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Air not Sun at Dyserth Castle

Late August of 2013 brought Gwas and I out one evening to a place we like but rarely visit. By name it is called Dyserth Castle but as with many such (castles) places there is no hint of a castle. A friend once asked why we visit castles and forts? Since they are not obvious sacred sites. I agree whole heartedly, in that they are not obvious. However, as is the case throughout history. One dwelling supplants another, so it is that one sacred place is supplanted by another. Also many living places were chosen for their sacredness in the geography. Finally, often places become sacred because of the use that they are put.

That hopefully goes a little way as to why we explore some not to obvious sacred places and why often a castle or fort is just that, no useable sacred energies are found.

Here we are then (or rather were then) at Dyserth castle, just as the sun was about to set. A couple of years ago we had tried to create a sacred stone circle here. It had worked – sort of – but its energies were not lasting and on a later visit we dismantled it because our understanding of such things had grown and it was felt that the circle was inappropriate. You live and learn and correct your mistakes.

Often at such places I ask whether there is anything to learn here and often the answer is no. However I was delightfully surprised when the rods returned a Yes. Brilliant! So I dowsed for a place to prepare for this learning and having found a place opened myself up to preparation, cleansing and grounding. It was then that I sensed something, it was a shade. I tried to ignore it but it kept nagging me so I gave it some of my attention.

“There is something special that you can learn here?” It said.

“Oh yes,” I thought back at it, “and what do you want from me to tell me this?”

I felt a kind of picking at my memory and then a semi-forgotten memory of a time when I had nearly died popped to the surface…

On rare occasions a terror inducing memory surfaces from my past. I was around 22 at the time. It was a time when the doors to trains weren’t electrically sealed. I had run onto a platform just as a train was leaving. In an instant of madness. I grabbed the door handle, twisted it open and tried to jump on. The seated passengers inside were startled to see me, but fortunately (and life saving) one of them grabbed me by the lapel and dragged me in. Just at the same instant the door hit the side of a bridge and slammed shut. I had been a millisecond away from death.

It was this memory that the shade drew from me as payment for directing me towards the following lesson…

Dyserth Castle - Is the blur at the top, the elemental?

Dyserth Castle – Is the blur at the top, the elemental?

The shade directed me atop a mound in the centre of the clearing. This it seem was the place where I would learn. I climbed the precarious rocks (don’t try this at home) and opened myself up to the Genius Loci.

As I stood there listening, I realised that I was listening to the wind swirl within the castle. I felt rather than saw the wind swirling upwards like a funnel or a twister. It was a great feeling and I thought to myself, if only the sun (now well beyond the hills) could be here I would revel in the energy. Then a thought (or a commune) came to me.

“I should align with Air rather than with Sun”

What? Surely I am a Sun aligned person? Didn’t I get my energy from the sun (see this blog for more details). apparently not I was being told. I am aligned to Air but since the Sun was seen through the Air, it had worked for me. What a revelation. One that definitely needed more thought before taking on board.

Air aligned? Hmmm, I deflated my energies and disengaged from the still flowing wind. I needed to think about this new-found knowledge. Lighting a few sticks of incense I showed my gratitude for this knowledge and insight and jumped down from the mound.

The evenings adventure was complete.

Kal Malik Air aligned?

An experiment in aura pushing

In this post on Auras and Dowsing I mentioned that I would be telling of some truly astounding experiments that I got myself into whilst on the last few days of my trip to California and specifically, San Francisco. In this post I showed how we can push someones aura. The essence of it was to find the edge of a persons aura with the dowsing rods and then push it with the palms of ones hand.

It was two days before I was to depart California and I, admittedly had had a wine glass too many. A couple of friends and I were discussing all things esoteric. At one point I mentioned that I had read in some tome or other that a person back in the days of mesmerism (the old name for hypnotherapy) a person had controlled another’s actions as if the person was in the same room. We began to speculate on an energy based theory for this. Whereupon an interesting experiment emerged.

Could you push a persons aura over a distance?

