Maps2 – Wales

This is a gazeteer listing information about the sacred sites we have visited and mapped for subtle energies. This page covers the sites in Wales.


  1. Lligwy chambered cairn
  2. Moel-Ty-Uchaf stone circle
  3. Cerrig Pryfaid stone circle
  4. Pentre Ifan dolmen
  5. Bryn Celli Ddu chambered cairn


Lligwy Chamber 

Location: West of Moelfre, Anglesey, Northern Wales. (SH 20496862)

This apparent ‘burial chamber’ is a small walk back along the road from the small car park. It is barely signed so you have to be quite vigilant. The site has been enclosed within a set of railings for your convenience and in order to prevent you from …er….tripping over the 20ft capstone, I guess.

Energetic condition :

When we dowsed this site, although we dowsed positive for whether bones had been buried here, we dowsed negative for the purpose of the site being originally for burial. We tested whether the site was used for transformation, and got a positive response. We therefore believe that this site was used to reduce the sensory input for druidic rituals, and combined with the auditory resonance of the chamber, this made for a powerful place to undergo a trance-formation to see into other dimensions (‘underworld’, ‘ancestor worship’, higher dimensions). When we tried this ourselves we got amazing results!


Energy types:

MALE / SUN: Most of the energies of this site were male. From the two outlying King Stones (just beyond the entrance gate) two male lines flow in through the gate (we often find energies bend their paths to fit human paths or entrances). One line spirals quickly inside the site, whereas the other loops around the chamber to form a spiral close to the entrance to the chamber (pictured above). This spiral then loops out around the chamber further, before going into the v-shaped slot in the northern side. It may continue further around, we didn’t check.

The most interesting male energy lines were those emanating from inside the chamber itself that then formed four large paisley teardrop shapes at each cardinal point around the rock.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: Not much female energy activity here. We found a pair of spirals coming out of the rock next to the chamber on the northern edge, and the energies coming out of and through this rock seemed to cause a difference in the symmetry of energy patterns formed by the male lines. The v-shaped hole in the northern edge also tested for strong female energies, and indeed looked female – it seemed like the natural place to emerge from the chamber in a sort of mock birthing process!

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): We didn’t dowse for any neutral energies at this site.

Energy patterns and directions:

Compare the Summer view of the energies with those when they were dowsed at the Winter Solstice 2009:

Here’s a link to more information about this site on the Megalithic Portal.

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GOOGLE MAP: An aerial shot of the chamber



‘The Circle on the Hill of the Highest House’

Location: On a hill above Llandrillo village, Clwyd, North Wales. (SJ 057 371)

Geometry: This circle is based upon the number 5, having a pentagonal internal structure.

Dedication: Venus. The energy is thus strongest when Venus is in the ascendancy. See ArtCharts for a current reading. 

Energetic condition : Energetically strong in most areas this circle displays many of the characteristics of the Nine Ladies circle in Derbyshire. This is the first circle at which we have found corresponding male and female power centres. Their complex three-dimensional linking (through the air and under the ground) also provides a connection to the stones in the circle via a pair of smaller stones lying seemingly randomly close in the North East corner. Near to this stands a larger, smoother yet rectangular stone at the northern end which registers as a source of female energies. 

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: Male energies formed in spirals on the outside edge of every alternate stone in the circles (usually the bigger ones). Similar to effects seen at Gors Fawr and Nine Ladies stone circles, no doubt many more. The King Stone which was outlying the circle some twenty feet to the West emitted a male line from each side that travelled around the outer edge of the stones (never touching the male spirals coming out of the stones themselves). These two male lines ended in a sunwise spiral: one next to the large female rectangular rock, and the other next to the gap in the stones on the opposite southern side.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: Female spirals on the inside of the stones formed pairs with the male spirals on the outside. Every alternate stone registered for a female spiral, except possibly the north-eastern corner. In this corner it was all going on! A female line came from the female power centre, through the two small rocks on the inside NE corner, around an assembly of three stones, to end up going into the last stone before the gap. Another female line came westward out of the large female rectangular stone and circled around the inside of the stones, passing the small inner rocks, out of the circle through the gap next to the female stone, to spiral around the assembly of three stones and into the last rock again.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): We found an unusual reading with the neutral lines. Neutral lines link the female power centre to the male power centre, and then link the male power centre to the female stone in the stone circle. However, these lines seemed to register for being both under the ground (dowsed along the ground) AND going through the air. The line went from one power centre to the next through the air, then would switch to going underground to complete its way into the stone. This would be reversed as the energy came back from the stone through the air, then went back underground when it reached the male power centre, before heading back to the female power centre. The energy in the lines going along the ground between the power centres also flowed in a cycle, going from one power centre on one side of the circle to the other, then on to the stone, back from the stone and around the opposite side of the circle.

