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Another spiral comes around

As you walk this crazy path…

“Divine Guidance leads a man to perplexity”

You begin to notice the spirals in your life. I have begun to note them here for three reasons.

  1. It adds to the flavour of the tales here
  2. It is a reminder to myself – I can’t recall everything (in fact I can’t recall many things)
  3. As the great psychologist and explorer Abraham Maslow demonstrated experimentally. The more you talk about them, the more they happen or the more you recognise them.

As a previous post intimated, I am on a journey (along with a Facebook group of 150 people) of exploring the Forty Rules of Love ostensibly a novel written by Elif Shafak (another person who seems to have got involved in my quests – Wand ingredient). One of the explorers, suggested I read a book called The Last Barrier by Reshad Feild.

The Last Barrier

The Last Barrier

It sounded interesting and so I bought it and what a surprise it turned out to be. Here is an Amazon description…

This classic work by Reshad Feild, one of today’s best-known Sufi teachers in the West, tells the compelling story of his journey into an ancient and powerful spiritual path. Starting as a London antique dealer, Feild comes into contact with the enigmatic Hamid, a Sufi teacher who leads him into a world of mystery, knowledge, and limitless love. On his journey, which takes him to the mystical sites of Turkey, Feild is forced to confront his own inner weaknesses and falsehoods. Hamid and the events of his search take him again and again into confrontation with the limits of his own being, enabling him to shed the false conditioning that lies between himself and his true nature. This hard-to-put-down adventure is a travelogue in more ways than one. It tells of Feild’s exhilarating explorations into mystical Turkey, a land of whirling dervishes and the tombs of great saints, but also a world that opens into the divine love that lies at the heart of all.

The previous owner had left a comment inside to say that they had got to page 24 before giving up. I can understand why. Although it is an easy read, there are places where one gets lost because of the aforementioned perplexity. As I read through the book, it’s only a 180 pages, I got a nagging sensation that I had read it before. Odd! It was about page 40 when I understood what that sensation was, Carlos Castaneda! The book reminded me of his apprenticeship to a shaman. In fact the more I read this book, the more it reflected Castaneda’s works.

The huge part of me wants to believe in the veracity of Feild’s journey, but the deep relation to Castaneda’s work makes me wonder. Of course, you could read sections of this blog and relate it to either of these authors journeys without any need for embellishment. Which reinforces my view that the sufi journey is indeed an accurate account.

It makes me feel good inside to see something from my bygone era (Castaneda) coming back into my life in a completely unexpected way through the last barrier. From a personal point of view then…

I really liked the book, it related to my own journey in many ways, not the least the Sufi part of it. I confess, at one point when it was talking about the need for patience on the journey I was left midway between laughter and tears. Then there is the esoteric areas that the book covers or glosses over and the mysteries that are hinted at.

In the book the author learns that progression isn’t about measurement, a point I absolutely agree with. Having said that, I note with some hope that I understood much of it and the bits that I didn’t understand weren’t understandable.

“We cannot see the lessons that other people are being taught” #Kalism

So another spiral turns and now I am off to purchase another one of Feild’s books and consider how much is the Sufi path aligned with the Shaman path.

Funny, what comes around



I was having coffee with my nephew the other day and he tells me of a post that I had put on Facebook recently. It was regarding a book that I had just purchased…Masnavi by Rumi. It shouldn’t be a surprise to readers here. As you know, the signs have been leading me in the direction of Sufism for quite some time. Here is a link to pretty much all the posts  related to that journey.

From the tales my mum used to tell me when I was a kid, to the time spent amongst the Sufi’s last year to my current ventures. Oh by the way did I tell you about that? You can read all about it here. In some respects I am being immersed in the works of Sufism, Dervishes, and Rumi. To that end, I had purchased the above tome of poetry.

As I said, my nephew mentioned my post on Facebook and added that it was a funny turn of events. Curious, I asked why and he said that he remembered that my mum used to watch a particular program on Arabic TV. The program, my nephew said, was devoted to the works of Rumi and, in particular, Masnavi.

It wasn’t stunning news by any chalk of the imagination, but you know what, it is little signs like these that knock gently on your door and let you know that you are on the right path.