Specifically, dowse for a point where one could access someone elses aura (the someone else would be in an adjacent room) and then push it. Just like in the above experiment. As we sat and discussed it I was in two minds. One part of me said yes, pretty much on the foundation of mesmerism (and that we are all connected) and the other part of me said no, on the basis of what I knew so far about energy and auras (specifically, that auras do not pass the boundary of walls).

Remarkable dowsing

Remarkable dowsing

The only way forward was to test it. So we did. Here is the layout. We had two rooms adjacent to each other. I was in one room, Jennifer was in the other room, Anton stood outside of both rooms and was able to look in through the doors. Anton would see whether Jennifer wobbled back and forth in sync with my pushing and pulling.

I asked the rods whether Jennifer’s aura was in the room where I was. The answer came back no. This was what I was suspecting anyway. So I asked whether there was a place in my room from where I could push Jennifer’s aura. The answer surprisingly was a Yes and I was taken to an insignificant spot. As a point to note. It wasn’t near the wall to the adjacent room.

So, kind of bit weirdly, I tried to feel for Jennifer’s aura, and when I got a feel for it, began to push and pull it. As I changed from pulling to pushing and vice versa, I indicated to Anton my intention. Okay, even as I write this, it sounds and feels very peculiar. Still, after a few minutes of this I stopped and all three of us got together. Here are the results…

  1. Did I feel like I was pushing an aura? Yes
  2. Did Jennifer feel something in her stomach (as others have when their aura is pushed)? Yes
  3. Did Jennifer move back and forth (according to Jennifer)? Yes
  4. Did Anton see Jennifer move? Yes
  5. Did Anton see Jennifer move in sync with my pushing and pulling? Yes

What! Really? It worked? I was in disbelief, but apparently it does work. Not only that but (as Anton pointed out) I had been facing the room that Jennifer was in, kind of so that I could imagine to myself the same set up as the above posts video. However Jennifer had been at a roughly 45 degree angle to the wall and so was askew to me.

But, it had worked! Oh my word!

Kal Malik – amazed!

Using signs in daily life

There have been a lot of ‘big’ posts recently, but here is a little one. A little story about how the forces of Nature can work with you in daily life to make your life a little better.

I often go out running at lunch time. My work is flexible enough to allow it, and the environment has a number of different terrains so that I can plot a suitable route to match the time I have or the run I want to do. This day I wanted to do a shorter run, just a gentle stroll after the previous day’s hard run to get myself in the habit of going out running regularly, and to prepare myself for a forthcoming 10k run in December.

I got into a short-sleeved top and light leggings. Although the air was cold the sky was blue and the sun was at its midday height. Lovely – perfect conditions. I set off on my smaller route at a comfortable pace. At one point I passed a fellow runner and complimented him on his economical style.

I just turned a corner, increasing my pace as I was relaxing now, and remembering to bring my legs up higher. I looked up at the sky ahead. It was a wall of dark grey in the middle distance. Wintry rain and sleet, I reckoned. The kind of rainfall that gives people in short sleeves a short sharp shock to the system and which can lead to an illness pretty quickly.

I thought about the route ahead which might eventually collide with the cloud front. Did I want to go that way, I asked? Silence. Then I thought about the alternative route – a quick and straight job back down the main road – noisy but direct. At that moment a hawk which I couldn’t see made a familiar quick sharp cry. A sign! I had my answer!

I ran back the short route watching the cloud all the way back. It seemed that I was running in a patch of blue sky above – had I made the wrong decision? Could I have carried on without getting rained on? I debated this all the way back to the office. However, I also thought about the consequences if the hawk’s cry had been the correct sign to follow. I decided to play it safe and to send the hawk some energy – offering it strength and a keen eye on its winter hunting missions. That seemed a fair exchange.

I turned into the covered archway leading to the company’s offices, and slowed my pace to a walk. At that moment the clouds arrived overhead and began to throw down sleet and wetness in large quantities. I ducked into the office quickly. Perfect timing! The hawk had been right. Thanks!

