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The wand, the oil and a gift – Spring 2

Was it worth the long drive to reach the turf maze? Absolutely. If you haven’t checked out the insights that were gained there then you should. Nuff said! We were off.

It has to be said and indeed we said it many times on the Spring Equinox day. There just isn’t anything of note on the Eastern side of our Isle. There just isn’t. Maybe the druid or other sacred folk nipped over for a few days and gave the place up as a bad job or that the imminent invasions from Vikings and such folk scared them off. It is hard to say. One thing we did note is that there didn’t even seem to be any energetic features in the landscape.

The Right Energies in Grimstone

The Right Energies in Grimstone

Having noted that, we were at a loss. Churchyards and Wells were are only option. So we tried a few. Nothing was happening. The only thing worth mentioning in this lost period was that a particular church in the not so exciting named Grimstone an additional piece of knowledge was garnered re my Wand Quest.

I know what you’re thinking…that ‘ol chestnut…I agree with you. It is a monumental quests as such things go and I am still at the footsteps of the mountain. Still any pieces to that puzzle are like gemstones. Here I was then, in a church yard. Asking whether anything could be learned when the rods struck a YES chord.

After going through my list of things they rested on the option of Wand Quest. Brilliant! What was there to learn? I walked through the grounds of the church and found a spot that had the right kind of energies. Actually, I didn’t stand near the grave, rather it was by the church, where I could look upon the stone.

I have to say, I was a little excited. It’s not every sojourn that you get information regarding your mucho big quest. I closed my mind and let my thoughts wander and drift upon the flotsam and jetsam that forms the knowledge that I have about the Wand Quest.

Was it to do with a new ingredient? No. Was it to do with making the wand? No? Other options arose, considered and dissolved. Finally my thoughts turned to the one ingredient that I did have. Amber Oil from Egypt. Was it something to do with that? Yes. Ah…finally. What then?

I was to gift or use some of the oil, keeping the remainder for the wand. Really, I thought. So the acquiring of the material is just part of the quest. I had to also then do potentially multiple things with the items? Yes. Did I mention mucho big quest?

As always, with knowledge comes more lack of knowledge: Who or how was I to use the oil? When? Where?

No more was to be gained. The only further thing of note was the capping of the meditation/commune with the passing of a bee, right by my nose.

Kal Malik – Wand Questing

The Role of The Fool

Happy April Fool’s Day. In recognition of this important day I wish to take you on a little journey – a Fool’s Journey. I want to re-enforce the importance of laughter. This year Kal got a message that would define his year’s perspective – it would be a year of laughter. He is still learning what that means, but I have an historical context for it, and that context becomes particularly salient today.

We start the journey in all seriousness.


In druid culture accounts seem to place the druid in many positions of status and recognition – law-making, dispensing justice, directing war, and advising on political matters too. It seems that druids had the ear of the ruling leaders.

“When druids were not kings, they were advisors to king, queens and chieftans…” (Philip Carr-Gomm: Druid Mysteries)


Druid advising, guiding, satirising and entertaining monarchy

From this lofty position there was a gradual decline, helped along by our friends The Romans. The skills and wisdom that the druid class was renowned for – especially the arts of divination, the bardic arts of wit, satire and lampoon – would struggle to survive. Unless they got preserved somehow.

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The Certainty of Things

Rumi Life and Love

Rumi Life and Love

It was exactly 1:08 in the afternoon. I was sat with a couple of friends at a cafe when the question of, “what next?” arose. This inevitably led to a glance at the time-piece replacement that we all carry now. Our mobile devices. Which of course have several other distracting features.

In order to respond to my friends question I had glanced at my phone and seen an overdue message. In essence it was saying that I had “Maybe’d” to an invitation to a talk in a nearby town and that the talk was starting soon.

Some very quick mental calculations along with an internal – emotional – search of the Desire to Attend cupboard produced a “let it go” result and I told my friends, “nothing much, just some food and home.”

We parted company and I headed towards a food outlet. Minutes later I was in my car, sans food and heading to my rooms. Even as I drove, there was a nagging thought at the back of my mind…

“Go to the event…”

I looked again at the time, 1:25. There was no way I could make the event. It started at 2pm and the traffic going into the town would be atrocious. I arrived home and filled the fridge with food whilst considering other, more available options for the afternoon.

“Go to the event…”

The event in question was a talk about the poetry of the famous heart centered poet Rumi. Paying particular attention to the aspects that related to Sufism. Both are topics that I am interested in, hence the “maybe” response I had given to the event invite.

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New beginnings and New things at Dinas Bran

Looking up at Bran

Looking up at Bran

I would go into the synchronicities that occurred to get me to the station on time to meet up with Chris. But those go without saying these days. Suffice to say that even a seasoned veteran like me was taken by surprise.

Up until today the weather had been unsettled. A mix of sun, rain, sleet, wind and snow was not uncommon. However on this day, the sun was beaming with the promise of a beautiful and lasting change.

With blessings in our hearts we set off for an afternoon of pleasure at the Table of Bran. The drive was swift and uncomplicated and soon we arrived at the footsteps of the hill. Stopping at a place further down than our normal want meant a steeper and longer climb. Fortunately, due to the intercession of one Goddess in my life, I had had some measure of preparation (see the resonance of Caileach here).

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New Moon, Wizards and Goddesses

The One Ring

The One Ring

Lunacy is a word that I agree with in that a full moon drives it crazy. So a new moon has quite the opposite effect on me. Yesterday was one such evening and I was in a mind to travel to the Wizards wood, namely Alderley Edge.

I arrived whilst it was still light and headed into the forest. Minutes later I was at the huge Beech tree. Sitting within its eaves I opened myself up to commune. Or rather I wondered about the ability to commune with a goddess I’m in good stead with. A thought entered my mind. Could I summon one Caileach? I know, a terrible thought and a very dangerous one.

