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Carnac vortex and Giant Beltane 2014 – 06

Carnac Engine

Carnac Engine

Gwas had previous experience of Carnac and so was the lead when it came to the place where we should work. However as we approached the general location I spotted a stone that was outside of the fence. I had a sense that this was the place, however when I asked the rods, they were hesitant. Odd, I thought, surely this was the place. It was then that I sensed a stone that was inside the perimeter fence. Ah…It was both. I checked with the rods and they confirmed that we should use both stones. I can’t recall which of us said it first, but we realised that we were to work together! A rare occurence when we are on separate quests I have to say.

It was determined that Gwas needed to be by the stone and I had to figure a way to get inside the fence.Terrific! I thought as I followed the path round the bend. And then, unbelievably there was a break in the fence. Honestly, we had walked a few miles and not seen a single break in the fence. Yet here, mere feet away from where we needed to cross in, was a break in the fence that I could literally step through. Unbelievable!

I stepped through the gap and made my way to the stone that was the twin of Gwas’s. I waved to him and he was as surprised as I was that I had made it inside. I checked that I was all prepared and I was. So I sat down in accordance to the Rods direction and made my thoughts calm.

It began with a rush of air, my mental vision saw this huge wheel turning. The Carnac machine, I thought. It was a huge wheel. At first my sight was of Gwas turning the wheel, but then I realised that this wasn’t the case. It was a huge giant turning the wheel. Faster and faster it went until its speed was baffling.

Hawking Radiation

Hawking Radiation

From my vantage point the wheel began to create some kind of vortices in its center which slowly grew in size until it was the size of the wheel itself. There was a strong in rush of energy and the wind around me seemed to be being pulled in to. The thought of a black hole came to mind as it spun around drawing in its surroundings.

At its peak, I sensed Gwas throwing something into its center. Whatever it was I felt it swallowed almost instantly and my thoughts were that nothing can escape a black hole. But then I felt some sparks of energy being expelled from the spinning wheel. If you know your physics and black holes, my thoughts flicked around the notion of  Hawking radiation. I made a mental visualisation of collecting this energy which my intuition told me was creative energy.I opened my eyes and realised we were not done.Kal Malik

Tatiana the Shaman Beltane 2014 – 05

The Sun at Carnac

The Sun at Carnac

You know, when we look back at our sacred journeys we often find links, connections and synchronicities all over the place. In the midst of pilgrimages however they are often unseen. About half way along the avenue of stones there is a turn off that takes you out of the way a bit to a large stone and its own set of avenues.

We arrived at this stone and found some other visitors already exploring the site. Gwas had important work to do here and so became occupied with that, whilst I played with the dowsing rods and the energy formations. At one point during my musing a lady in red came over and interrupted me. Fortunately she spoke English so I was able to converse with her.

She asked what I was about and I informed her that I was looking for a place that was best aligned to me. She (Julie) asked whether I could find a place for her. I asked the rods and they clinked Yes. So I found a place that was suitable for her. A couple of her friends (Svetlana and unnamed guy) asked me to find places for them too and after making sure I could and it was good to do so, I found them power spots aligned for their benefit.

I then realised that the whole group (some 7 people) were all together. I hoped that they didn’t all want me to find places for them. Fortunately they didn’t but an unusual lady amongst them caught my eye. Short in stature and yet noticeably different (later on Gwas remarked that he too had noted her).



After I had found three power spots for the ladies and gent. This lady came over to touch the first spot I had found. I thought that she was trying to feel energy from the huge stone. Then, to my surprise she brought out a pendulum and began to swing it back and forth over the spot I had found.

Walking around the stone she checked the other two spots too. Finally she came back to the original spot and spoke with Julie at length. Julie walked over to me and told me that her and her companions were on a pilgrimage with their mentor (the pendulum lady) who was a Shaman. They were from Russia and Carnac was one of the few places that they were abroad to see.

