then? I was taken to a place at the edge of the grounds that held the circle. A rather innocuous place if you ask me. With my back to the circle and the wandering populace I sat down and contemplated…Faery. Commune was not only immediate but surrounded by Crow calls and Bees.

With all of the Fay work that has been happening in my life at the moment I felt quite comfortable in this situation. But also wary. Beware the Gifts of Faeries, is a sign I hang up on all entrances to the world of Fay.

Here is an interesting find. If you willingly enter a Fay ring, you cannot protect yourself. Crossing the threshold willingly negates your protection. Not that I am saying you could protect yourself against faery kin. Perhaps if you were consciously connected with your double?

I sat and had tea with the Faery, well not quite but a peculiar phenomena occurred. Gwas had finished his work and was patiently waiting for me for some time he said and yet I felt only moments of times passage. Faery and losing time…ring any bells? In our commune we got to the matter of the gift. What was it?

To be able to recognise places of Faery

Hmmm….couldn’t I do that already, I thought? The surprising answer was No. But you will now. Okay. Fair enough. Why am I being honoured with this gift? I was being ungrateful! Woe is me! The emotion was lost on the Faery.

Because you are Faery Tainted

Oh…there is a surprise! I thanked them, with some more graciousness and was tempted with another question. Did the Succubus come to me because of the taint? Yes. It was drawn to it. Ah!

With some growing confidence I looked around in search of water. I found the sea in the distance. Perfect. Time to try this looking into the depth of things. I reached down into the Earth (where I felt the Genius Loci as it happens) and created an anchor. Then I threw my consciousness out over the distance to the ocean (seems to be a theme for this trip) and let the element of water infuse me.

Then I turned my attention to the Faery and attempted to see into their depth. They seemed to have been awaiting me to try this and as I tried and failed, they said…

You cannot do that, we are ineffable to you

This was in no way the end of my commune with these beings. In part two of this post I will continue with some more interesting revelations that the Fay of Drombeg had.

Kal Malik


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