Asking the dowsing rods got me a very surprising Yes. What? I could summon Caileach? Shock! Could, yes, but should? Probably not. Fortunately that decision was taking out of my hands because apparently I didn’t have the tools to cast the charm.

I leaned back against the trunk of the tree and boom there she was. It’s been an age and an age since we communed, or at least so it seemed to me. However she made it known that such passage of time was irrelevant to her. With that amazing smile.

“You are doing well.” She whispered into my ear.

As readers of this blog will know, I am not a one for the patient waiting. These winter nights are so trying to my sense of movement. She read my thoughts of course.

“Stop pushing the wall”

 These are words that keep haunting me from many arenas. As readers are very aware. I am not a one for slowing down, taking it easy or just general patience. In my universe at least, the purpose of a wall is to be pushed and yet here, again, I am being told – not asked to slow down.

A clear admonishing and with a note of comfort besides.

“It doesn’t matter to the Universe whether you push or not. Your path has been clearly set. You cannot deviate from it, all your pushing does is harm you.”

Now, that is probably one of the longest statements that this Goddess has proclaimed. I sighed. Of all of the tasks I have faced in an energetic, spiritual or worldly sense. This non-pushing is the most difficult.

otherworldly presence emptied from that place and I was left considering. I needed a trick! Something that would interrupt my own pattern of pushing. Some magic of my own. I got up and began the trek back to my car.

An hour later I was back in my rooms and considering the outing. Whilst putting away my sacred accoutrements (crystals, incense, singing bowl etc) I noticed an object that I had picked up some time ago. It was a silver ring with a celtic design. I recall acquiring whilst we were on a sacred pilgrimage in Ireland.

Generally speaking, I am not a one for jewelry however, this was going to serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. It would be a reminder not to push. Let’s see if it works.


Runcorn Hill – Just-in-Time

Kal at Runcorn Hill

Kal at Runcorn Hill

What makes a great day? One that has a good mundane and esoteric component.This morning Chris and I attended a networking meeting called Pow-Wow! It was brilliant. A good bunch of folks and a nice couple of hours in which, I felt that we all got something useful.

Then upon the return journey we cast about for something to fill our sacred souls. Now, Alderley Edge and the Wizards wood had been whispering its call but we also felt a tug from Runcorn Hill. The Hill is a place we visited in our youth of Nature-Working (i.e. about 6 years ago) and did some amazing collaborative healing there. Even at that time we knew that it wouldn’t last for long so it was well overdue a visit.

We arrived in the quiet cold afternoon and wasn’t surprised to see/feel that all vestiges of our previous work had been eroded away. Such are the energies atop that hill. Not helped in any way by the electricity pylons – shudder.

Without collaboration we both went our own way in helping to shield the site from the heinous EMF. I found a place to prepare which also served as a place to create a barrier around me. The barrier of protection formed itself like a spiraling whirlwind which was odd because I’ve never envisioned such a protection before. After this I followed the dowsing rods to a place where I could bring forth my protective enchantment.

Standing facing away from th pylons I visualised bringing energy up from the Earth. As the flow increased I let Nature take a hand in its shaping and positioning. What it began to form was a vertical cocoon around the pylon. At first it was just one-sided and then it went into the ground and enveloped the pylon completely. Something rather strange happened then because the oval around the pylon began to stretch along the power lines so that more and more pylons were enclosed.

It looked amazing I have to say. But the glamour wasn’t complete. After stretching some miles in either direction (a feat that I could not have envisaged) the spiral of protection that surrounded me, unwrapped itself and wrapped around the protective barrier. It seemed that the spiral was powering the protection. I knew though that this would not last so a thought occurred to me. I looked up at the bright-white winter sun and connected its everlasting energy to the sparkling spiral. Like an alternator I thought. I felt that my job was done and broke of all connections.

As I did I glanced over at Chris and saw that he too was done. We took some pictures of the site and then shared our experiences. Talk about synchronistic! As before, it seems that unconsciously we had melded our solutions beautifully.


Winter Solstice 2014 3 of 3 Maidens Bower and Quests

Maidens Bower

Maidens Bower

Our final stop for this Winter Solstice was the Maidens Bower. The sun was dipping on the horizon and we clambered through the mud towards the hill we presumed was the bower of said maiden. It wasn’t or rather we felt it wasn’t. So we continued further along and came across a few other hills and they also felt wrong. It was then that I recalled that this place had something to do with a maze…hmmm.

Finally, we came to a hill that not only felt right but looked right too. It actually reminded me of the Stpe pyramid in Cairo which I had recently visited. I asked whether there was anything that needed to be done for this place, No. So I found an aligned place and sat down to enjoy the sunset. As my mind wandered over the days events a curious thought occurred to me.

  • How come beings at certain places know about my quest?

It was a curious question and one that I should have asked many years ago. Here is the thing. I have these quests and I go to certain places and they help me to move forward on them. But how do they know what I am about and where I need to go? Surely the spirits or beings out there are not holding a “Kal’s Guide”?

I pondered this, whilst enjoying the peace of the Maidens Bower. No, it couldn’t be that they knew the intimates of my quests. What then? There was of course the Akashic Records idea. Was it that these beings had access to those records and were able to pull the information out?

As I thought about that a third option occurred to me. The only other constant in all these encounters was me. Maybe I carried the knowledge locked within me and they were able to unlock it, or some of it? Now that is interesting.

As I pondered this more, option 3 became my favourite. What didn’t occur to me was to ask the Rods which one was right. Maybe next time.

Our outing and day were done and had left me with an interesting question to ponder.

See you in 2015.

All the very best of fortunes to you and all whom you love,


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