I nodded my understanding to the Shaman, whose name turned out to be Tatiana. Using Julie as a translator, I asked Tatiana what she was doing with the pendulum. She answered that she was feeling the places I had found for her companions. They were good places she acknowledged with a smile and nod.


We exchanged a few more words and she left to go and sit on the stones that lay around the massive megalith. I noted that Gwas was still in the midst of his ceremony which unusually seemed longer than normal. Having nothing to do I continued to explore the energy of the place.

Spirit Catcher

As I followed an energy line a strange sound erupted from the direction of the Shaman. She was playing some kind of instrument which I didn’t know the name of. I quickly asked the rods whether they were causing a change in the energy of the place? The answer was an immediate yes. I asked to follow the energy shift and was taken in a leaf-shaped way towards the Shaman. I then followed the energy from her all around the stone. As I passed Gwas a thought occurred to me. Was it interfering with his work? The answer was yes. A further set of questions revealed that I could displace the energy form without it affecting Gwas or the Shaman. So with an energetic push, I deflected the energy (from the spirit catcher) around Gwas.

For some minutes I followed the energy and felt that Tatiana was calling a spirit. So much so that I would opt for the name Spirit Caller rather than catcher. I asked whether her work was successful and got a yes. Pretty much at the same time the eiry music stopped.

Minutes later Gwas indicated that he was done and we gathered our kits and made to go. I was hesitant, I wanted a picture of the gathering. I walked over towards the Shaman and my erstwhile translator, Julie. I was about to ask whether I could take a picture of them, when Tatiana pointed at me and said something. I looked at Julie, who seemed quite surprised when she translated. “I have met you before and will meet you again”

Slightly shocked by this revelation, I completely forgot about the picture and kind of nodded at the Shaman and hurried to catchup with the departing Gwas. As we returned to the main avenue of stones, my gaze fell on my chest. Beneath the flaps of my coat was the image of a wolf on my t-shirt. A sudden truth dawned on me, the Shaman had pointed at the Wolf. I am sure of it.

I pondered my meeting with the Shaman. Was it significant? What did her message portend? Was it just a coincidence? I laughed, when is anything a coincidence? I recalled a book I once read about shamans. It told that energy practitioners never met by accident. I wonder…

Kal Malik

Carnac and the Sun Beltane 2014 – 04

A place to prepare

A place to prepare

In the previous post I outlined some of the signs that we missed and thus suffered a wet and fruitless first morning to our Brittany visit. Of course we finally realised that the 1st of May was a holiday and so much was closed. In fact we had been hard pressed to find a place to have lunch and the one place that did look open was interdit until the afternoon.

So we ignored lunch and decided to head for the main site of the day and indeed the visit. Beltane was all about Carnac! Gwas had been there before but this was my first visit to this awesome sacred place.

We parked up and crossed the road mingling with the many other visitors. Off to the back of the lanes there was a ramshackle set of buildings with a dilapidated sign outside offering Crepes. It not only looked closed, but gave of an abandoned feeling too. There were a couple of semi-broken tables and chairs laying randomly outside too. No one was in sight. Still, Gwas and I made our way across and found to our utter surprise and delight that a door was cracked open and the smell of food wafted out. It was a beautiful sign and as we sat down to enjoy Chocolate and Banana Crepes the sun decided to join us too!

Carnac Glory

Carnac Glory

The biggest stones (and circle) that I have seen is Avebury. There some of the stones stand two feet or so above my head. Here at Carnac, most of the stones stood above my head! As I walked along the length of the avenues I was constantly awed by the size and strength of energy that was being broadcast by these megaliths.

As we walked and walked one thing concerned me. The stones were behind a fence. Admittedly a small fence but a interdit fence nevertheless. As readers will know, I have my own notions on the preservation of sacred sites and am not averse to jumping a fence. However I am reminded that in France the Police carry firearms. Still – what would we do when work was required?

