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Taliesin and Creative Energy

Taliesin's Birth Place

Taliesin’s Birth Place

Gwas was off again chasing Taliesin and I was in tow. Our journey this fine sunny evening was to a marker of the birth place of Taliesin. As with the other time, I had no specific purpose in mind. I was going with the flow as they say, which if you know me is a very rare thing. I like to give the flow some direction before jumping in.

After navigating some really hairy roads and ones we swear never to drive down again, we arrived at the absolutely beautiful lake Geirionydd. We spent some considerable time trying to capture the beauty of the lake and its surroundings on our meager cameras, alas to little avail.

We walked up the slope towards the marker that indicated the birth place of the famed Taliesin and I was directed to the side of the lake as a place of preparation. As I stood on the indicated place, I wondered, “preparation for what?” I was here as an observer, wasn’t I? Anyway, I ignored my own thoughts (a good practice by the way).

Kal & Taliesin

Kal & Taliesin

After I felt that I was aligned with whatever my unknown purpose was, I let the rods direct me upwards towards the monument. Why it has a cross on it is beyond me, but what the hey! The energy up on the mound was weird to say the least, it was bouncing around all over the show and it took me a while to settle into a place. Which happened to be just off to the side of the cross. I sat down and was about to light some incense when a thought nudged me, this was another preparation place. Really? For what! Nevermind! So I prepared (note sarcasm) some more.

Again I felt the you’re done urge and got up. I followed the rods again and this time they had me climb the steps up on to the monument and to sit facing the lake. Within only a few minutes of sitting there I felt an energy surging up from the ground. Equally I felt another energy coming from the crown downwards. A thought flipped into my mind, “Creative Energy” and with that came a self-directed command

Capture it in your Heart

So I did, I let both of them mingle and settle in my heart (chakra). Where did this energy come from? Why had I collated it? How could I use it? To what end, purpose? I pondered all these questions and more as I lit incense as a sign of gratitude. I was done with Taliesin for today.

As we walked back to the car, Gwas told me that he had had to clear some energies from the place before he could do some work. A thought occurred to me. Was this why I had to wait a second time? For the energies to be cleared? I took out my rods and they confirmed my suspicions. What an odd thing!

Kal Malik – filled with the Muse

Battle for the Wand

Temporal note: This event occurred prior to the events at the Druids Circle and the Ice-Dragon

We had just been to the Ancient Yew tree and felt that we could still get some more work in. So we drove to the nearby lake Brenig and determined that this was a suitable place to have an adventure. Gwas and I were independently led down and along the lake by our dowsing rods. At one point mine swirled to a stop whilst Gwas continued on.

Was there any work to be done here, I queried and got a swift Yes. Not only that but I also got a sense that my mentor Caileach was in the air. I have to note that the place I was standing was truly innocuous. It was just of the centre of the path. With nothing of interest nearby. Who am I to argue with the energies. This was the place, so it was time to get on.

Shamans Wand

Shamans Wand

I let my consciousness melt from the present and be guided by the energy that is Caileach. She pushed me through time (but I don’t think space) and I was back a few centuries. Before me stood a man, dressed in skins and furs. He looked very old but also seemed to radiate strength and power. Caileach whispered into my ear, “Wrest the wand from him” I looked and saw a magnificent wand in the mans hands. I reached out to take it, thinking that he would offer it to me. But instead, as my hands tightened on it. So did his. We both pulled and struggled. I realised at one point that my hands were now stuck to the wand. I couldn’t let go, even if I wanted to.

“Pull harder!” Caileach said, “Don’t let him win.” Caught in the moment, I did as instructed and pulled with all my might (which I have to say was augmented by my energy). With one tremendous wrench the wand came free from the (I would call him a) shamans grasp and I was knocked backwards onto the ground.

Here is the funny thing though, I thought I had been knocked back in my vision, but as I hit the floor, I realised that I had been knocked back in this reality too and Gwas was laughing at me as I sat on the muddy ground with a painful rump. I got up wiping the dust and mud from my backside only to hear Caileach whisper, “Now you have my wand”. She vanished.

What an experience, unexpected, unique and some kind of gift. I wondered what happened to the Shaman. Always questions…

Kal Malik

Muse of Taliesin 1 – Birth of the Quest

We couldn’t help ourselves. We were having a stretch of great weather in England and it was only the middle of April. We had to go out. I was running out of time to begin my latest quest – The Muse of Taliesin. Therefore, a couple of quick texts, a designated date and time, and the “game was afoot” as they say. I waited for Kal and watched a hawk circling the house. A good omen.

We were heading into the depths of North Wales on the first part of my quest. I had a list of sacred sites associated with Taliesin the bard. Tonight we would visit the first of them. I drove with Kal in keen conversation mode to Rowen village near Conwy. I sort of remembered the way to my intended destination – the dolmen of Maen Y Bardd. I know it was up on the hillside at the back of Penmaenmawr, but I also know that I didn’t want to take the narrow steep road up. We drove through Rowen village and ended up on the narrowest, steepest road in North Wales. A road we said we’d never do again after last time. Something was making me work hard for this sacred site visit! I hoped it wouldn’t become a theme on this quest.