The way these energies interacted along the ground, in the air and under the ground was very difficult to dowse, and took a while to form a picture of this interaction. Think of it like the shape of a question mark, the curve being the link between the power centres (both sides), and the straight line being the connection to the stone. This question mark was on two planes – horizontal and vertical. The horizontal lines went either side of the centre circle, while the vertical lines went above and below the centre circle. The overall effect was like the shape of a light bulb – the bulbous end in the centre circle, with the stem plugged into the rectangular female stone.

There were three cardinal lines (one missing, Kal felt). Two lines intersected across the North-South and East-West alignments, whilst the other went NE-SW. The three alignments met in the central circle. The E-W line passes through the King Stone on it’s way out towards the Snowdonia mountain range.

Energy patterns and directions:

Gwas’s Notes:

“So many elements of this circle seemed familiar to us as we dowsed. However, every circle is different, and I was surprised at the interaction between the power centre which formed a 3D image of a lightbulb, as though hinting that there were more ideas to be generated from this site yet. Druidically we hope to have switched the light on again, which later dowsing has confirmed. Also, a revisit allowed me to re-connect the two male spiral arms together at the eastern edge of the circle. I need Kal to confirm whether the sketch above should be updated to reflect the new energy flows.” 

BLOG POST LINK: Read about our visit to this site. 

GETTING THERE: Here’s a good guide explaining how to find this tricky stone circle.


Cerrig Pryfaid

 ‘The Stones of the Flies’

Location: In the lee of Tal-y-Fan hill, above Rowen village, Gwynedd, North Wales. (SH 724713)

Geometry: This circle is based upon the number 9, having a nonagonal internal structure.

Dedication: Neptune. The energy is thus strongest when Neptune is in the ascendancy. See ArtCharts for a current reading.


Energetic condition : The site suffers from a number of afflictions: firstly, it is not very often visited any more, and secondly, it has some huge electricity pylons running along its southern edge. Both of these factors mean that the energies are much weaker here than we have found at other sites, and yet there is much to dowse here still, despite this. Most of the site’s liveliness is dependent upon the interesting energy flowing along its neutral alignment ley running approximately east-west. In addition, the site is bolstered by the living energy of a gorse bush inside the circle, and by the powerful outliers at its southern and western edges.

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: Each stone emits a male spiral along the outer edge (apart from the two linked ‘feedback loop’ stones – see diagram below). The two outlier stones (a King or Heel stone, and a Grounding Stone) are positioned to harness male energies (presumably above flowing water). They feed male energy into the site’s energy flows. 

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: Each stone also emits a female spiral on the inside edge of the circle (again, apart from the loopback stones). A healthy mix of male and female energies forms a helix into the site when combined with the male energy from the outliers (the King Stone and Groudning Stone). 

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS):  A neutral alignment ley line runs through the site on an approximate East to West alignment (see the picture below, where the staff indicates the ley direction). This neutral line acts as the spine for both male and female energies to form a helix from the western King Stone flowing into the circle until they form a spiral of combined male and female energies. Thus, the site is very balanced energetically.

Cerrig Pryfaid  - alignment

As with other sites such as Nine Ladies and Arbor Low circles in Derbyshire, at Cerrig Pryfaid we see the same under ground/above ground arcing energy sphere (the ‘feedback loop’ stones). The site is the lesser-visited cousin of the more popular Penmaenmawr circles, cairns and standing stones that are just the other side of the looming hills in whose shade this circle is positioned. 

Energy patterns and directions: 


BLOG POST LINK: Read about our visit to this site.