I had got a yes when I asked the rods whether a place of preparation was needed and so I walked along the fence with my rod outstretched searching for a suitable place.

More of Carnac

More of Carnac

At one point the rods slowly began to swing inwards. It was a slow movement and I noted with relief that the stone it seemed to be indicating wasn’t locked away. Thank the stars, the energy, the guides, whatever. I was lucky enough to find a place that I could actually access to do the preparatory work. Which of course was nothing more unusual than any other place. An energy realignment to a vibration that was suitable to our current location, purpose and means of achieving that purpose.

Within mere minutes I was ready to proceed onwards, for there were more fields to explore before we got to our final destination.

Kal Malik

Arbor Low – From Heart To Mouth

At the latter end of last year (2013) I mentioned to my dear friend Mike that I had been given a task which, should I choose to accept it, would constitute what is commonly termed a “Great Work“. I know that this is a loaded term, and anyone who has studied the path of  The Western Mystery Tradition will recognise that this term is often used by the Masonic groups to describe their overall work for the betterment of humanity. It is certainly a double-edged sword of a term, because of course it depends on who the benefactors of this Great Work might be to determine the integrity and morality. I will not be using it in the traditional context, but rather in terms of what it quite literally is – a large amount of energy work!

The target for this Great Work is the ‘great’ stone circle of Arbor Low. I have often described this site as being like the spokes of a great wheel due to the number of radial energy leys which emanate from it and which then travel across the length and breadth of these islands. My name for it is The Wheel of Albion and one day I will fully document all the sites along these leys which I believe are linked to its energy profile. I have already made a start with this, and in fact it is the most often viewed post on this site!

Today, my motivation was to begin to do some energy cleaning along some of the damaged and disrupted leys. Before I tell that tale, I have some fresh information on The Wheel of Albion and its terminus points.

View over Arbor Low at Spring 2014

View over Arbor Low at Spring 2014

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Taliesin and Creative Energy

Taliesin's Birth Place

Taliesin’s Birth Place

Gwas was off again chasing Taliesin and I was in tow. Our journey this fine sunny evening was to a marker of the birth place of Taliesin. As with the other time, I had no specific purpose in mind. I was going with the flow as they say, which if you know me is a very rare thing. I like to give the flow some direction before jumping in.

After navigating some really hairy roads and ones we swear never to drive down again, we arrived at the absolutely beautiful lake Geirionydd. We spent some considerable time trying to capture the beauty of the lake and its surroundings on our meager cameras, alas to little avail.

We walked up the slope towards the marker that indicated the birth place of the famed Taliesin and I was directed to the side of the lake as a place of preparation. As I stood on the indicated place, I wondered, “preparation for what?” I was here as an observer, wasn’t I? Anyway, I ignored my own thoughts (a good practice by the way).

Kal & Taliesin

Kal & Taliesin

After I felt that I was aligned with whatever my unknown purpose was, I let the rods direct me upwards towards the monument. Why it has a cross on it is beyond me, but what the hey! The energy up on the mound was weird to say the least, it was bouncing around all over the show and it took me a while to settle into a place. Which happened to be just off to the side of the cross. I sat down and was about to light some incense when a thought nudged me, this was another preparation place. Really? For what! Nevermind! So I prepared (note sarcasm) some more.

Again I felt the you’re done urge and got up. I followed the rods again and this time they had me climb the steps up on to the monument and to sit facing the lake. Within only a few minutes of sitting there I felt an energy surging up from the ground. Equally I felt another energy coming from the crown downwards. A thought flipped into my mind, “Creative Energy” and with that came a self-directed command

Capture it in your Heart

So I did, I let both of them mingle and settle in my heart (chakra). Where did this energy come from? Why had I collated it? How could I use it? To what end, purpose? I pondered all these questions and more as I lit incense as a sign of gratitude. I was done with Taliesin for today.

