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Imbolc 2012 part 5 Bridestones, Orbs and an Unexpected Guest


Our last stop on Imbolc was the Bridestones. Nothing particularly exciting happened for me at that site, or so I thought until the next day I was sorting through the images that I had taken and my eye was caught by this…   Intrigued by this mystery I did this set of dowsing in my room. And […]

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Imbolc 2012 Part 2 The green knight

  It surprises me that Gwas is still amazed when the sun is out on our days out. With the number of times that the sun has an impossible task of appearing and yet our sacred journey becomes basked in its glow is ominously curious. Nevertheless, touting the fates (and the weather predictors) once again […]

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Somebody Else’s Problem Field

A few years ago we lost that remarkable genius, Douglas Adams. Both Gwas and I have been a fan of his work for years. From the original Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (known amongst aficionados as hhgttg, or H2G2) to the less famous, but equally recommended Dirk Gently series. Not a month goes by when […]

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Orbs…Questions answered

In light of Gwas’s recent post on Orbs we decided to do some independant questioning from a distance of 250 miles apart. Here are the questions and results… Question Kal Gwas Is it a fluke or malfunction of the camera? Yes No Is it a Faerie? Yes Yes Is it a Tree spirit No No Is […]

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