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2012 Expectations

I am a great believer in setting up expectations. Here are two reasons…

  • Yes, there is the talk of setting them up will only lead to a bigger fall. But expectations to me are our gesture to the Universe. It’s like kids before Christmas hinting to their parents about what they want. Not that I am saying that the universe is our creator…er…or am I?
  • Fulfilment of expectations are a great way to get a sense that the universe is in our favour, which of course it is, but it’s nice to get a confirmation once and while.

Okay, so what are my expectations from the Mayan end of the cycle year?

Hedge druid goes global

I seem to have recovered my erstwhile lost sense of globe trotting and so my expectations are to fulfill a few global sacred site visits. On the list as potentials are…Egyptian pyramids, Peruvian cities, Bosnian pyramids, Easter Island statues, Maori sacred sites, native american holy places. And of course many of the home (UK) grown sites we still have to explore.

2012 Phenomena

Okay, I will never be jumping on this bandwagon. If anything I am a 2012 denier, there you go, feel free to tell me I was wrong while the world falls apart. I am a psychological explorer however and am very interested in the psychology of such beliefs so from that perspective expect a post or two.

Active Enlightenment

Guys! 2012 is the year that the audio-visual-written sensation that is Active Enlightenment will be launched. I have to say the personal and energetic development program is looking good. I don’t want to say too much about it at the moment (thus creating a sense of mystery and anticipation).

Knights Quest

Will I ever get my knighthood? Yes! This year there is nothing stopping me from fulfilling the edicts of this quest. Bring on the blue keys! Imbolc is when it will all fall into the next spiral.

Energy Double

I really want to explore this phenomena more, but it is so darned intangible that I don’t even know if I am exploring it. Hope to get to grips (possibly literally) with this.

House Energies

Okay, I am getting quite good at this (thus spake Kal’s ego) so please expect more of these. Indeed there are a couple of posts being created in draft. One of them was a failure from which a lot can be (was) learned.

And more…

Tarot, wand making (remember that one?) human energies, courses exploring the paranormal and holistic healing. Note…Gwas has already put forward his exciting sacred site course.


I expect to be providing some audios and videos of our explorations having got hold of After-Effects and other editing software. So I’m looking forward to sharing that with you.

Last word…

I have to laugh, I just read Gwas’s expectations and wrote an email to him saying, “Isn’t it strange that the year turns out more exciting than our expectations of them”

Kal Malik

2011 amazing times

In one sentence…

“The universe sings the song but you provide the song title”

Ok, I can see from the draft posts that Gwas is beginning his 2011 round up and since (see The World is Changing) the new spiral has already begun for me I thought I’d get my update in first!

In complete honesty 2011 has only one word that can describe it, amazing!

Where to begin? Of course this year has been dominated by my Knights Quest. So that is a good a place as  to start as any…

Knights Quest

It all came to the fore at Imbolc festival when, quite innocently, Gwas and I were venturing out to several sites. Our first stop was at a site we, incorrectly, identified as St Helen’s well. At this site I had a vision of that infamous entity Caileach. She directed me on a quest to fulfill the achievement of nine blue keys. Once this was achieved I would be knighted. I know, I still have to laugh when I think of it. But that adventure led me across the Atlantic on an improbable.

Although I tried to follow this questing path with courage and aplomb. It was late this Autumn that I was informed that the quest remained incomplete and that a tighter spiral would have to be journeyed. I am rather disappointed at that but understand now why it has to be thus. See? Sometimes you just need to be told twice!

Some of the more salient points (as determined by me) were:

  • Journeying 3,500 miles to the States
  • Personal physical healing
  • Creating a Knights Code to live by (which I have so far)

Read the rest of this entry »

50+ new pictures added

I’ve just uploaded more than fifty new pictures to the “Year 2010″ image gallery. They’re all of our Wiltshire crop circle experiences, so if you haven’t seen the inside of a crop circle yet, then now’s your chance to see three!

UPDATE 10th August: I have also uploaded all of the pictures from our Ireland visits. There are about 200+ pictures up there in a new section on the Gallery page called “Ireland 2010“.

Quick reminder: the “SL” button does a slideshow, whilst the “FS” button shows it full screen.

300 posts!

The Hedge Druid blog has reached 300 posts! Thanks to those of you who are reading our posts regularly, everyone who has contributed to the comments section, and to casual visitors who may just happen on by. We hope you are enjoying the journey along The Path. Our experiences seem to resonate with many of you.