We parked and walked down the water-ridden track to a standing stone with male energy emissions. The flat blade of the stone marked the path to the dolmen. One could almost follow its shadow. It looked like a giant had thrust a blade up through the earth.

Maen-Y-Bardd - Conwy Valley - April 2014 (5) (Large)
The wind picked and so did my excitement. Soon, back on the track, I was able to point out Arthur’s Spear in the field opposite the little dolmen. An old tale tells of a giant throwing the stone to account for its positioning. My experience with such stones told me that it was probably pointing at a particular star, but this was not an evening to be hanging around trying to determine such things. The wind grew more bitter as the sun lengthened the shadows, but the atmosphere was still vibrant and expectant. On to the dolmen!

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Time is an illusion – Spring Equinox 2014 – 4 of 5



It’s complicated. Whenever I think about relativity my brain starts to cook. I don’t mind being mentally inept when it comes to understanding temporal mechanics, after all it stumps the best scientists too.

Gwas and I had arrived at a sacred site called Long Meg, but this wasn’t the place of interest. Instead we had learned that there were some caves along the side of a river. So off we trekked through mud and wood. At some point we got turned about and ended up on a much longer trek than we had anticipated. It didn’t dampen our quest however. As is often dictated, the toil of the journey is equal to the reward received at its conclusion.

In a previous post I mentioned that my Energetic Self had dropped (aligned) in and announced that it was capable of taking me back in time. What a breath-taking statement that was. But it was time to test it. The Fraternal Yews had provided the place where my double and I were again inhabiting the same body.

We arrived at the caves and what a fantastic set of caves they were too. Definitely the place for some serious magic. I asked whether this was the place that I would do some Fire Element work and the answer was yes. I also asked whether this was the place where I could do some work with my Energy Double. To be specific, was this a place where I could do some time travelling? Yes! Excellent. Which first?

It seems that the Time Travel aspect would be first. So I dowsed if I was ready for this feat? No, I needed to do some preparation first. I followed the rods through the small cave system and the took me to the darkest part of the caves. I sat – or rather – squatted down and let myself align with the energy of that spot. I could feel my double swirling within me. I think it knew what we were about.

Minutes later I was ready, I knew it. Inside and out. I let the rods guide me to another part of the cave system and this would be the place. Time travel. Oh my gods! As told in a previous post, my dear mum had passed in her sleep. Now, I was going to traverse time to that quiet night.

Caves Shape Energy

Caves Shape Energy

I had lit several incense sticks and was guided to place them in a circle around where I stood. Oddly, I needed some of my blood too. Fortunately (coincidently or synchronistically) I had cut myself at our previous stop and so had a ready-made gash that I could peel at to get some fresh blood. Preparations made, I closed my eyes and let myself go into the hands of my Energetic Self…

Imagination…I wonder sometimes whether it is imagination or reality. We have this damnable need to verify, justify and quantify our experiences don’t we? Did it really happen? Was it my imagination? Was it illusion or delusion? Then there is the almost silent voice that asks…what if it was real? The philosophical argument can be left to other posts. But for this one…

From Root to Solar my energy surged up towards the Heart. My energy-self slammed from the Crown through Brow to the Throat and into my Heart – Trashing the gateway as it did. Both energies mixed and rose up again to the Crown and…

Time turned, quite literally into a stream. I shot down it at quite a pace and then slowed to a point in time. It was some time in the early hours of the morning and I stood by the bed my mum was lying in. Odd, I thought I would be able to hold her hand, but couldn’t. I wasn’t real, I was energy that was aware.

I felt and saw the sprinkling of light starry sparks that was her energy. They were drifting out of cohesion. Fascinating I thought. But then the thought of thinking that took me. Here I was at a momentous time and I was self-analysing. I tried to seek out my own emotions but couldn’t seem to grasp them. Why wasn’t I feeling sorrow, loss? Or even gratitude for this moment of meeting again? My double (or rather me – it gets complicated) added a thought…now you know how I don’t feel… the “don’t” was emphasized.

The emotions that I had expected were absent – not because they were absent – but because my emotional sense was missing. I had nothing to do but to observe. For some reason I knew that my mum could feel me there. She wasn’t awake, she wasn’t suffering in any way that I could see and more importantly (to me) she wasn’t alone.

Energy sings. It makes sense that it does. But when you start to play with your energy-self you realise that truly, energy sings. At that time and space. My energy was singing in tune with my mums energy. That was how she knew that she was not alone. And then…something just…faded…a sense of life. It didn’t rise up into the air, no hollywood effects were discernible – just a sense of absence.

But a song – the song - continued to play and I realised that it was her energy-self. It was still there. Oh my Gods. I sensed that it tried to follow my mums – hmmmspirit but could not. It really tried to and it didn’t know that it couldn’t. What a truly awesome odd thing. I sensed rather than watched this doomed spectacle for some moments before a tug on my own energy shocked me back to my body and the cave in which I sat.