Gwas signature

Samhain 2013 – Hay Bluff stone circle

The second place we intended to visit on Samhain this year was a newly-designated stone circle on the exposed side of Hay Bluff. Hay Bluff is a beautiful bracken-laden burgeoning hill which rolls gently upwards from Abergavenny until it tilts downward towards its English cousin Hay-On-Wye. As we rose towards the top of the hill we simply had to stop and take some photographs because the vista was so stunning.

The drive up revealed the autumn rust colours of the bracken contrasting beautifully with the remaining greenery. The narrow road gave us a few heart-stopping moments, but on the whole most people were very courteous in letting us past or negotiating a passing place. It was worth the treacherous and tortuous tiny road required to reach the top.

Hay Bluff in autumnal splendour

Hay Bluff in autumnal splendour

A Sad Little Circle

On arrival we found that the exposed ‘circle’ was too windy and wet to do much for any length of time. We had to work quickly. The circle has one standing stone a few feet tall and angled. Other stones are small, buried and often missing. The size of the circle is about ten feet in diameter. It doesn’t dowse as being very strong. No wonder it had gone unrecognised for so long!

My reason for visiting was that I thought we have some work to do here and I want to find out what that was. Were we expected to protect it, put energy into it, clean it up or restore its spirit of place? I got out of  the car and began to dowse despite the howling wind that was causing people around us to pull hoods up tight and shuffle off on their walks with some element of doubt about why they had chosen this day.

The dowsing revealed that we should work to restore the circle’s part in a larger network by inviting back the missing Spirit of Place.

I turned to Kal and explained my findings. He explained his. They were the same! With that kind of independent correlation we knew we had to do something. We split up again and began to work how each of worked best.

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Menorca – Death Energy at a Fort

Fort Marlborough, nr. Es Castell, Menorca - October 9th 2013

I recently went to Menorca - one of the beautiful Balearic Islands off the eastern coast of Spain. One of the ways in which I was persuaded to go there was that not only was it a great destination for some autumn sunshine, but it was also littered with megalithic sites. Well, this hedge druid only needs one such invitation. We were going!

After a few days relaxation and recuperation M and I hired a car and headed out into the island’s interior. We were based in the south-eastern corner of the island as S’Algar, and within half an hour’s drive there were a couple of places that I had already ear-marked as being potentially interesting. I had a print-off of the location and a brief description, We made our way along the main island highway stopping off at places along the way. First destination – Fort Marlborough.

For Marlborough Menorca

I didn’t have any expectations of this place. For me it was just intended to be a sightseeing episode, but actually it turned into something more interesting.

Being Scared To Death

Our adrenalin levels had been sent sky-high – firstly M jumped at seeing a wax dummy of a solider when she rounded a corner on the tour path. Then I jumped when I was struck my a simultaneous blast of air and explosion noise when I ventured into one of the tunnels under the fort. It was a demonstration of how sappers sabotaged attempts to burrow under the fort’s walls, but it made me jump! It nearly scared me to death! And maybe that was the start of the whole theme for Menorca’s ancient sites – death.

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Mitchells Fold – Part 2 – Crystal Patterns and Life Mysteries

I was scared, I have to confess. In my humble opinion, people take working with crystals without the seriousness it deserves. It is understandable. I used to be in that position myself many years ago. However constant experience has taught me that crystals have a powerful effect on energy.

As with many things esoteric, I have a theory. It’s my belief that crystals have two effects on energy.

  1. They shape and guide the flow of energy.
  2. They pass on a resonance to energy.

Oh and it seems that some crystals can amplify and attenuate energy too. I would mention something on crystals and water (particularly flowing water) but that goes beyond the scope of this post.

Over the last few years I have on four occasions used a crystal and intention layout in my bedroom. On each of those occasions, profound results have occurred almost immediately. The last of these occasions was two nights ago.

I had taken my substantial collection of crystals out of storage a couple of weeks ago, but had not taken them from my car to my room…see…fear!