Since late 2008 we have delivered three hundred almost-believable, sometimes vaguely interesting pieces of information to you all. For Kal and I the blog began as a means of recording our experiences whilst out dowsing, and for me particularly it was a means to record the cross-over that I was experiencing with my newly-emerging interest in druidry. Since then we have developed spiritually and the metaphorical goal-posts have shifted somewhat.

It has been to my personal delight that you have followed our progress in increasing numbers. Good on you, but shouldn’t you be out in a field kissing a flower or something? Only kidding. It’s great to have you here, and we hope that our exploits inspire you to try some of the unusual things we get up to for yourself. You’ll notice we often leave the detail for you to work out for yourself? That’s deliberate.

Two years after we started blogging we have hit a major milestone. I feel like we readers of this blog are a small band of Spartans facing the hordes of rationalist unbelievers in their many guises and poking them sternly in the eye with experiential evidence. Of course, we’re all mad. We need to acknowledge that, If anyone asks, you don’t believe a word of this, right?

Over that time we have indeed covered many esoteric and “flaky” subjects: crop circles, crystals, healing with energy, earth energy lines, coincidences, elemental spirits, ghosts, power centres…and many more that I can’t bring to mind but which make me muse and ponder. We aim to test them all in time.

Over that few years we’ve been spending less time dowsing and more time on energy work/magick. Dowsing has currently (and unfairly) been relegated to an aide to our other work. In the near future we’re going to go back to re-investigating the dowsing principles because we think there’s more to learn from that. Expect some updates to the Sacred Sites page with its map of energies. Expect some new ideas to emerge from our findings.

Here is just a flavour of some of the topics we will be covering soons:-

  • Lammas – what it means to me and what I will be doing
  • Crop circles – our ideas about where they come from and who’s making them, and how they are made, and what their importance might be
  • Stone circles – are they schools for passing on mystical information?
  • The newly-discovered wood henge near Stonehenge – our first dowse of it
  • The power of numbers : five, seven and eleven

Hope you’ll stay with us for the next three hundred. Charge!!!!!!


Old Sarum and the Chakra Crop Circle

Wiltshire, 14th May, 2010

As my wife and I were passing by on our way down the the Isle of Wight for a holiday, I found that I had sufficient time to take in one ancient site. Which one would it be? Well, given my recent rejuvenation in the study of crop circles it had to be the site of the very first circle of this year – in the shadow of Old Sarum, the legendary ‘hill fort’. Two bird with one stone. I put that in apostrophes because although many of these vantage points became hill forts, and many more were simply considered to be such by archaeologists, most of these sites were unfortified and in use well before they ever served a military purpose. Most of the hills were simply sacred places in their own right long before we became (or were forced to be) a warlike nation.

Ye Olde Sarum

The entrance to Old Sarum was grand and imposing. I made sure that I had my dowsing rods secreted about my person, intent on finding out quietly what the energies of this grand old place were like. After nearly choking on the ransom demanded by English Heritage I got to take a look around inside the central fortifications, beyond the incredibly steep and deep moat.

Old Sarum had some remaining energies. I found a power centre with combined male and female energies close to the entrance, on a flat raised area with a distinctly circular appearance in the grass, like a crop mark. It had a male tendril of energy that led to a male spiral a few feet away, and a female tendril leading to a female spiral on the opposite side. The spirals exhibited the usual characteristics: the male spiral was languorous and wide, whilst the lines of the female spiral were closer, more tightly-wound.

View West from back of Old Sarum

There was a strong ley line of neutral energies flowing across the entrance in an East/West alignment, with the energy flowing from West to East. It was marked by the growth of some yew trees close to the entrance and embankment that formed the edge of the steep moat.

The Crop Circle of Seven and Five

I had heard that the first crop circle of the year (see previous post) was nearby so I went to look for it. From the western edge of the fort platform the circle was visible in a field of rape seed below. It looked inviting and a touch more exciting that Old Sarum, so I went down to take a closer look.

The crop circle is located in a field of rape seed on the road marked as leading to Stratford-sub-Castle off the nearby roundabout. There were inviting signs for Stonehenge too, but I bit down on the urge to zoom off and visit that too. One thing at a time! A family was just leaving when we arrived and I dropped some money into the toolbox-cum-honesty-box.

We followed the tractor lines, and M asked me if I could detect where the energy of the circle started – my first objective indeed! I found the energy of the circle started about 3-4 feet from the first of the flattened crop that marked the outer edge of the formation. A good start – at least there was some kind of energy coming from it – that had to mean that it was a “real” circle, and not just a man-made trampling.