Pentre Ifan

‘Ivan’s Village’

Location: Near the village of Brynberian, Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. (SN105355)

Energetic condition : Strong flowing lines and equally strong straight male lines form a wonderfully symmetrical pattern around the whole site. Outlying stones are equally energetic and involved in passing on the male energies. A power centre lies at the base of the middle supporting pillar at the back of the cromlech. This power centre is immensely powerful, and made me tingle until I laughed!

Energy types

MALE / SUN: Male lines tie the site together. They form the ‘struts’ of the diagonals that connect to the four corner stones. Also, it is a male line that circles inside the structure from the power centre at the back. At the front male lines are especially dominant with one coming from the rear power centre to flow down the hill on the right hand side, and out of a spiral at the right of the cromlech, through two long flat stones, and straight down the hill and out of the site. A male line also emanates from the large rock outlying to the upper front right of the site, which then weaves between smaller rocks which lie along the entrance path to the site.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: Three sets of pairs of female spirals form layers of curling moustache-like patterns at the rear of the structure. The bottom-most pair of female spirals start around each of the corner stones at the back. Here female and male lines both emerge from these corner stones. At the front of the site only two ‘clefs’ of female spiral are evident just above each of the corner stones.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): No neutral or alignment leys were dowsed for. There is a visual alignment with the near Preselli hills atop which is another stone circle dedicated to Arthur, and in the valley below Pentre Ifan is Coed Coetan Arthur cromlech.

Energy patterns and directions

Energy is contained within four corner stones, two at the rear and two at the front. A beautiful set of three curving clef spirals form a symmetrical pattern at the back of the cromlech, whilst at the front there are a series of straight male lines which flow downhill from the structure, and diagonally into the corner stones, like at the back. Viewed from above they form a diagonal cross, or ‘X’ through the cromlech.

This site has good instructions on how to find it: finding Pentre Ifan.

This link has more information, and a good selection of pictures: Info 

BLOG POST LINK: Read about our visit to this site.


Bryn Celli Ddu

‘The Mound in a Dark Grove’

Location: Near the village of Landdaniel Fab, Anglesey, North Wales. (SH 507702)

Energetic condition : The lines are easy to find, but the site is a complex mix of many types and tracks of energy. It’s almost like you can tell that the site has been re-constructed by successive generations of ancient people, because the energy patterns almost feel too crowded, like they are somewhat overlaid upon each other. However, most of the lines that emit from or encompass stone markers are strong. Where stones are missing the energies are weaker and more difficult to dowse for.

As the site feels very much alive, we feel that the energy paths and shapes may vary with the time of year, as there is a very obvious solar alignment with the rear ‘window’ and passageway. This makes the site feel more energetic when the sun is filtering into the mound in the morning. 

Energy types:

MALE / SUN: Male band around the ridge surrounding the mound, which alternated with bands of female energy, then back to male, and to female again. This formed a quartered ring around the mound. A male line also enters from the back of the mound, through the dip that forms the outer ‘entrance’ in the ridge, goes through the slot in the stone ‘window’, along the centre of the passageway, and then flows out through the five small stones, and on towards the farmhouse across the field next to the site. The five small stones at the front entrance to the mound also show small male spirals.

FEMALE / EARTH + MOON: See above. Additionally, there are two female lines inside the mound. One which starts at the small circular earth depression at the end of the entrance passage and spirals out of that circle to bounce close to the right-hand edge (looking out) of the passageway. The other line emerges from the inner stone, spirals around it, then bounces out of the passageway on the left-hand side. They emerge on either side of the entrance porch and rise on either side to form spirals with about three or four turns.

NEUTRAL (LEY LINES/ALIGNMENTS/RADIALS): An alignment ley follows roughly the path of the male/sun energy line that goes through the site from the back to the front entrance. It is oriented NE – SW.

Energy patterns and directions:

A circular band around the mound composed of male then female sections. A group of four spirals behind the five stones near the entrance. A linking neutral energy coming from the stone at the back of the mound and spiralling into one of the front entrance spirals marked by a larger stone than the five small ones near to it.

A circular regularly-distanced patterns of points where standing stones used to be sited, all around the ridge. We can’t decide whether there are 11 or 12. 12 seems more likely, as it’s a number highly venerated in ancient times.

The following diagram shows the energies as they were at the Winter Solstice December 2009:



This site has good instructions on how to find it: Bryn Celli Ddu.

This link has more information, and a good selection of pictures: Megalithia

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