As we walked back to the car, Gwas told me that he had had to clear some energies from the place before he could do some work. A thought occurred to me. Was this why I had to wait a second time? For the energies to be cleared? I took out my rods and they confirmed my suspicions. What an odd thing!

Kal Malik – filled with the Muse

Battle for the Wand

Temporal note: This event occurred prior to the events at the Druids Circle and the Ice-Dragon

We had just been to the Ancient Yew tree and felt that we could still get some more work in. So we drove to the nearby lake Brenig and determined that this was a suitable place to have an adventure. Gwas and I were independently led down and along the lake by our dowsing rods. At one point mine swirled to a stop whilst Gwas continued on.

Was there any work to be done here, I queried and got a swift Yes. Not only that but I also got a sense that my mentor Caileach was in the air. I have to note that the place I was standing was truly innocuous. It was just of the centre of the path. With nothing of interest nearby. Who am I to argue with the energies. This was the place, so it was time to get on.

Shamans Wand

Shamans Wand

I let my consciousness melt from the present and be guided by the energy that is Caileach. She pushed me through time (but I don’t think space) and I was back a few centuries. Before me stood a man, dressed in skins and furs. He looked very old but also seemed to radiate strength and power. Caileach whispered into my ear, “Wrest the wand from him” I looked and saw a magnificent wand in the mans hands. I reached out to take it, thinking that he would offer it to me. But instead, as my hands tightened on it. So did his. We both pulled and struggled. I realised at one point that my hands were now stuck to the wand. I couldn’t let go, even if I wanted to.

“Pull harder!” Caileach said, “Don’t let him win.” Caught in the moment, I did as instructed and pulled with all my might (which I have to say was augmented by my energy). With one tremendous wrench the wand came free from the (I would call him a) shamans grasp and I was knocked backwards onto the ground.

Here is the funny thing though, I thought I had been knocked back in my vision, but as I hit the floor, I realised that I had been knocked back in this reality too and Gwas was laughing at me as I sat on the muddy ground with a painful rump. I got up wiping the dust and mud from my backside only to hear Caileach whisper, “Now you have my wand”. She vanished.

What an experience, unexpected, unique and some kind of gift. I wondered what happened to the Shaman. Always questions…

Kal Malik

Muse of Taliesin 1 – Birth of the Quest

We couldn’t help ourselves. We were having a stretch of great weather in England and it was only the middle of April. We had to go out. I was running out of time to begin my latest quest – The Muse of Taliesin. Therefore, a couple of quick texts, a designated date and time, and the “game was afoot” as they say. I waited for Kal and watched a hawk circling the house. A good omen.

We were heading into the depths of North Wales on the first part of my quest. I had a list of sacred sites associated with Taliesin the bard. Tonight we would visit the first of them. I drove with Kal in keen conversation mode to Rowen village near Conwy. I sort of remembered the way to my intended destination – the dolmen of Maen Y Bardd. I know it was up on the hillside at the back of Penmaenmawr, but I also know that I didn’t want to take the narrow steep road up. We drove through Rowen village and ended up on the narrowest, steepest road in North Wales. A road we said we’d never do again after last time. Something was making me work hard for this sacred site visit! I hoped it wouldn’t become a theme on this quest.

We parked and walked down the water-ridden track to a standing stone with male energy emissions. The flat blade of the stone marked the path to the dolmen. One could almost follow its shadow. It looked like a giant had thrust a blade up through the earth.

Maen-Y-Bardd - Conwy Valley - April 2014 (5) (Large)
The wind picked and so did my excitement. Soon, back on the track, I was able to point out Arthur’s Spear in the field opposite the little dolmen. An old tale tells of a giant throwing the stone to account for its positioning. My experience with such stones told me that it was probably pointing at a particular star, but this was not an evening to be hanging around trying to determine such things. The wind grew more bitter as the sun lengthened the shadows, but the atmosphere was still vibrant and expectant. On to the dolmen!

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