M only stayed in the circle for 20 minutes before she started getting a headache. I felt a tight head, but didn’t get a headache – I felt like I did when the moon was full or close – impacted by the energy, but not overwhelmed by it to the point of it becoming a physical ailment. There was definitely strong energy within the circle, it was palpable to someone who had been getting used to the feel of energetic places over the last few years.

Close-up of the 'wide eye' formation inside the circle

In the circle I asked for M’s best spot and found it close to the centre of the formation where one of the circular tracks met a straight line. My best spot (my power centre) was on the western side, along part of one of the ‘rays’ that travel through the circular ‘wide eye’ formation. My power centre was on one of those rays to one side of the ‘wide eye’ circle.

I found that I was facing due East. I asked the rods which was the best way to be facing, and the rods swung due East. I noticed that from the point where I stood I was aligned with the entrance to Old Sarum.

I asked whether the ley line from Old Sarum came through the circle – YES. I went to find it, and ended back where I had been standing. I had been standing in the flow of the ley line that connected the crop circle to Old Sarum. The energy flow was towards the huge hill fort in the near background. It was mid afternoon when these readings were taken and the sun was forming a curtain of light with its rays from behind a dark but thin cloud. Time to meditate on things, now that I was attuned to the brilliance of the site.

I went back to my power centre and meditated on the meaning of the crop circle. Amid the broken and bent stems of the rape seed my power centre formed a dusty dry clear space within which I was able to sit without causing any further damage. Now that I felt attuned to the crop circle I let me mind move out into the crop, into the surroundings, and finally to become almost one with the surrounding countryside. Birds whistled and tweeted, distant cars hummed past, and somewhere far away some sheep complained about the heat. Then the bubbling feelings and thoughts began to emerge, and an occasional picture flashed before my eyes.

I got the same picture of The Seven and The Five rings of the crop circle as I had when I meditated on the meaning from afar, but this time something else was coming through – something clearer – more information. The seven rays in the formation were representating the different chakras and their associated powers/colours/frequencies. The new information was about the five being something different from what I had previously reasoned. I had assumed that The Five referred to five levels of consciousness that I might have to go through to ‘break through’ to some form of enlightenment or something. I was getting a feeling that this was not the case.

What DID The Five relate to then, I wondered? As if in response the thought bubbled up that The Five penetrating lines were closely related to the chakras. Something else to do with them. That was what I felt, although I got no external info, or vision. It just felt right that The Five was something more related to the chakras – like another property of them, or…something like that? A week later I would find out exactly what that was whilst reading C.W.Leadbeater‘s book “The Chakras

The definitive chakras book

What is the real significance of The Five? Chapter III – “The Absorption of Vitality” from The Chakras explains the principle of five. There are seven different forms of vitality that are decomposed by the spleen chakra from the rays of the Sun, but which get dispersed through the human body in five channels identified by their colour frequency as:-

  1. The Violet-Blue Ray- travels to the throat. Nourishes the throat, brow and crown chakra.
  2. The Yellow Ray- directed to the heart. Then passes to the crown chakra.
  3. The Green Ray - travels to the solar plexus. Nourishes the vital organs in the abdomen too.
  4. The Rose Ray- travels all over the body, and gets emitted by us as a hue or spray of dispensed atoms. This is the “energy” of Reiki and other energy transference systems. Also taken in and given off by trees and animals.
  5. The Orange-Red Ray - flows to the base of the spine. This is the energy of the blood.

Little did I realise at the time the true significance of reading that material, except to say that it struck me as “timely”. I had read the explanation of the crop circle only a day after visiting it and meditating in it, asking it to reveal its true purpose for me. That true significance had indeed been revealed.

More was to come, because that book would then lead me on to meet with an incredible man who had known Leadbeater personally. More on that soon. For now – back to my study of the energy forces of the chakras – and the implications of the powers of seven and five for my own level of consciousness.


Tree Page updates

I have put some new entries into the Tree page, and have added some more details about the exact locations of the trees, including detailed MultiMap locations, directions on how to find the trees, and better location descriptions.

New additions:

  • Hawthorn at Long Meg
  • Rowan at Pendle Hill
  • Oak at Nine Ladies
  • Tallest tree in Wales
  • West Kennet Guardian Oak

Now updated again (9th Dec). So go see a tree!



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