This day, being the day before our visit to Mitchells fold I decided to move the crystals into my room and after a good deal of trepidation I decided to create a layout. My intention was simple enough.

Let this layout guide me to the best future for me

Or something like that. My crystals all come in a sectioned box, with about 20 sections and about 4/5 crystals per section. My method of selection was simple. I would have in mind each section at a time and then ask whether any crystals from that section was needed. If there was a need, I would then ask individually for each crystal in the section. Simple, right.

By the time I had finished I had about 14 crystals. Then taking each crystal in my hand, I asked where it should be placed. One after the other I placed each crystal at some point around the perimeter of my bed. The final one, which was a rose quartz by the way, ended up under my pillow.

Note: Giving you an exact layout of the crystals wouldn’t really be of use as I think, the crystals and layout are highly personal and also time dependant.

The rods determined that the layout had to be in place for about 6 hours and so it was time to go to bed. Now I want to do a flashback to a couple of days ago.

My contract of work was coming to a conclusion and with careful planning right at the time that I was due to fly out to California for a month. In fact my flight was due to leave in four days time. I was feeling good. One of the reasons I was on a particular high was that my manager had come to me only a day ago and said that he would like for me to return to the company for further work after I returned from my holiday. Can’t really argue with a blessing like that right. How could I say no? It was like having your cake and eating it. Awesome! Fresh with this feeling in mind and a bedroom adorned with crystals I fell asleep, contented and quite happy.

I awoke the next day, early and refreshed. I had forgotten about the crystals until I stepped on one as I went to the bathroom, ouch! I collected them up and asked the rods a quick, “was the work done” to which the answer was Yes. Today was three days before I flew out to the USA. I was excited. I drove into work and was seated at my desk when my managers manager walked up to me and asked whether he could have a word. Sure, I said.

A few minutes later he had told me that my manager had made an error and that they would not be needing my services after I returned. The guy, bless him, thought I had a sour feeling in my stomach. He was right, but for the wrong reason. I wasn’t upset with the loss of the job, that’s life. What had occurred to me in an instant was…

Had the crystal layout caused me to lose my job?

Of course it had to be a coincidence? So here I was at Mitchells fold ready to ask the all important question. Before I did so, I asked the preliminary one, “Could I ask questions about this subject?” The answer was a thankful Yes. So it came to the question…

  • “Did the crystal layout have anything to do with me losing my job?”  Yes. Oh blimey!
  • “If I had not done the layout, would I still have had my job?” Yes
  • “Was the best path for me to not return to where I was working?” Yes

I sat in my power place and meditated on these answers. A flash of insight occurred to me. I wouldn’t have been able to say no to the job offer (it providing me with food and shelter after all) so was this why the job had been taken away from me (so to speak)? The dowsing rods clinked a yes. Wow! What a strange turn of events.

Kal Malik – bedazzled

Lammas Part 3 Lligwy Village

On our way to Lligwy chamber we decided to stop of at the nearby Lligwy village, why you might ask, after all it wouldn’t be considered to be a sacred site. True, however, as I have mentioned before. As we have places of worship in our villages, towns and cities. So did the ancients and although they might not be recognisable, their energy remnants may still exist and be of use. Thus here we were at Lligwy.

Lligwy Village

Lligwy Village

The question is, did we find anything of value or note at this place. Yes and it was a surprise to me too. I began by asking my standard questions…

  • Was there anything I can do for this place?
  • Was there anything I could learn or get from this place?

The answers were Yes and No, respectively. What to do then? Well, it turns out that I was to collect some energy residue from one part of the site and deposit it at another. That’s it. Why I had to do this and for what purpose are, as you know, unanswerable. Just for note really. The process was really simple…

  1. Get the dowsing rods to take me to the collection point.
  2. Collect the energy – using a visualisation.
  3. Get the rods to take me to the deposit point.
  4. Visualise a release of the energy.

Which it took about 10 minutes to do. Our stay then consisted of more time spent taking pictures than actual work. But it has been noted and logged.

Kal Malik Next Please!

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