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Death of an Amateur Turf Cutter

Seamus Heaney – poet, Irishman and amateur turf cutter – died today aged 74. He was one of the poets whom I truly enjoyed when I was studying poetry at university. As his spiral turns to completion we can only wonder at where such genius with words will re-appear amongst us. Here are some of his inspiring words […]

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Druids and dowsing

Sometimes you must wonder why I put such store in dowsing as a divination method. Of course, I talk about other methods – scrying, tarot, and other obscure methods. Some of these methods have provenance, and most have been validated by my own work to my satisfaction at some time or another. Yet I keep coming […]

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The Female In The Landscape

Although many ancient mounds are compared to the figures of women, and thus considered to be homages to female deities or Nature ‘herself’, it seems as though this is not just an ancient admiration. Recently the incredible new land sculpture known as “Northumberlandia” was opened to the public near the town of Cramlington. The park is one […]

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38 Degrees – The Bee Campaign

The last time I engaged with the 38 Degrees campaigners was when they were petitioning to save the British woodland from being sold off to commercial interests. 38 Degrees made supporting and lobbying for the campaign really easy, and because of this they managed to elicit a huge response that actually had a noticeable political […]

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2011 amazing times

In one sentence… “The universe sings the song but you provide the song title” Ok, I can see from the draft posts that Gwas is beginning his 2011 round up and since (see The World is Changing) the new spiral has already begun for me I thought I’d get my update in first! In complete honesty […]

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Don’t mess with the megaliths!

Sean Quinn, once Ireland’s wealthiest man, is now bankrupt. Some are beginning to speculate as to why this might be – dodgy deals, reckless investments, or bad luck? Well, the bad luck angle is getting some airplay at the moment. Some people put the collapse down to a single decision made in the heyday of the […]

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