When the dowsing rods say YES

Good Omens

Good Omens

As you will know, if you read this journal a lot, that I am pretty good with making decisions in my life based on what I read from the rods as well as the signs and omens. Here is a question though…

What do you do when the signs, omens and dowsing rods give you an unequivocal YES and your thinking and feelings are telling you, NO

The first thing you can do is question whether you are in a fit state to ask the question…to which the answer is Yes. Of course you could then ask whether you are in a fit state to ask even that question, which then becomes ad nauseum. At some point you have to say, I’m okay.

The next point of call is to ask whether you can actually ask the question you originally asked in the first place, to which the answer is Yes.

So that pretty much scuppers you as far as the dowsing goes. Now let’s turn to the Signs and Omens. Here you can consider whether you are reading the signs correctly. Also you can ponder whether the sign is indeed a sign in the first place. But you have that nagging feeling that if the rods are saying Yes then surely that validates or is validated by the signs, right?

See how circular you can get, indeed it’s a bit like when two people alibi each other. Where does your trust lie?

So let’s look at the opposing argument mlud. So your feelings and thinking are both pointing you towards a No. Can you trust your feelings? Feelings have all sorts of weird agendas behind them. Past experiences are a big one of course and most of these past experiences are sub-conscious to boot. So you don’t even know that there is an ice-berg beneath that emotion. Thinking is also circumspect isn’t it? One personals rational conclusion isn’t another persons. What then are we left with?

Signs, Dowsing and Omens Vs Feelings and Thinking

Of course you could try going down the Yes route for a while to see how things pan out. But that isn’t the sacred way is it. Sacred paths don’t do well in the world of “let me try it out for a while” That’s why, in my opinion, many spiritual followers come a-cropper – that notion of trying before you buy.

Let’s get personal, well to some degree at least.

I am in just such a situation. My emotions and thoughts are telling me NO, but the signs, omens and in particular the dowsing rods are saying a big YES. and I mean a BIG YES. I won’t go into the detail of what the query is, does it matter? It’s certainly very important in my life.

Have I decided which way to let fate (or is it destiny) fall? Yes I have. I have opted for the route of the signs, omens and dowsing rods. It may take some time for the situation to play out to a conclusion, at least of sorts. But I am ready to be vindicated or damned by my decision.

Tara: Blessings, the Moon, Tarot and a Goddess p7 Solstice 2015

Blessings at Tara

The previous six posts will confirm that today had been an amazingly experiential day. So we arrived at Tara, where Chris and I both had appointments. Mine was with a Goddess named Caileach. A being that I had first encountered here at this very spot some years ago and who had since dogged my life. Most of the times in a good way and on a few occasions in a trickier way. I guess it’s her nature as far as I could understand her nature.

Blessings at Tara

Blessings at Tara

As I walked up to the mounds I wondered where to go and what to do. An intuitive thought came to me immediately. Just be. Really? Sounds a bit boring, but having learned patience I took it on board and followed Chris across the hill as he began his work.

After several minutes, I felt his energy shift and knew that I would be in the way so I wandered away…aimless it seemed…then my aim took a target and I began to walk towards the western embankment, towards the setting sun. As I continued my walk along the embankment, I saw a tree covered in blessings. I was tempted for a moment to add my own, but resisted…not here. So I continued on to another and then a third. The third (hmmm three’s) had the most blessings of all and this one I felt was the one I had to add mine too. Which I did.

Sun and the Moon

After a simple and quick blessing ceremony, I was heading back towards the central mound again. It took a while as the rods were making huge sweeping movements on the way. Eventually though I found myself over by the standing stone and looking off to the south-west. As I lay there looking out at basically nothing, I wondered why the rods hadn’t placed me facing the sun. That would have been a cool vista. But no, here I was looking out onto the fields.

Tara and the Sun

Tara and the Sun

As I relaxed, lying down on the grass, the goddess appeared on the horizon. I’ve never seen her in this shape before. She was a giant eagle that eclipsed the horizon and with an amazing speed she flew at me. But as she got closer she shrunk and transformed into a crow. I’m sure I checked my hallucinogenic at the airport.

Caileach did this back and to thing a few times, Giant eagle, small crow and then just as she flew into the horizon again, I saw it. A sliver of the moon, directly facing me. Had it always been there or had Caileach made it appear. Okay, that thought made me feel queasy. But the moon was definitely there, perhaps in its first quarter. Also as soon as my attention focused on the Moon, Caileach disappeared. I knew thought that this was only the beginning of the evenings adventure.

