Here is a list of sacred sites we have visited in Eire. Have you tried our new MAP page?


  • [map] – a link to Bing‘s OS map of the site.
  • [XXnnnnn] – a grid reference linked to Streetmap‘s OS map – includes a helpful arrow to highlight the exact position of the site.
  • [Megalithic] – a link to the site’s information on the Megalithic Portal, if one exists.
  • [info] – link to a web page with useful information about the site.


County Meath

  • Newgrange – Chamber, County Meath. [map]
  • Knowth – Chambers and timber circle, County Meath. [map]
  • Dowth – Sacred hill and chamber, County Meath. [map]
  • Fourknocks – Sacred chamber, County Meath, Ireland [map]
  • Knockbrack Hill – Sacred hill and fort, County Meath, Ireland [map]
  • Carlanstown Spring – Sacred spring, County Meath, Ireland [map]
  • Hill of Tara – Sacred hill, mound, earthworks and fort, County Meath, Ireland [map]
  • Hill of Slane – Sacred hill, County Meath, Ireland [map]
  • Abbey of Kells – Ancient site of worship, Kells, County Meath, Ireland [map]

County Wicklow

  • Athgreany Piper’s Stones – Stone circle, County Wicklow, Ireland [map]
  • Castleruddery – Embanked stone circle, County Wicklow, Ireland [map]
  • Baltinglass Hill – Passage grave, County Wicklow, Ireland [map]

County Roscommon

  • Lough Key – Forest and lake, County Roscommon, Ireland [map]
  • Kilronan Abbey– Ancient site of worship, Kilronan, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • St.Lassair’s Well – Holy well, Kilronan, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Boyle Abbey – Ancient site of worship, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland [map]
  • Rathcroghan – Sacred mound, nr.Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Misgaun Medb – Sacred stone, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Rath Mor – Sacred mound, nr. Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Rath na Darbh (Fort of the Bulls) – Sacred mound, nr.Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Rath Baeg – Sacred mound,  nr.Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Oweynagat –  Cave or rock shelter, nr.Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Castlestrange – Rock art, nr.Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Ogulla Well – Holy well, nr.Tulsk, County Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]
  • Drumanone – Sacred chamber, Country Roscommon, Ireland [map] [megalithic]

County Sligo

  • Carrowkeel – Passage graves, County Sligo, Ireland [map] [megalithic]

A list of all site maps and lists of sacred sites can be found on the main Sacred Sites page.

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