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Check, Please

NOTE from Chris: This is Kal’s last ever post. Even its title is incredibly ironic. There is this common misconception. In fact it is so common that I have fallen foul of it myself. But no more! A sacred life is one that has a reasonable amount of input from the universe or beings thereof. […]

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Can you speak with the dead?

I am in a quandary of sorts. In a previous post I told of the revelations and revolution of thought surrounding my ancestry. Now here is the thing. Back where my folks are from ancestry is recorded orally, in the minds of living people, passed on from generation to generation. My mum would have been […]

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Power object created

I noticed today that I check the energies (and do some work if needed) more often than I clean my rooms. Not that my abode isn’t clean, you understand. Anyway, I was up bright and earlier than normal and had one of them urges to check the energies of my rooms. I grabbed the rods and […]

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