Caileach deals the Cards

I watched the moon, pretty sure that most people, focusing on the sun were oblivious to it. Later on I had to point it out to Chris too, who is a moon aligned person! Caileach is an odd being as far as my experience goes. She shifts shape at the drop of a hat and her input into my life is as cryptic as anything, but I have to say, leads to adventures galore.

As I lay there and the cold gathered in around me she appeared in her huge form. This time, in her absolute stunning visage. And to my surprise began dealing these huge sky high tarot cards…

Caileach Deals the Tarot

Caileach Deals the Tarot

For several moments, the Magician, the World and the Fool all lay on the grass before me. What did it mean? I asked myself and the Goddess. To which she responded with another three cards…

Tarot by Caileach

Tarot by Caileach

No words, no indications about what they meant. Almost as if she was saying you should know by now! And then she was gone…a crow flying over to the church. I made a mental note of the cards and got up to follow her.

The return of the Oracle of Dowth p5 Solstice 2015

Dowth - an oracle cometh

Dowth – an oracle cometh

I am biased. My previous visit to Dowth was pretty awesome even within the realms of this blogs magic. So I was expecting nothing less this time. Learning from my previous visit I had just left Knowth, having used a crystal pentagram to open my third-eye. I still felt the tingling as we walked the couple of miles to Dowth. During the walk Chris regaled me with what he had learned over at the university of knowth. Interestingly he had more knowledge about my quests than I did. I’ll leave that for his posts. However it does relate to an experience herein, so watch out for that.

I climbed and wandered around the hill of Dowth with an almost reverence in my footsteps. Asking the rods whether I needed to prepare got me the “didn’t you just come Knowth look” Fair enough, I laughed.

A magicians kit

A magicians kit

I took up my rods and followed them to a place of commune and they took me to exactly the same spot as last time. That was a promising start. I quickly went through a check list and determined that…

  • I needed to place the Coin and Quartz in the sun for cleansing (after the work that they had done at Loughcrew this morning).
  • Use the length of Selenite to cleanse my aura (I don’t know why).
  • The feather and the smaller crystal I also had to place in the sun (the things we have to do…)

I lay back in the shine of the sun and meditated…where would the magic take me? I felt a calling in the air and followed it mentally. I was led back down the path and of to the left of the mound as you look at it from the road. There was an entrance to underground and I felt the underworld too. I followed the feeling deep into the mound and finally came across the oracle. It wasn’t the Oracle of Delphi. It was the Oracle of this place, of Dowth. She, for she it was ushered me in herself and sat me down. I felt an urgency about her movements and yet, I wasn’t in any hurry at all.

How certain is the future?

How certain is the future?

On my last visit, I had gone back in time to visit with the Oracle of Delphi that had been visiting this site. This time, I knew I was in the present. But then a thought occurred to me (as these strange things do) Who and what was this? A spirit? A shade? Another being? The oracle, who remains nameless, waved the questions in my mind aside.

I have the future to show you, she said. Watch!

Then she showed me the future. Quite literally, no messing, no hidden meanings, just simply the future of things. She showed me that I would complete the wand quest. That I would gain the miracle that was one of its ingredients.

After each vision she would state…

This will happen – look – see that it has happened!

This went on for several events. At the time I could not believe that I was being shown this. The veil across the future had vanished completely and it was as known to me as the past.

Then she stopped as if to take breath and rest but actually it was to change tack. She pointed at an image that was before us both. But before I go into that I want to say that I was sat on a seat and she was stood over my left shoulder. Visions, like a 3d film and I mean 3d, they had depth, played before me and she would occasionally point out the details.

As I said, the Oracle changed tack. With a flourish of her hand the image changed became one that is deeply personal to me…

Certain things are immutable. The path is so solid in the future that nothing can change it. This is one of those things. Stop asking, stop trying, you are wasting your time. More important than that, you are wasting Energy. As it is written So it shall be! Leave it alone! Stop!

Wow! What a statement and with such certainty. It left me chilled and to be honest a sense of powerlessness – which is a surprising feeling for me.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? To see your future laid out before you. Of course there was a catch. At the end of showing me these visions she walked about to face me directly. Raising her hand she placed a finger on my lips, as if to silence me. Then a strange (stranger!) thing happened. The memory of the visions disappeared from my mind. Like fog clearing, they faded away, with only remnants such as those described above remaining.

