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Djinn at Habu temple – Egypt 14

From a west bank of the Nile in Luxor point of view, my favourite place has to be the Temple of Habu. I know it’s called the Mortuary temple and all that, I’m just saying, it’s my favourite. From a feeling point of view of course. As you enter into the complex you’re greeted by […]

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Learning more about “the dress”

In this post I told you about my intuitive push towards buying a dress. I know, it sounds weird to me too. Gosh! However, since Chris and I were out hunting answers at sacred sites, I thought that I  might try and discover more about this departure from the norm. It was approaching mid-day when […]

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A Bedroom, Faery and Goddess – p5 Solstice 2014

Okay, this post just shows the dedication with which we report our experiences. Read it quickly because this post will self-destruct in five seconds… Gwas and I had just visited four sacred places on our first afternoon/evening in Ireland. It was the eve of the Summer Solstice (2014) and already we had had enough brilliant […]

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