Illusion or Self-Delusion?

Kal Malik

[GWAS] : “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” (Douglas Adams)

Derwentwater and the Water Element – Spring Equinox 2014 – 2 of 5

River Derwent

Derwentwater Lake in Cumbria

Gwas and I have often considered going on tours with other groups. There are many local (ie in the UK) and abroad that have on occasion caught our eye. However what will put us off is the regiment. Our experience on literally every outing is that the day’s experience and visits will not conform to predefined routes. About the best we can manage is a starting point and even that has sometimes been changed.

Crystal Altar

Crystal Altar

The energy of the day, our energies, the purpose with which we are filled and any host of other factors makes the journey infinitely dynamic. So it is with our next stop. We were driving along the lake towards our next stop, when we were pulled towards the water of the lake. Gwas enquired as to whether I felt that the lake was a required stopping point and I concurred, it felt right. So we pulled over and began some work.

Was it going to be a water element place for me? Yes. I dowsed for the place to gather this water energy and found it not far away from the car park. Standing upon the place I was reminded of a time in Ireland. Then too I was on a quest to meet a Dragon. That time came vividly to mind. It had been the summer and we had visited several places before I had finally encountered the Dragon (an Emerald one as it happened). At each place along that pilgrimage I had left a marker for the Dragon to follow. Was it the case here I wondered.

I knew the answer before I even dowsed, but I did – just in case – and it was. The first place was where I had picked up the Rose Quartz at Castlerigg. The second would be here. You are going to ask me a question now. The question is, how did I know what to do? I’m sorry to say, I don’t know. It just comes to you.

Brow Chakra – Knowledge Without Rational Source

I gathered some quartz crystals from the shore and made this mini altar as a sign post for the Dragon of Ice. Work and elemental energizing done. We left the river and drove onwards to the next place on our pilgrimage.

Kal Malik

Alderley and the Elemental Cleansing

With the Spring Equinox looming Kal and I were chomping at the bit to get out and do some work. Spring had already seemed to have sprung, and we were like two young rabbits eager to play in the springtime sunshine.

I had recently been asking my dowsing rods about which activities I could get up to before the Equinox, and the answers I got back were that I could interact with my Spirit Guide. That was incentive enough. When Kal suggested an outing at Alderley Edge it was time to get to work this year. As I happened, there are three parts to this story, and my work with my guide is the last of them. The next post describes some information about Rowan trees, and this post concentrates on a “bonus” bit of energy work which we never expected, but which we were delighted to learn was the same for both of us. I’m calling it “Elemental Cleansing“.

Alderley Edge in early Spring after a stormy Winter. The trees are still denuded, but it was a nice sunny atmosphere in the forest. Sadly, there was also lots of evidence of damaged trees from the winter storms. Such a shame, but a natural part of the winter regeneration process, yet to see such an extent to the damage was quite shocking.

Storm-damaged trees in Alderley Edge 2014

Storm-damaged trees in Alderley Edge 2014

Kal and I asked the same question which was to be shown a place at which we could work. Kal’s agenda was that he wanted to ask some questions about his Energy Double. My intention was to have a meditation with my spirit guide. Yet we both got taken on the same path through the forest, often following exactly the same energy trail down the exact amplitude of the wave. Once in a while Kal would disappear to be taken around a tree. That was quite amusing, as every now and again I’d hear him say “Here I go again!” as he wandered out, round and back to join with my path again.

Soon we arrived at a familiar location – one of the many quarried pits in the forest. It was a deep ravine and we were taken along its edge (literally the very edge) until a suitable path was found and we were taken to our first location.

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Cornwall Winter 10 – Re-laying Lines at Helman Tor

In the final part of my winter visit to Cornwall I take a long walk to a remote hilltop to re-engage with Nature, and to learn a little more about ley lines.

It’s a short drive from Lesquite Quoit to the village of Lanlivery, where I parked at the local pub – The Crown Inn. Time for a spot of traditional lunch fayre (pie and mash) before heading out along The Saint’s Way towards my destination – Helman Tor.

Saints Way map

Map of The Saint’s Way, Cornwall

The Saint’s Way

I was lucky. The rain was holding off, and the walk along the Saint’s Way promised some spectacular views. The trail is well-marked and mostly well-surfaced. Then I got over the first hill out of Lanlivery and all that turned on its head! The wind picked up and I was grateful for the protective hedgerows on each side of the path. Then came the mud. The path had flooded for long sections and I had to pick my way around the worst depths, even with good footwear on. Nevertheless, I’d love to come back and do the full trail in summer. I bet it’s incredibly beautiful. It was nice even in its winter setting.

The Saints Way - Cornwall

Helman Tor was approaching. I had in mind that I might find another clue to finding The Blood Ring – my third ancestral artefact. I wrapped up and ploughed on with renewed vigour.

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