I know that certain things are in my future. But I don’t know the hows of them. It is an odd sensation to have your memory wiped or hidden. But there it is. A gift she gave and then kind of took it away. Not only that, but with her finger on my lips, she had silenced my questioning too. Perhaps she sensed that I was bursting with questions.

The Oracle wasn’t finished with me, not by a long way…

Dinas Emrys part 4 Merlin, Ancestors, Dragons and Magicians

As if being breathed on by four dragons wasn’t enough the following leaves most tales in this blog standing. I know, given what is contained herein, you might be thinking that this is a tall order, it is. Read on…

The afore-mentioned dragons had departed and I had just completed a healing ceremony for a friend. Was there anything more that this magnificent sacred place have to offer I wondered and indeed asked the Genius Loci. The answer was yes!

Merlin of Albion

Merlin of Albion

t began with a vague shift in the air. As if it had got really hot and there was a haze in the air. Rather than being at ground level though, the haze was some feet above the ground. On the other side was a figure. Who over the space of a few moments came into focus. It was Emrys aka Merlin. As I have mentioned before, there is an understanding that isn’t based on knowledge. This is another example of such. It wasn’t a recognition based on description, archetype or words. It was a knowing without the mechanism of knowing.

Now usually it is Chris who has encounters with Merlin, I have to settle for a mistrusted goddess named Caileach. However, today, it seems that I was to be in commune with the great mage himself. I bowed and was surprised by his similar greeting. A thought occurred to me. After all we are both of this land. Merlin shook his head, “I am of this land”, he emphasised the this.  “You are not.”

I was surprised. I have for the most part seen myself as being of this, Albion, land. Indeed, when I have been abroad, I have always attempted to connect back to Albion. These thoughts went through my mind as Merlin watched (and I suspect read my mind). “No,” he said again, “You are not of this land”

There was no point in arguing with him, what did it matter, I wondered and opted for the higher ground so to speak and said, “Well, perhaps not Albion as such, but we’re all servants of Gaia, the Earth”

Merlin smiled and nodded, agreeing and then added, “but that is not our concern today” he said. “Albion is not your land because it is not your ancestors land” Ah, I thought, yes, well that wasn’t in dispute at all. My ancestors were Pakistani or indeed, Indian since Pakistan was only formed in the 50’s.

To my surprise Merlin shook his head at this. “No, they are not Indian” What? Oh come on, check out the skin colour. Still Merlin insisted, “that is not your ancestral origin.”

He looked away over the mountains and I followed his gaze. Magician and Wizard was the thought that came to my mind and I knew that he had put it there. What, I wondered was my ancestral origin if not India? Over the past few months I had been getting the urge to reconnect to my ancestral origins and was even contemplating (and semi planning) a trip back to my origins.

Merlin turned to me, “They are not your origins” he said once again. Where then are my origins I asked him, did he know? He took a step closer to me and raised a finger and jabbed the air in front of my face…

You know your origins! You’ve been told! Remember!

Each statement was punctuated by a stab of his finger. I felt my thoughts being disrupted but could not grasp on to what they were trying to show me. I looked across at Merlin, asking for more of his help.

Remember…go back and remember…

I thought he meant go back in time to my ancestral time, but he pulled my thoughts back to a more recent experience and yet still many years ago.

Remember…his fingers tapped my brow, my third eye and I remembered…

It was a time when Chris and I had started exploring the energies and beings of this land. Oh my god! It seems like a lifetime ago. We were up at the Druids Circle and honestly it may have been our first time there. I was exploring the energies of the place and had found that a Genius Loci or a Dragon spirit. I couldn’t distinguish the two at that time, resided there. What I also discovered is that a thousand or so years ago, a magician of powerful aspect had forced the spirit/energy/dragons to leave this land and travel abroad to aid him in some project. Chris and I had visited a few more sacred places at that time and found that dragons from many places (including Ireland) had been forced into servitude by this Eastern Mage. 

All of these memories came flooding back to me as Merlin continued to play with my third-eye. What was he suggesting? And then the connection and indeed the many connections hit me. Magicians, Dragons, Freeing the Dragons, Being bound to a Dragons, My travels to the East but not Asia. 

Was he saying that my ancestry was Eastern? Was Arabian? Middle Eastern? Where this magician had resided? I looked at Merlin partly in horror partly in wonder as a final thought arose in my mind…Was that magician, who had imprisoned the dragons, my direct answer? Merlin’s eyes flashed.

