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Earth Water Fire Air – update

The story so far…Early on this (2014) year I was tasked to collect (what does that mean?) four elements. Didn’t sound that bad until I learned that each element was to be collected from abroad. Of course these quests never seem to come with the entire manual in one go so it was that on […]

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Visions of the 3rd Eye – p9 Solstice 2014

We were lost or rather the sacred sites we were looking for were not where the map had indicated. We drove back and forth along several routes to no avail. I was reminded of a spell I had come across long ago. Turn about – where a person is put into such a confusion that […]

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Integrating my Energy and the return of the Bee totem – p7 Solstice 2014

As it seems is always the way when it comes to my Energy Double integration. It isn’t a straight-forward or replicable process. Each and every time it is different. Of course there are similarities. One of these is the pre-amble or dance that occurs. Dancing with my Energy Double involves me laying out a path […]

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Depth of the Water Element – p1 Solstice 2014

I don’t want you to get over excited! Heck Yes I do. Our trip to Ireland for the summer solstice was fantastic! There were highs and lows and extreme highs. Our purpose(s) for the trip were completed in spades. More meaning was added to our life and our experience and understanding of the esoteric world […]

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