I was alone, left with a spiral of such magnitude that it pretty much dwarfed other escapades noted herein. Was that really my ancestral home? Was that magician a direct ancestor? What did it mean? Which Arabian or middle-eastern country was it? Again, what did it mean?  And all of the Dragon adventures I had been on…so many now that I think on them…were they all connected?

Blown away!

Elif Shafak, an ingredient and sufism

Architects Apprentice

Architects Apprentice

Okay, I have been on some strange quests to be sure and the journey that each quest has taken me on has been more challenging than the previous. You kind of wonder where all this is leading, but as my previous post talked about, sometimes you are stuck with the Uncertainty Principle.

One of the things that I often wonder is the genesis about certain things going on currently in my life. When did it begin? It’s a difficult and often fruitless one. But what it does do is grow (and remind you of) the appreciation of magic in your life and that can’t be a bad thing.

So, is it Sufism? Or is it the introduction of new Turkish friends into my life? Or is it something more exotic than that. I don’t use the word “Universe” much anymore. After all, what isn’t from the Universe? When I do catch myself using that word, it’s often followed by another lovely word, “Oxymoron.”

An amazing Turkish friend had mentioned this author in passing a couple of times. To be honest, I felt it wasn’t in my genre of reading…mine being…

  • Sci/Fi
  • Psychology
  • Self-Help
  • Spiritual
  • Energy (No, it’s not spiritual)
  • Science – of the bleeding edge kind

See? No historical romance in there. However on a recent journey to Italy (See Four Element Quest) I was at the airport and a book cover caught my eye. It was the Architect’s Apprentice by non other than the author my friend mentioned, Elif Shafak.

Even as I bought it, I felt that it would lie unread and be left on one of them book crossing adventures. However the cover looked really nice, blue is my favourite colour and often reminds me of the Knights Quest I went on a few years ago. I added it to my bag.

The trip to Italy was only four days and even though I had plenty of adventures there, I also plowed through the book. In fact I loved it. A totally surprise to me. It was that total surprise that got me wondering whether there was anything more to this than just random (suggested by friend) coincidence.

Dear friend, surely you have got to the place that almost nothing is random. The reason for most things in life may be in the Unknowable but random coincidence? Seriously?!

Still, what was I supposed to ask the Rods? “Is there anything energetically significant about me finding/reading/enjoying this book?” Why not? So I did and the rods said yes. But what that was, was for that moment beyond my ken.

Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak

A week later, I was passing by Waterstones and added another of Elif Shafaks books to my reading list. This time, it was a book titled Honour. If the previous one was out of my comfort zone of reading, this one was definitely an ocean too far, here is a review of Honour with too many spoilers in my opinion. However it was reading this that gave me a clue as to perhaps one of the reasons why I was being drawn to these books. It was bringing my attention to my ancestral connection, which is rooted in Islam, Asian Culture and Traditions and to some extent, Sufism.

As a side note, of late, I have been drawn to visit my parents homeland, Pakistan. An odd itch as I have not had such a desire for many years. Particularly peculiar as I often say to friends and family that I have a visit planned. Which I haven’t.

Back then to Elif Shafak, last Beltane (ish) just after I landed in the UK from my Italy trip, I was met by Chris at the airport and shuffled off to Wales for a day of Sacred fun. Nearing the end of that day we visited a Fay grove. It was there (and rather dubiously) I was given a truly strange ingredient for this wand that I am creating. Namely a gift from Elif Shafak.  As you can see, this is kind of building up isn’t it?

The last straw (I have to laugh here) was when again, I was drawn into Waterstones (Note also that I usually buy my books through Amazon) and was looking under Elif Shafak section. There were the two I read and another book called Black Milk an intriguing title…”an intimate memoir of a postpartum depression”…again I have to and indeed did, ask myself, what the f! was I spending my time with this book? (Guardian review here…don’t read as too many spoilers)

I can’t answer that yet as I have only read a few pages of the book. However, I was drawn to visit Alderley Edge the next day and had an interesting experience there. That sneeky Goddess Caileach had given me a directive…Go! It was as simple as that, and the place to go? Istanbul and the Blue Mosque.

If you don’t know, many of Elif’s (I feel I can call her by her first name now) are based in or partly-in Turkey and Istanbul in particular. Where then is this leading? A meeting betwixt me and this author I presume and a gift? Even as I write this, there is part of me wondering…How the F is that going to happen?


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